martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Carlos Bustillos inaugurates personal exhibition "Simply women"

The artist of the plastic inaugurated Simply women the personal exhibition in Ignacio Agramonte`s native house in the city of Camagüey.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The painter Carlos Bustillos captures in a singular way the feminine universe. It is a luck for the people of Camagüey to have his works in the exhibition. “Simply Women”. In Ignacio Agramonte`s native house 22 squares illustrates the multiple roads that can assume the women.

Heir of an universal art, the painter from Havana knows how to find in the handling of lines and colors expressive freedom, in his insatiable search.

In the pieces he uses mixed technique. With fineness, he comes closer to the public and shows through the paintbrush the feminine attributes with the feature common of the sensual and enigmatic.

Carlos Bustillos interweaves the feminine spirit and its adorned secrets. In the exhibition Simply women recreate the difficult simplicity of the beauty.

Camagüey will be the headquarter of the International Festival Boleros of Gold

The XXIII edition of the International Festival Boleros of Gold will gather in next June to the lovers of the gender, in a space that will surrender homage to Mexico and the Cuban singer Omara Portuondo.

Also, the activity will extend to scenaries of the counties of Santiago of Cuba, Holguín, Camagüey, Ciego of Ávila, Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos.

Composers, interpreters, investigators and public in general will enjoy the performances of the best exponents in that modality in the island and the foreigner's companies.

The event will have as headquarters the theaters of the capital Mella, America and Karl Marx, as well as night centers of recreation that habitually present this gender in its shows.

As part of the program an exhibition of Cuban plastic artists' works is included on topics of the music in the Gallery Servando Cabrera Moreno and an International Colloquy of the Bolero.

In Camagüey daughter of Cuban antiterrorist evokes example of Agramonte

René and Irmita, nephew and daughter of Cuban Hero René González.

From the plains of The Camagüey Legendary voices of young, friends of Cuba, representatives of more than 50 nationalities, ran off with this Sunday to demand justice and freedom for René, Ramón, Fernando, Gerardo and Antonio.

Until the Herdsman of Jimaguayú, where fell in combat the Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte, arrived after going up the Turquino Pick, Irmita González, daughter of René, one of the Five Cuban Heroes, imprisoned in the United States.

“To climb the Turquino, the biggest height in the Island, has been an extraordinary experience”, René González`s daughter comments.

“We share the days in the counties of Santiago of Cuba and Granma, with the three Argentinean youths that climbed Aconcagua Pick. Until the Turquino, we take the flag of The Five, and the one that they ascended to the Andean Mountain range.”

To Camagüey also arrived, René, nephew of René González who takes his uncle's name with pride: “It is the first time that I come to Camagüey, but with many expectations to know the city, and to walk with the foreign youths until the place where Ignacio Agramonte fell , to from there to surrender pays the Hero from the Camagüey and also to demand my uncle's freedom and his four partners."

Irmita González, excited, evokes the symbolism that The Adult means in the fight for his father's liberation and the rest of the Cuban patriots, wrongly imprisoned for more than eleven years.

“I dare to speak on behalf of The Five, because The Adult's legacy has a lot of force, and becomes symbol in this fight; because we fight With the shame! that Agramonte fenced like foreign currency.

“For me has so much meaning that I have always said that wanted to have two children, to name them Amalia and Ignacio, in homage to the patriots of Camagüey…”

In Camagüey, Irmita, Olga Salanueva and René González`s daughter, meant that his mom will continue insisting before the North American government, so that grant him the visa that have denied to visit René in the prison in 13 occasions.

“My mother, will follow the fight to see René, the same as Adriana Pérez, to who the American government has also denied him reiteratly the right of sharing with her husband Gerardo Hernández. We will never give for conquered.

“My dad is hoping I will visit him, possibly in August, so that I count him of this experience, of ascending to the Turquino with the Argentinean youths, and to go until the Herdsman of Jimaguayú with the foreign students."(Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)