martes, 12 de enero de 2010

To produce rice substitutes imports in Florida

[To produce rice substitutes imports in Florida. The production of rice in this municipality recovers to be secured like one of the autosupply programs that better answer can assure to the zeal of substituting imports.

Numerous producing of the territory are inserted in this branch of the agriculture, motivated by better attentions and for the presence of resources for the seed and rice crop.

Today the reality offers a better horizon for those who cultivate that favorite food in the plate of the Cubans, because inputs, modern machineries and contracts of more seriousness aid the desire and the productive will of those men.

And the premise in the work cannot be another that to take advantage of the new benefits of resources and attentions offered by the complex rice Ruta Invasora, in the county of Camagüey, to improve the production from last upward year to 1 700 tons of the grain.

In the hands of the farmers of rice in Florida is not alone the secret of the production of this cereal, but the commitment of to supply the demand of the municipality and to save a remarkable foreign currency expenditure in the commercial expenses of the country. (Pedro Pablo Sáez)

Cattle men of Camagüey looks for more efficient productive formulas

The search of more and better productive results presently year by means of an efficient administration of the available resources in each unit, motivated the debate among specialists, directive and jeans of the Cattle Company of Camagüey and of the Station of Grasses and Forages of the county.

The snort milk is considered as a nutritious food

Luis Morales, director of the cattle entity specialized in the breeding of buffalos, shared the experiences of his community, and it meant the profitable of these encounters in the purpose of fomenting the grasses in the dairies, in accordance with the existent mass and the necessary areas of cane, king grass and leucaen, among other sources of food animal.

The Cattle Company of Camagüey, with grateful efficiency in the handling and milk of the bufalina mass, contributed last year near half million of liters of milk - for the most part of snort -, and for the current one should increase that figure in about 200 000 liters with the opening of other three dairies.

Also in the 2009 the entity stood out in lines like the sale of buffalo meat and of bovine, in the breeding of pigs, in the production of several cultivations - that allowed them autosupply by 60 percent of rice -, and as ovine multiplier when supplying from foot of breeding to other companies and units.

Endorse the Cattle of Camagüey also the effectiveness of its managerial administration and the work of two of their units: The Baby and The Hint, examples in Cuba for the results in the production of milk of snort . (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Pictorial show for anniversary 51 of Adelante newspaper

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

Paintings with critic texts

Specialized figure in the lobby of “Adelante”, in one shows for the anniversary 51 of that newspaper, first press organ created in the country after the victory of the Revolution.

Programmed until ends of February in the gallery Nicolás Guillén, inaugurated in 2005, gathers works selected exclusively by healers, authors also of the texts.

The squares belong to Gabriel Gutiérrez, Joël Besmar, Yenela Trenhs, William Lezcano, Osmany Soler, Osmar Yero, Rodrick Dixon and Joël González.

The Cuban lightweight jacket, evocations of elements of the primitive art, the human face, the couple's love, and index to the citadine environment, are part of the scenes of the exhibition.

One of the most attractive paintings is “Entrecalles”, in which William Lezcano reflects references to popular traditions and the old urban context of Camagüey, in images materialized by means of polish of Judea and with appearance of a series of old pictures.

In the environment of the most remarkable visual impacts and of realization is also "Supplement of the desire”, a tripartite face physics and gestually created by Yenela Trenhs.

Among the healers figure the doctors Olga García Yero and Luis Álvarez, the máster Ernesto Escobar and the graduated Pável Barrios, all award-winning with the national prize of the art critic's “Guy Pérez Cisneros.”

Adelante arose on January 12,1959, today ago 51 years, as organ of the Movement July 26 in Camagüey.

Young of today, strength of the Homeland

By: Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez

People form Camagüey - and fundamentally the most inexperienced -are inmersed in the preparations of the Ninth Congress of the Union of Communist Youths (UJC), to take place in next April, signed for a conviction: the new generation will take its historical list ahead and won't allow to fall the flag of the Socialism.

The chore in each student labor and collective center has pressed the acting of the new pines well inside, taking out to the light dozens of ideas and proposals calls to demonstrate in any circumstance the protagonism of the juvenile troop in the Cuban society of the XXI century.

The representation of Camagüey to the event, integrated by about 50 boys of having proven delivery, will have the magnificent opportunity to share with the young vanguard of the country an enriching debate that will trace future roads. In the combat against everything that that threatens the Revolution… in the eternal oath of safeguarding the glorious work of more than five decades.

In that select group will be a trio of children of Agramonte that will travel to the capital of the Island with the honorable range of direct delegates, as exponents of advanced of collective where the fresh impulse of the youths is inapagable.

They are this way and there are thousands as them, because in the teacher of the University of Camagüey Indira Mariño Batista, in the milker of the cattle unit “Homeland or Death” Elio Rivera Ledea and in the engineer Ronny González Betancourt, of the Thermoelectric October Ten, of the northern Nuevitas, virtues and troubles, merits and commitments that belong to an entire generation melt.

Already this Saturday, by Santa Cruz del Sur, the process of assemblies opened up at municipality level. There, where the hurricanes Ike and Paloma sought unsuccessfully in the 2008 to sow destruction forever, the youth was devoted to knit purposes that speak from a more similar UJC to time and enlisted to conquer sheerrer summits.

The key of it - have ratified many - it is in the frank discussion of the problems, each who from its daily trench, with two questions as motive of the action: “what I can contribute, and what I should make for not failing Fidel, neither to Raúl, neither to my town.”