viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Will celebrate Cuba the International Day of Nelson Mandela

Havana. The Commission of External Relationships of the National Assembly of the Popular Power of the Republic of Cuba agreed, in extraordinary session, to take place every year July 18, as International Day of Nelson Mandela.

The decision responds to the call of the General Assembly of United Nations, November 10, 2009, to commemorate internationally the famous southafrican patriot`s birthday , for his exceptional contribution to the elimination of the regimen of the Apartheid in his country, and to the liberation and the unit of África.

The Cuban Parliament's document highlights the resistance example and Mandela's unbroken spirit that could not be given in for who contained during 27 years, under the most difficult conditions, in the prisons of its country, and also its exemplary life dedicated to the humanity's service.

It also picks up the meaning that has for the town of the bigger than the Antilles the legendary African leader's figure who has always demonstrated special sympathy toward the Island and a beloved friendship with the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, forged in the common fight by the noblest causes.

In an separates with the press, the deputy Magalys Llort, Fernando González`s mother, one of the Five Cuban Heroes imprisoned wrongly in United States, affirmed that Mandela constitutes an inspiration for his son and his partners.

It is a light in the road after 12 years of torture for the imprisonment of our children, three of those which gave their contribution to the liberation of África, affirmed.

The parliamentarian urged the North American president, Barack Obama, of who said has African roots, to be inspired by Mandela's example and to liberate Fernando, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, René González and Gerardo Hernández. (Ernesto Vera Mellado)

The National Association of Blind and its 32 years in Camagüey

Camagüey. The National Association of Blind in Cuba was founded , (ANCI) is the first unable organization that is believed in the country, and although before the Revolution (1959) there was some flash of this grouping type were only small lacking groups of coherence, legal and support forces of the State.

2 in the same month but of the year 1978 the ANCI is believed in Camagüey and from that date its constant work for the community invident and weak visual is characterized by the constants actions that promotes for the incorporation from this populational segment to the society in an useful way.

In the 13 municipalities of the county a branch works facilitating the direct attention to the associates.
In this sense the rehabilitation is achieved with bigger results and the movement of activists at municipal level it plays a fundamental part to achieve the insert of the unable in the society.

These activists receive appropriate courses that qualify them in the handling of the international norms so that the person invident or weak visual achieves the abilities that allows them the appropriate orientation for the mobility.

Other important achievements of the ANCI in the territory are the incorporation to the study, to the work, to the sport and the cultural activities of a considerable number of its membership.

The ANCI together with the National Association of Deaf of Cuba (ANSOC) welcomes in its lines to people with the double physical limitation and develops a group of actions to incorporate them to the useful life in the measure of its physical conditions..

The same as the adults the children and young with this discapacity also belong to the Association.
The invident children and adolescent and weak visual as the deaf ones and the limited physical motors have guaranteed their studies in special schools.

The ANCI like the other unable associations have the full support of the Cuban State.(María Socarrás H.)

Deck out Guáimaro for the National Day of Rebelliousness

Camagüey, - Hardly to eleven days of taking place the National Day of Rebelliousness, the territory of Camagüey of Guáimaro decks out the whole urban perimeter, understood in the municipal head and of the towns of Martí and Cascorro.

This municipality became accrediting this year of the celebration of the provincial act for the anniversary 57 of the Assaults to the Moncada Barracks and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes of Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, respectively.

The historical date is good to impel important programs of production of foods and of the cattle branch, its main economic support, as well as a score of works of different productive and social sectors.

The first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba there, Héctor Rodríguez Beltrán said that the embellishment of the labor centers embraces also those located in the periphery.

Guáimaro is a municipality of acentuated history, in that scenary the Cuban patriots escenificated the First Constituent Assembly of the Republic in Weapons April 10 ,1869.

There Ana Betancourt being ahead to her time proclaimed the necessity of the woman's emancipation.

As same made the bayameses, the guaimareños, before fell the town in hands of the Spaniards, preferred to set on fire it.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Impacts of Fidel in a painter of Camagüey

Camagüey. Fidel's recent presence in work centers and in a Round Table reinforces even more the trust of the town to who consider a guardian guide of the Cubans, affirmed the painting of Camagüey Joël Jover.

Member of the contemporary vanguard of the plastic one in the country and an enthusiast to reflect in the painting edges of the man's behavior, highlighted the great popular happiness to corroborate the lucidity and the improvement of the health of the historical leader of the Revolution.

It is also a renovated security toward the trust with which the Commandant in boss has continued, in other circumstances, the battle for the destinations of the nation, the speaker specified.

As for the appearance in the Round Table, he underlined the necessity to keep in mind Fidel's warnings about the risk of a war in the Middle East caused by United States and Israel.

It is not any alarmism, he added, but of one of the samples of the meridian clarity of who is very informed, has an extraordinary experience, and for example in 1989 in Camagüey, at once for the 26 of Julio, he spoke about the probable fall of the socialist field, happened later on.

For reasons of health, Fidel has not been for a while visible, but never absent, because his presence continues with his Reflections in the press, which maintain a high expectation, specified Jover.

He underlined his purpose of reflecting pictorially Fidel of whose image that that more impacts him is the look that qualified as teller, and full with nobility and modesty.

Jover evoked when in a reception the Commandant in Boss spread the hand and in the exchange of looks confirmed the irrevocable certainty of the referred attribute.

The artist also announced the intention of taking equally to the painting to Ignacio Agramonte who is one of his two main paradigms with Fidel. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)