lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Cuban cinema in Latin American Festival of Biarritz

The XVIII Festival of Cinemas and Cultures of Latin America of Biarritz, France that will take place of next 28 to October 4, will surrender homage to the Festival of Latin American Cinema of Havana.

In the event the presentation of 10 movies is announced rewarded in different editions of the one referred international encounter of the seventh art of the Cuban capital.

The homage includes, also, the projection of a retrospective dedicated the managing Juan Carlos Tabío and a cycle of conferences under the motto Cuba, 50 years of Revolution.

Among the films that integrate the retrospective dedicated to Tabío are Strawberry and Chocolate, Guantanamera, Lists of wait, Plaff and The horn of the abundance, informs Cubacine.
The program of the cultural appointment points out premieres of Latin American tapes before its distribution in France, short films with Aquitaine Image Cinema, the Basque association KIMUAK and the Festival of Short of Brussels.

Cuban humorists triumph in Brazil

The Cuban Freddy Villamil and Ángel Boligán obtained the cimers places in the V National Living room of the Humor in Limeira, in the Brazilian city of Sao Pablo.

Boligán, member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, UNEAC, in the county of Havana, the first place was awarded in the category of digital era, in which creators of all the continents intervened.

On the other hand, Villamil, integral of the Association Siblings Saíz, of the own territory, triumphed in the section dedicated to the nature, informed the provincial delegation of the UNEAC.

In this contest competed in the cartoon categories, world crisis, change, sport world, was digital, nature, ribbons, women and humanism, among others.

The Cubans store a rich participation record in personal and combined exhibitions in the Island and other countries, in which have obtained several national and international prizes.

In San Antonio de los Baños resides the headquarters of the International Museum of the Humor , where the traditional exhibitions and shops related with this art are made.

Almeida lives more than ever today

Take hours listening for television the homage from the whole country to the Commandant of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque. I think that to face the death was for him a duty as all those that he completed along his life; he didn't know, neither us, how much sadness he would bring us the news of his physical absence.

I had the privilege of knowing it: young black, worker, combative, that successively was boss of revolutionary cell, combatant of the Moncada, prison partner, platoon captain disembarking of the Granma, official of the Rebellious Army—paralyzed in it advance by a shot in the chest during the violent Combat of the Uvero—, Commandant of Column, going to create the Third Oriental Front, partner that shares the address of our forces in the last victorious battles that overthrew to the tyranny.

It was privileged witness of his exemplary behavior during more than half century of heroic and victorious resistance, in the fight against bandits, the counterblow of Girón, the Crisis of October, the internationalists missions and the resistance to the imperialistic blockade.

He listened with pleasure some of his songs, and especially that of lit emotion that before the call of the Homeland to "to conquer or to die" he said goodbye to human dreams. It ignored that he had written more than 300 of them, which added to his literary work, source of interesting reading and of historical facts. It defended principles of justice that will be defended in any time and in any time, while the human beings breathe on the earth.

Let us don't say that Almeida has died! Live more than ever today!

Fidel Castro Ruz
September 13 , 2009
3.12 p.m.

Juan Almeida`s great devotion for Camagüey

Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, integralnt of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba“Almeida felt a special devotion for Camagüey, for this great county.” our conversation began This way with Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, integrant of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in lands of Camagüey, when referring moments of its encounters with the Commandant of the Revolution Juan Almeida.

As a person of Camagüey and as Cuban, we feel a deep
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba .

in Camagüey talks about Almeida: pain for the loss of the lover Major of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, for his example, for his work… Luck of not having a Revolution that has among its heroes to men like Almeida, alone for his personal value, his delivery, his anger, but because everything combines in him to that hero of strong character, of hurtle and of courage, with an exquisite human sensibility, of worrying about the minima details of a task, of worrying about a combatant or for a boy that saw in the street that assisted, and of an extraordinary culture, composer, writer… if today we can know part of that revolutionary fight is thanks to the books that has bequeathed us and if today we feel more love for the Cuban culture is thanks to the work that he has left us, from a political song until the rescue of the they are, of the cubany, of the autochthonous thing.

And I want, also, to express that Almeida felt a special devotion for Camagüey, for this great county, here he developed part of its revolutionary task, when one speaks in the note of press of the Political Desk of the PCC, of the complex and big tasks that it developed along all its life, Camagüey has a piece, here was designated by the Central Committee to the front of the Operation Mambí; as delegate of the Political Desk, in the decades of 60 70, to the front of almost 50 thousand men that came to support Camagüey, to transform the agriculture of Camagüey, to build in Camagüey, where combined the forces of the Juvenile Column of the Centennial with patriots from all Cuba that were in the cane cut, in the cane seed, in the constructions, and I believe that that helped, also to that with his example and his address different programs were impelled in the county that today is a reality, from the example of a hospital like the psychiatric one, of the cattle raising, of the agriculture cane, of the industry of the construction and, on all the things, here he taught us to as working with the town.

In a moment of a conversation with him, in a journey for the county, in which were present, the Commandant we ended up Almeida to say that thanks to that opportunity that gave him the partner Fidel of being here, it could become political leader, in the sense of its linking with the masses, in the work of the PCC; as he said, here he completed that first mission that later he helped him a lot to assume that of Delegate of the Political Desk in the great county of East, but I want to emphasize that he felt a special devotion for Camagüey and that he felt very happy, very cheerful when the county advanced, as well as he was severe and demanding before some difficulty when didn't leave well the things.

I believe that we have to keep, with a lot of pride, the people of Camagüey, the reiterated presence of Almeida in the last years, almost in two occasions per year. Let us remember like he supported the proposal of Camagüey for the national act for July of 2007, 26 starting from recognizing the work of the town, as he gave us encouragement and as well as he demanded us to reach that headquarters, the happy thing that he felt in that act, accompanying Raúl, to other Commandants of the Revolution, because he was also part of his work and we should also remember, in the last times, have grieved for one year, his journey for the county, after the step of the hurricanes, the tasks that he left us, the wide journey that made for the city of Camagüey, for Santa Lucía's tourist pole, and the tasks that he left us in the reconstruction of the county. We maintained it informed of this execution.

I believe that it is a sincere homage the strict execution of the duty and of maintaining to the county with revolutionary spirit in the construction of the Socialism, the best homage that we can make to his life, to his example and his work. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)