viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Vocalist of Camagüey Candita Batista condemns anticuban campaign

To the black vocalist of Camagüey Candita Batista - for many the black vedette of Cuba the 93 lived years don't turn off her accustomed loquacity and lucidity; the enough to condemn with energy the anticuban campaign orchestrated by the enemies of the Revolution:

“Undoubtedly I cannot agree - she assures - because it is mean and absurd. I am completely opposed to who with the lie, they manipulate to the international public opinion, mentioning a lack of human rights in my dear Island. Nobody as me can compare the before and the one after the Revolution, because to be black and due to a cruel racial discrimination, I had to leave in the year 1950, thanks to a contract that allowed me to present me first in Germany and later in almost all Europe."

After taking the Cuban music to more than 20 countries, Candita returned to Cuba soon after the revolutionary victory, in April of 1959. She had residence in Barcelona, Spain, but She didn't doubt to return next to her town:

“Who is against my country - she adds -I cannot have my sympathies, just the opposite. And lament a lot not to be able to unite to the artists that this Saturday will carry out concerts for Cuba in Havana and in Santiago of Cuba. The state of my legs would not allow to me, if they had summoned me to it. But I will be next to those that yes make it, with the soul and with the heart because I feel more Cuban than never before."

The 93 years they don't turn off Candita Batista the sense of ownership toward the roots that she has known to nurture with the excellence of her even impeccable voice, as much as her love for the earth that she saw be born.( Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Dynamic, the people of Camagüey prepares their test

Eelectoral Authorities of this county, grease until the minimum details for the dynamic test of coming Sunday 18, real hall for the partial elections of April 25.

The training of the members of the tables in the 2 035 schools that will work in the county bases its practice in the knowledge of the Law 72, Electoral Law, the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, the note, models, documents… organizational steps foreseen before, during and after the votes.

However, Iris Jiménez Valero, vice-president of the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP), reiterated the importance that the electing main people of Camagüey-main characters -, verify their personal data exposed in public places, and read and see the biographical syntheses thoroughly and photograph of their candidates, also exhibited in the 1 008 electoral districts of the territory of the province.

The general rehearsal of April 18, except those more than half million of registered voters and the 2 361 nominated, will mobilize the whole operative mechanism that will repeat in the urns on Sunday April 25, included the variants of the digitized communications of DESOFT, the phone of ETECSA, and the always useful participation of the radioaficionated and operators of fixed plants and motives to guarantee the exact and opportune information of the rural districts more far to the Municipal Electoral Commissions and from these to send it to the CEP, in charge of transmitting the resulting data from the partial elections to the National Electoral Commission.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

In Camagüey broad rejection of mediatic conspiracy against Cuba

The Cuban political and media campaign, designed and funded by the United States in this province is a broad rejection, which is found in the statements of some of its residents.

Daylí Alonso, 32 years old and working for the Provincial Department of Health, found that the revolutionary people is not fooled by the lies orchestrated in recent weeks by the United States and its allies.

The Revolution has taught us to observe and draw conclusions, stating categorically that the basis for Cuba to respect human rights, she said.

She added that one of the most significant is the right to life, as demonstrated in the significant human, material and financial resources that the island dedicated to protecting the health of its citizens.

Here are free drugs and services in hospitals, and is under the price of medicines for treatment affordable to all people, he said.

Oscar Marcos Hernandez, farmer on the outskirts of the city of Camagüey, described as painful and shameful conduct of economically powerful nations like the United States and others from Europe, constantly attacking Cuba.

But we know how to respond to each of their slander and lies, as the editorial of the newspaper Granma today, he emphasized.

In my case as a farmer, I must raise more food crops to provide the people and responding to the request of President Raúl Castro to do more to care less, illustrated.

The constructor José Antonio Puertas, now engaged in building houses in a new division in this city, said the Revolution will always have the support of the Cuban people.

How many plots invent our enemies, the defeat, because the will of the people is to maintain and defend the independence and sovereignty, he said. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz / AIN).