viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Family of youth Ecuadorian doctor thank Cuba and Fidel

Dra. Libya Viviana Rodríguez Walls.

Camagüey. The world and Cuba have a thousand 600 new professionals of the health, graduated in the Medical University Carlos J. Finlay, of this city, institution that this year celebrates the anniversary 30 of its foundation.

Among the graduate ones as doctors, estomatolgies, graduates in infirmary, and technologists of the health, there are 160 youths coming from 24 nations, most of Latin America.

To the Square of the Revolution Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte, the relatives arrived of several of the students to share the happiness.

There was the Ecuadorian youth's family Dra. Libya Viviana Rodríguez Walls.

William Rodríguez, profession economist, is today a grateful father: “I feel a great satisfaction, because my daughter has finished with success her formation like professional; and to make it here is something very big because as Latin American I consider that the best option of studies is in Cuba, and she was necessary to make any effort to advance in the program of my daughter's studies.”

Rosaura, the Libya`s grandmother , could not get lost the moment of the delivery from the title to her granddaughter: “I give him thanks to Cuba that educated her to me. Today cry of pleasure, because you extended him the arms so that my granddaughter is something… “

Amid the emotion, do I ask to the grandmother Rosaura, how much had it cost him the medicine career to their granddaughter in Ecuador or in another University...?

The answer is very quick and eloquent: “Uyyyyy, street, not more street…. There it is very hard and a lot of selfishness exists. Here they have given affection and the heart to my granddaughter. For that reason, I repeat, Thank you, Cuba!.”

There don't lack the sincere words of the own Libya Rodríguez: “For me she has meant a lot to study in Cuba, I am very grateful to the Cuban Revolution that has become medical, in spite of the difficulties that have. It has been an unforgettable experience, and today my parents can share here with me the happiness and that they see my title. It has been to crystallize a dream.”

Libya Tapia, this Ecuadorian youth's mother that receives her title of doctor in medicine, also wants to share her opinion: “There we would not have been able to pay the studies, because hill a lot; on the other hand here, it is known that there is a lot of quality in the formation of the youths. The President of this nation gives a lot of opening to the education, then for us it is a pride, a satisfaction to know that my daughter receives her title of this country.

“Thank you, thanks to you and to Fidel. Thank you, Cuba!” (Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

The saving is essential element of our economy

The productivity is, in the first place, saving of human resources and saving of time; but the saving to that we refer is the saving of goods, the saving of matters cousins, the saving of the resources for the production.

... we have spoken in other occasions of the necessity of saving the water, the big expenses of water, waste of water that take place for different reasons... the big electricity expenses; all the matter problems prevail, for example the wooden one to be able to increase the constructions, to be able to dedicate wood to the solution of the problem of the furniture. And, in general, the saving of matters cousins and of productive resources.

Fuel, for example, is another of the resources that we have to always know how to save, unceasingly; because the fuel is a vital resource of a modern society, of a country in today's world, of which you cannot do without. Everything moves with energy, everything! AND however, the nature didn't endow us of energy resources: neither coal, neither big rivers for the hydraulic energy. The petroleum is still in search process, in search process and in development beginning. Then, we have to save the energy, well in electricity form, well in form of fuel directly.

So that the mentality of the saving, the saving!, becomes another essential element of our economy.

Fidel, May 1st, 1971.