jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Dedicates diverse actions to its anniversary Brigade of Instructors of Art in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Brigade of Instructors of Art "José Martí", in the context of the celebration of the Day of the Cuban Culture, will develop diverse actions, with a view to celebrating the 6th anniversary of this organization, to the 50 years of the creation of the Instructors of Art, and to the seventh graduation of the School of Instructors of Art Nicolás Guillén Batista.

Also, the Cultural Guerrilla will be activated "50 Anniversary" in all the municipalities, in homage to the means century of existence of the Cuban Revolution, after energizing the cultural life of the communities, to work that will consist of two important moments: a day of productive work and the presentation of cultural numbers.

October 15, to the 9.00 am, will be carried out in the Provincial Center of Equinotheraphy a wide presentation of the different special schools of the county, to highlight the result of the work of the art instructors with these children.

The next October 19, in the Carmen's Square, the signature of the Code of Ethics of the Instructors of Art will be made who will graduate and the day 20 to the 8.30 am in the Main Theater, where will take place the Provincial Act of the seventh graduation of the School of Instructors of Art of the county.

Will contribute Camagüey 81 products to substitute imports

Camagüey, Without including the sugar refine, the honeys and those derived milky, strong lines in the economy of Camagüey, this oriental center county of Cuba, will contribute presently year 81 products that substitute imports, of them 28 they constitute exportable funds.

The main emphasis is centered in the production of agricultural foods, all time that the country pays around a thousand 500 million annual dollars for that concept, calculates overcome in the 2008 by the slides price-crisis of the world market.

The biggest national expenses of foreign currencies for the import of foods are used in the acquisition of rice, diverse grains and powdered milk, productions in which Camagüey increases its results in connection with years precedents. In coming December the cattlemen of here, seek to close the storing of 102 million liters of milk.

Next to the delivery of unproductive lands in usufruct, the agricultural and cattle companies of the ministries of the Agriculture, of the Sugar and the rural sector, multiply the crops of state rice and in small parcels of a farming movement in popular denominated ascent, and diverse bean varieties are planted, corn and fruit-bearing. The feeds of bull, with the controlled shepherding and I think Creole it contributes considerable tons to the tourism and the local consumption.

The agricultural county par excellence and punctual of the Cuban acuiculture, multiplies the seed of claria alevines, red tilapia and other species of fresh water, processed in different ways groceries in the municipal and provincial industries.

On the other hand, the Industry of Materials of Construction, increases the production of refractory, antacid bricks, refractory mortar, hydraulic tile of terrazo and other lines that replace imports.

However, the topic of the substitution of imports and of the exportable funds, was approached in the current October by the Council of the Provincial Administration in Camagüey (CAP), where coincided in that many local productions of quality can and they owe potenciate to increase the number of products that contribute to the saving of foreign currencies and the increase of the family basket. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Citrc enterprise exports 73 production percent

Camagüey,-The company Citric fruits Sola, located in the fertile valley of Vats, dedicates to the export 73 percent of its grapefruit crop and orange, as via of contributing to the entrance of foreign currencies to Cuba.

Located in the north part of the county of Camagüey, the entity sent to the citric cocktail of Ceballos, in Blind of Ávila, seven thousand 200 tons of those fruits for the elaboration of concentrated or simple juices, which are marketed in Europe.

Orestes Reyes, director of “Citric Sola”, said to the AIN that of that quantity, a part was in areas of organic production, in certified lands for this purpose for a specialized signature of Germany.

The plantations dedicated exclusively to obtain organic fruits are those that don't use pesticide neither industrial fertilizers, and the thick of the works of attention is carried out manually.

In total, the company gathered nine thousand 200 tons of grapefruit, orange, files Persian, lemon, mandarin and sour orange, when the annual plan ascends at 11 thousand 800.

Reyes considers that the program of the year should surpass, because in November and December the collection will be reopened and the existence of citric fruits is high.

He added that that is executed that qualified as “modest project of growth” of the lands with new seeds, and highlighted that many of the areas in production receive better attention and cares since went at the hands of usufructuary by the ordinance-law 259, with two years of application.

Norberto Martínez, specialist of these cultivations in the delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture, highlighted that the entity stopped the crop decrease and economic that confronted from beginnings of the current decade, and in the last three years grows gradually in its results.

Also, he pointed out that “Citric Alone” is projected toward new productions, as fruit-bearing, vegetable coal and other cultivations of short cycle to elevate the selection of foods dedicated to the population.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Work in Camagüey more than 30 mixed educational centers

Camagüey, - With the purpose of taking advantage of the facilities and available material resources for the development the educational system in the county, this course works 32 centers with characteristic of mixed for the insert in them of different teaching levels.

Among the centers of more capacity that sesion lowers this condition is the Vocational Preuniversitary of Exact Sciences Institute Máximo Gómez Báez, where besides this Computer science's Polytechnic Institute works for several years and from the present are studied other specialties of half level there.

On the other hand in the building of the School of Instructors of Art reopened its classrooms the School Former of Teachers Enrique José Varona.

In information offered to Adelante for the address of Education in the county is pointed out that in all the municipalities is had this type of centers by virtue of extending to each territory the polytechnic careers and of necessary qualified workers for the local economic development.

In the different present combinations, as primary with secondary basic, or this last one with polytechnic, aims that each teaching has its specific address and a general for the center what facilitates the flow of the system.(María Delys Cruz Palenzuela)

Hotel Mayanabo of Camagüey in favor of the nature

Camagüey,-The training of the workers in the appropriate handling of chemical products for the cleaning, is part of the actions in the Hotel Mayanabo, located in Santa Lucía's spa, to protect the environment in Camagüey.

Other norms guided to the harmony between tourism and the environment are the use of coolant non pollutants gases of the layer of Ozone and the correct classification of the solid waste, for its later recycling.

With that purpose it is also veiled because the cleaning of the beach is the less aggressive thing for not damaging the accumulations of sand, denominated dunes, and offers a systematic attention to the green areas.

That work has converted to the Hotel Mayanabo, of Santa Lucía, in worthy of several distinctions granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and its respective provincial delegation.

The sustained chore in the mentioned tourist installation of Camagüey in favor of the nature responds to the interest of the Cuban State of contributing to the sustainable development in which the balance prevails among the man and the elements that surround it. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)