jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

More than 110 products of Camagüey able to substitute imports

By:Enrique MilanesLeón

Camagüey, The permanent commission of economic matters of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power analyzed the march of the programs of substitution of imports and of diversification of exportable items in the territory in the first semester of the year, like part of the strategy to elevate the results in both fronts.

Until the month of June 19 companies Camagüey had almost saved to the country nine millions of CUC, thanks to the elaboration here of 114 products able to substitute imports. In that balance, something inferior to the saving foreseen for the stage, are included the execution of the MINAZ, the SIME, the MINBAS and the MINFAR, while the Agriculture, the MINAL and the Construction had adeudos with their plans.

The advance of the year has changed the climatic conditions and, with them, the results of productions and specific crops, reason why several plans should revive to fulfill its responsibility. Besides the products already approved by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, the organisms of Camagüey study the feasibility of including in this program other results of Biotechnology, the SIME, the Confitera, the MINIL, the Fishing and the industry of preserve of foods.

The exports Camagüey involved until the closing of the first semester 28 products of 17 companies that then surpassed their commitment, although with a ungrowing in connection with the 2008 as a consequence of the nonfulfillment of the plan of sugar and of decisions centralized about the commercialization of the item.

Camagüey still drags last year damages of the hurricanes of the and the economic crisis World cup has left its own mark in this program, in particular for the changes of prices and the rise in the price of matters cousins and inputs.

In the year 2007 in the county created a group at that level to energize the substitution of imports and to multiply the exportable funds. In spite of the fact that the conscience of directive has risen and hard-working, is still necessary to rise more the quality of the products to enlarge the list and the benefits.

It still lacks the good employment of the wallet of business, an appropriate reconciliation between consumers and producers and to solve statistical incoherences among the provincial and national organisms to position.

Cattle of Camagüey increases sale of milk to the State

By:LuciloTejera Díaz

The affiliated producers to the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in this county, increase the sale of milk to the State, and in the year overcome the 35 million liters.

That sector is to less than 15 millions of reaching the program of 2009 and it achieves in these moments about five millions above the registration in equal it dates of last year.

Alone for this growth, the producers avoided to the national economy the expenditure of more than a million 250 thousand dollars.

Erasmo García, official of the address of the ANAP in the territory, considered that one will be able to complete the program and to contribute an extra, in answer to the birdcall of the country of increasing the production, in order to reduce the imports of powdered milk and to cover the necessities.

Cuba dedicates this concentrated food or fluid for the children until the six years of age and sick people that acquire it for medical diet, besides giving it to hospitals, maternal homes, infantile circles and to elaborate derived.

Those cattlemen that are earth proprietors contained in cooperative, marketed with the State 47 millions 200 thousand liters in 2008.

If to this sinks the administration of state producers, Camagüey, that achieves more than the fourth part of the milk of cow of the nation, it surpasses the 56 million liters dedicated to the ministries of the Nutritious Industry and of Trade Interior.