viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Concludes in Camagüey Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology

The study of the prostate and cervic uterine cancer are a priority in Cuba, manifested Yadira Falcon Almeida.

After fruitful exchanges around the investigations that allow to achieve bigger effectiveness in the diagnosis of the cancer and the treatment of other illnesses, concluded in this capital the First Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology.

The appointment promoted by the Center of Immunology and Biological Products of the University of the Medical Sciences Carlos J Finlay, and the statement of Immunology Camagüey-Ciego de Ávila, had the presence of specialists of Santiago de Cuba, Granma Holguín, the Havana and the county headquarters.

For its high scientific rigor were winning the works “ Vaccinates for the prostatic cancer and other neoplasias”, of the Doctor in Sciences Jesus Arturo Rush, “Relationship between the sarcoma of Kaposi and the herpes virus 8” of the Master Beatriz Mantecón and “Acuabio 1, stimulative of the Immune system” of the Doctor Amilkar Arenal Cruz.

In that context the Doctor Amiee Debesa Padilla, exposed like the antirretroviral therapy is applied in Cuba to treat people affected by the virus of the Human Inmunodeficiencia (HIV).

To that topic works were added referred to the adverse reactions taken place by some medications, the immunologic bases of the illnesses of the skin, the immunotherapy in the oncological branch, and the virus of the Human papiloma: their biology, immunology and association with the cervic uterine cancer, this last of the Graduated Alexis Gregori Caballero.

On the other hand, it was insisted in how to prevent the multiple affections caused by the Lupus Systemic Heritomatoso, the fetal anemia, the asthma and the wicked tumors, ailments that require of a good operation of the immune system to attenuate their effects in the organism.

In dialogue with the press, the Master in Sciences Yadira Falcon Almeida, directress of the Center and Immunology of Camagüey, emphasized that the study of the prostate cancer and cervic uterine are a priority starting from the increment of that illness, one of the first causes of death in the island.

At the end of the First Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology the purpose was known of consolidating in the territory the study of technical immunologic for the realization of renal transplant, and the development of more effective therapeutic vaccines, among so much the formation of Immunologists was recognized in Camagüey, only county of the interior of Cuba that assumes that postgraduate educational activity. (Alex López Almaguer)

The lake of the swans in functions of the Ballet of Camagüey

The Ballet of Camagüey (BC) begins today performances headed by a fragment of The lake of the swans, work that for 117 years is one of the symbols of the classic dance in the orb.

Directed by Regina Balaguer, the grouping will act in the main theater, equally on Saturday at the 8 and 30 of the night.

The necessity and force of the love in the couple center the plot of the work, full with allegories, and of which the most successful in the versions is based on the choreography of Marius Petipá and Lev Ivanov, used for the first time in 1893 in the Russian city of San Petersburgo.

The danzary combined will represent the pas of trois of the first act, on Friday with Laura-Leisa Martínez - Karel Noriega, and the following day with Yanise Arderí - Rosana Beard-Annier Navarrese.

The programming also includes, among other pieces, to Puppets and Saerpil, respectively, of the Cuban Alberto Méndez and Gustavo Herrera, as well as The corsair, of Marius Petipá.

At the end of April, the BC will begin in The Tunas a cycle of tours with scales in July in Santa Clara, in August in Havana, and in December in Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo and Holguín, as informed the direction of the cast.

Been founded in 1967, the company became the first of dance classic created by the Revolution in Cuba.(Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)

Works of 34 authors' works in sample of the plastic in Camagüey

Works of 34 artists of the plastic of Camagüey born in the course of more than 60 years are exposed in the gallery Alejo Carpentier, with reason of the anniversary XXX of the institution. The sample contains a representativeness of essential authors, that which underlines characteristic of the work of diverse generations.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramic, drawings, facilities, sizes in wood and technical mixed are among the goods of the exhibition, programmed until ends of next month.

The deceased Jorge Santos Díaz (1922-1996) opens the group chronologically, with the square “Rural landscape number 9”, in which ratified its vehemence to approach the environment with the classic norms of the academicism, but without annulling the stamp of his creative individuality.

Victor Moreno, Joël Jover, Lorenzo Linares, Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria, Martha Jiménez, Ileana Sánchez, Orestes Larios and Nazario Salazar are also among the reflected veteran in the exhibition, denominated “Tributo.”

Joël González, Ibrahín Sorís and Juan Gutiérrez figures in the group of the beginner ones, with evidences of their solid ascent in the domain of the artistic creation.

“Tributo” mentions equally to Isabel de las Mercedes Guerra who died in the 2002, and one of the main symbols of the painting naif became in Camagüey.

Opened up in 1980, the gallery is one of the 10 entities of its type inaugurated in the country to exhibit, fundamentally, the acquired universal works reproductions of art with the Cuban writer's donation Alejo Carpentier.

Carpentier received the Prize Miguel de Cervantes and surrendered to the Cuban State the monetary mount of the reward, at world level the most important in the literature in Spanish language. (AIN)