jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Increase patrimonial values of Provincial Museum in Camagüey

Several contributions to the Provincial Museum Ignacio Agramonte, enhanced the celebration here of the International Day of that type of cultural institution.

At once central for the date, the plastic artist Guillermo López gave a collection of 24 paintings conceived by students of the Vocational School of Art Luis Casas Romero who at the moment integrate the artistic vanguard of the region, among them Nazario Salazar, Orestes Larios, Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria and Gustavo Pérez.

On the other hand, Alina García, vice-president of the filial of Camagüey of the Geologic Society of Cuba, donated to the series stored in the property 14 rocks and minerals, inside those that an exponent of magnesy native of the only location of that existent element stands out in Cuba and coming from this county.

Among the assistants to the celebration of Camagüey for the International Day of the Museums, the investigating Ana María Pérez Pino was who worked during many years in union of the Historian of the City, Gustavo Sed Nieves, already deceased.

The day of commemoration of May 18 incorporates to those carried out during the present year, in greeting to the anniversary 55 of the Provincial Museum, to take place next December 23.
(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Surrender homage to José Martí in Camagüey

Poems and songs, in the voices of those who are the hope of the world, tinged the homage to José Martí, National Hero of the Republic of Cuba in the anniversary 115 of his fall in combat in Two Ríos, in the current county of Granma.

In the park that takes his name in the provincial capital and in presence of the Commandant Faure Chomón Mediavilla, Deputy to the National Assembly of the Popular Power for Camagüey and Julio Cesar García, Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the territory, the distinction "Virtues Martianas. " was given.

Granted by the Union of Communist Youths and the Juvenile Movement dedicated to the Apostle, the recognition relapsed among others in students of the secondary education, stocking and superior, professors, workers of the health and combatants of the Revolutionary Armed forces who stand out for their revolutionary trajectory, their responsibility and their incondicionality before the study, the work and the defense of the Homeland. (Mariela Peña Seguí)