miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Integrated system of Medical Urgencies of Camagüey, among the first ones in Cuba

The ambulances of medical emergency are endowed with advanced teams of vital attendance.

Camagüey, sep 1st- From its setting in march in the year 2005 the Integrated System of Medical Urgencies (SIUM) of the county of Camagüey, is located among the five first of the country with better results.

Camagüey has bases of ambulances in all the municipalities, to what sink the hospital therapies and the intensive areas, with a bigger number of teams in the provincial, given capital the complexity and the demand of these services.

As part of the one referred program in the year in course the transportation was increased of more than 30 thousand people with sufferings don't burden, remitted to institutions of Public Health of other counties and of the Cuban capital.

The personnel's valuable contribution that works in the System of Medical Urgencies, is the attention in its own homes to patients affected by heart and breathing unemployments, and have an cerebrovascular accident. (Alex López Almaguer)

Pioneers of Camagüey will take place 50 years of their organization

Camagüey, Sep 1st. - Pioneer Organization José Martí (OPJM) in the county of Camagüey will develop starting from next day six, a program of activities to celebrate the anniversary 50 of their creation.

Miyannis Torres Rodríguez, president of the OPJM in the territory, informed the AIN that up to the 15 coming the responsible of directing the organization will receive methodological classes with the purpose of knowing the peculiarities of the next school calendar.

She advanced that October eight new children will enter the OPJM, fact that will be dedicated to the 50 years of the Victoria of Girón and the Declaration of the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution.

The restlessness on the study, the vocational formation and the professional orientation, the operation of the organization, the knowledge of the history and the chore of the pioneer movements , will be evaluated in the assemblies from each classroom starting from October 28.

The months of November and December will be good for the search of alternative and solutions of the main problems detected in the educational facilities, while January and February will welcome the assemblies of the OPJM in the 13 municipalities of the county.

Soon the small ones will carry out guards in each neighborhood, in greeting to the means century of existence of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, founded September 28, 1960 for the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro like answer to the contrarrevolutionaries actions. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero / AIN)