viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Donate works of plastic arts to Infantile Hospital of Camagüey

The noted group of fond of the plastic of Camagüey "Fidelio Ponce de León" donated to the pediatric hospital "Eduardo Agramonte Piña", of this city, 67 works inspired in classic and infantile stories.

«This has been a permanent debt with the children and with the physicians of the hospital that so much makes to save the lives of our children», commented Arsenio Olayo Portales, president of this group, been founded in 1984.

The artist added that the objective of the 29 creators was achieved that incorporated to the ornamental project For a smile, because today is other the image that shows and the atmosphere that is breathed in the room of Neurosurgery: «There is happiness in the expressions of family and hospitalized children», he argued.

The artistic gift to this infantile hospital also included 27 toys, made by the creators, and 10 copies of the book there was once, of great fame among the smallest. «We decide to buy in the passing International Trades of the Book those copies of there was once, for what contain their pages», Arsenio manifested who valued that from its stories the great ceramic mural that is shown to all the long of the central corridor of the Room of Neurosurgery was born.

The artists, starting from their creativity and own resources, leaned on in almost all the expressions of the plastic one, as the painting and others of the craft, among these size in wood, ceramic, fabrics, goldwork, mache paper, toys and dead nature.

The doctor José Montejo Montejo, boss of the service of Neurosurgery of this hospital, thanked proceeding artistic and highlighted how with love, desire and collective zeal ideas so human and disinterested can be materialized as the one carried out by the artists of the Fidelio Ponce.

It meant the positive effect that has had each work in the spiritual health of the one hospitalized from a beginning and of their companion. «It is necessary to see how they smile and the children play in spite of their ailment and graveness», the specialist concluded. (Yahily Hernández Porto)

Formed more than 1 000 linemen in Camagüey

More than a thousand linemen in their forty years of existence has formed the school of training of the electric industry of Camagüey that takes Antonio name Guiteras Holmesname.

The engineer Juan Carlos Lacaba Jofres, director of the center, located in the street Ignacio Agramonte and Palm, said that the students favored the investments of the sector, not only of this county but of the neighbor Ciego of Ávila.

Of that specialty the areas are nurtured dedicated to the maintenance of lines and of service to the clients, the directive of the school assured whose collective, with 17 workers, became accrediting in the 2009 of the condition of the Moncadist Center of the union emulation.

For their educational and practical classrooms or attributed units receive qualification or electrical recalification of substations, readers collectors, inspectors or dispatchers.

The linemen that studied preparation in the facility cooperated to that Camagüey shows the 95 of its electrified territory, elevate at 10 226 the number of state consumers and at 238 421 in the residential one.

Osmar Moisés Charles who funge like linemen professor since a quater of century , highlighted that it is an occupation that requires dedication, interest and a lot of value.(Enrique Atiénzar)

Rain absence commits cane seed in Camagüey

When the cane seed charges intensity in the county of Camagüey, the germination of the seeds is very committed due to the absence of rains that propitiate the bud of the plants.

The termination of the sugar harvest allows that a bigger quantity of workers sinks to the task, besides teams for the preparation of the land, and in the last days the average overcomes the 100 hectares.

However, the farmers look concerned the brotation lack in the surfaces planted from the second dozen of May, which have not been benefitted by the precipitations.

We wait rains in these days to have security with the sowed fields, said to the AIN Ramón Campanioni, of the direction of cane of the Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) Camagüey.

From January the territory watered seeds in three thousand 273 hectares that means a slight backwardness in connection with that planned up to now, according to the room of control of the GEA, and of this surface some 500 were planted in the four initial months of the year in lands with irrigable.

But the fields from ends of April in unirrigated land areas have been affected in more or smaller measure by the dry station.

Campanioni pointed out that the work is carried out with seeds punished by the drought, that which indicates that they don't have the good quality, because many of the fields dedicated to the production of seeds were very damaged for hurricanes of 2008.

Although the situation is complex, Camagüey has advance in the earth preparation, so much in the one furrowed for the immediate plantation as in the breaking new ground for that of the second semester.

In the year the county should achieve 13 thousand 479 hectares, inferior in more than thousand to that gotten in 2009. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz)