miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Cuban diplomacy of new type

By:Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez

The Ministry of External Relationships of Cuba was constituted December 23,1959 by means of the law 663 in substitution of that of State, dependence created since the time of the first North American occupation and designed to serve the interests of that nation and, therefore, unable to satisfy political and organically the imperatives of the foreign policy of the nascent Revolution.

The decision, to proposal of Raúl Roa now 50 years ago, went beyond a change of name of the organism in charge of executing the foreign policy in the new Cuba. It symbolized the firm position of independence, sovereignty and social justice that would characterize the chore of the institution.

The first document in which the sovereignty of Cuba was reaffirmed the worthy answer went to the insolent note sent by the government from United States with reason of the promulgation of the law of Agrarian Reformation.

In essence was affirmed: "It is inalienable ability to dictate, in exercise of it sovereignty and to the help of treaties, conventions and pacts of universal character, the measures that judges but adecuated.In consequence, the Revolutionary Government claims the ability to decide what estimates in agreement with the vital interests of the Cuban town and doesn't admit any indication or proposal that spreads to impair, in the most minimum thing, the sovereignty and the national dignity."

The mission of the MINREX has been from then on the execution of the foreign policy of the country and to contribute to its elaboration. In a same way to promote and to defend, in the international relationships, the principles, values and interests that sustain it, based on the limits that emanate of the politics of the maximum instances of the Communist Party of Cuba, the National Assembly of the Popular Power and of the Council of State.

Cuba has used all the international tribunes to condemn the unjust international economic order; all colonialist practice, hegemonist, injerencist and discriminatory in the international relationships, as well as the threat of the employment of the force, the adoption of unilateral coercive measures, any form of terrorism and of discrimination for reasons of race, credo or opinion.

The Island has maintained for half century its accusing index against the unjust economic, financial and commercial blockade to that it is subjected on the part of the government of the United States; as well as against the Law of Cuban Adjustment and the whole legislation promulgated in that country to impede the normal relationships with it town.

The justness of the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution, of which the Ministry of Relationships Exterior is executioner, it is endorsed especially by the solidary position of Cuba with all the towns of the world of the Third World.

Test of it is it that the Caribbean country has diplomats relationships at the moment with 181 countries and it is integrated to all the international organizations of the system of United Nations.

You will beEl Mayor

By:María Delys Cruz Palenzuela

Count that December 23, 1841, in the wide next large house to the church of La Merced, the family trajín and servitude broke its habitual costums: Mrs. Filomena was of childbirth.

Diamond with kiss soul



Say that, immediately that the birth of a male was announced, the main door opened up, as answer to a magic movement, to open the way to a warm breeze, accompanied by a trail of multicolored light. Big, very big, was the astonishment of those there present when, some after other, muses and gods, Greeks and Roman, adorned of their most beautiful robes, invaded the intimacy of the moment.

Upstairs, the mythological caravan arrived next to the channel where the mother wrapped up the boy in her breast; immediately, Zeus predicted: --Your son will be adored by the men and women of this earth, will be immortal--and playing with luminous hand his front deposited in her a star.

Then Minerva approached to impregnate it of intelligence and wisdom; Apollo granted him a special, only beauty; Eros gave him the capacity to love, with the most tender and passionate in the loves, to a single woman; Mars prepared it for the best in the warriors…

But there was a deity that didn't come from the Olympus, because it was earthly, although yes eternal, sad and oppressed, encouraged now by the coming of the one who then would give his life for it: it was called Homeland and, without saying a lot, said everything: --You will beEl Mayor.

New investigative projects of the Meteorological Center of Camagüey

The culmination of 14 investigative projects stands out among the main results that to the closing of this year, registers the Provincial Meteorological Center in Camagüey.

Dositeo García Bargado, director of that scientific institution, highlighted that each one of those achievements contributes somehow to the production of foods like the System of Alert Early of the Drought; used fundamentally in the Agriculture.

As part of its social object that center also takes charge of the surveillance of the climate and emits watchful and evaluations of the behavior of the variables of temperature and humidity, with high percent of guessed right presage.

In the current calendar investigators of Camagüey guaranteed, also, the operation of the net of meteorological radars of the country and the studies continued for the artificial increment of the rain, like one in the ways of fighting against the drought.

Another result of the Meteorological Center of Camagüey to the closing of the 2009, are the satisfactory march of the career of Meteorology, and the superation of the professionals of that community that are formed like Doctors and Másters in Sciences. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)