martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Camagüey will welcome the Provincial Party of the Dance

Camagüey - The Provincial Party of the Dance will take place the next October 23 and 24 , in the city of Camagüey, to the 2.30 pm, in the local that occupies the Room-theater José Luis Tassende, located in Popular street among Father Valencia and López Recio.

Favored by the Provincial Center of Houses of Culture, the appointment up to their XXX edition and takes to scene to the best groupings would dance of the Movement of Fond Artists in the county.

Takes place, also, the 50 anniversary of artistic life of the Teacher Dahlia Aguilar Ruiz, graduate of Instructor of Art in 1962, example of teaching and love for the danzary art and Cuban folklore.

The event propitiates the participation of the instructors of art of the Brigade José Martí, of the Houses of Culture and other collaborators, after the preservation of the local, national traditions, and the Cuban folklore, in all its diversity.

It is planed the participation of 30 groupings of this county, of diverse goods and etaries groups.

Among them can stand out, to the group "Lomerío", of Najasa; "Guacanayabo" and "OK", of Santa Cruz of the South; "Caguairán", of Céspedes; and "Maraguán", of Camagüey, among others. There will also be invited two groups payees of Haitian traditions in the county: "Caidije" and "Beautiful Patuá."

Certify product of Camagüey for the export

Camagüey, Oct 19 . - The nails of steel wire taken place in the factory of the municipality of Mines became the first certified product as exportable bottom of the county of Camagüey, after being endorsed by the National Office of Normalization.

According to the norms and effective legislations and after an audit was proven that that production fulfills the established requirements, for what was granted the use license and inscription in the registration of certified productions.

The engineer Ramón Betancourt, specialist in Quality of the Metalurgic Company of ACINOX in Camagüey, to which belongs the factory of having derived of the wire of Mines, explained that that result allows to consent to the international market with more competitiveness.

At the moment the ton of steel overcomes the 700 dollars in the international market, for what the legitimation of the nails of that material obtained in the factory of Mines doesn't only pay to the export but rather also substitute imports in a concrete way.

The recent certification of the steel nails that take place in the Factory of Derived of the Wire in the municipality of Camagüey, Mines, incentive becomes for the Company Metalurgic of Camagüey in the zeal of endorsing other productions. (Yamylé Fernández)

Continues in Camagüey Festival of the Written Press

By:Luis Naranjo / Television Camagüey

Exchanges with the readers, exhibitions in the room “Nicolás Guillén” of the newspaper Adelante,conversatories with plastic artists and sport events, was the first actions developed during the Provincial Festival of the Written Press in Camagüey .

In the town The Colorado of the municipality Sierra of Vats, representatives of those around 500 inhabitants of that rural establishment, emitted their approaches on what interests them or not of the publication of Camagüey and poured important recommendations for the sake of improving the quality of the weekly publication of Camagüey. This experience will also be shared with the community of the rail shops of the region.

Those fond of the sport enjoyed the friendly game that workers of the different Means of Diffusion sustained who next to students of Journalism, scenificate two amusing softball parties, of swollen carrerajes.

Very to tone with the event the fifth anniversary of the foundation of the gallery of plastic arts was celebrated “Nicolás Guillén”, of the weekly publication of Camagüey, salts that has exposed dissimilar works of outstanding artists like Joël Jover, Nazario Salazar, Martha Jiménez and others.

During the next day of the Festival that will extend until next Saturday 23, day of premiations, the workers of the written press of this territory will debate opportune topics as: “Present time and necessity of the economic journalism”, with companies of multiple organizations and the shop “Experiences and challenges of the journalism of the Web 2.0.”

Will also be carried out the shop “What we know about the investigation journalism and the conversatories “Risk, happiness and misfortunes of Catauro” and “In the first anniversary of The Hendija, reflections.

The Festival of Camagüey has as objective to make emphasis in the quality, as decisive element for the credibility of our press.

Rehabilitate in Camagüey patients with larynx cancer

Camagüey, - Patient with larynx radical for cancer, accidents or for other causes have the possibility articulate words again, by means of a rehabilitation system that spreads in the areas of health of the county.

The above-mentioned was confirmed by the doctor Antonio Hernández Vidal, specialist of Second Grade in Logopedy and Foniatry in declarations to Adelante.

People Laringectomized- assured--always have rehabilitation possibility that influences, among other factors, the age, the physical state and the reach of the tumor.

If the affection is detected on time and the person has will, the services of health assure to teach them to speak in each area of attention with Logopedas present in the Integral Services of Rehabilitation (SIR) dispersed in the geography of Camagüey.

One of the patients more led with the rehabilitation and who even, besides speaking, sings, Ángel Alipio Álvarez Martínez is 61 years old,residing in , , the city of Camagüey is named, with a larynx radical for nine years.

“Everything operated as me-he explained with clear voice-- can become rehabilitated, although has the desire that has the person.”

Lacking of that organ and of the vocal chords, Alipio, as more he is known in the social and family means, speaks with the esophagus, he carries out the other functions of to feed and to take water for the normal road, while he breathes for the windpipe.

The doctor Hernández Vidal doesn't have reference that this rehabilitation is carried out in United States, where prothesis of immediate larynx is used by the way expensive and with piles of little durability.

In Cuba when the possibilities are drained of reaching the voice for the rehabilitation it is required to that prothesis type, to which the bigger than The Antilles cannot consent easily for financial reasons and the North American blockade.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Entities of Camagüey work for the excellence in their administration

Camagüey, Guided toward the achievement of the excellence in their services, four entities of Camagüey conform to provincial scale the group leader in the setting in practice of the Integrated System of Administration.

The engineer Omitza Jiménez, specialist of the Territorial Office of Normalization, explained that the Company stands out CUBACATERING, in charge of the gastronomy services and provisioning in the International airport Ignacio Agramonte.

That dependence is one of the country that possesses the certification of the System of Alimentary Inocuidad; through which is guaranteed the hygiene and security of the foods.

On the other hand, the Comercializized of Fuels, CUPET, stands out where the systems of administration of the quality, that of environment, human capital and security and health of the work are endorsed.

To the group of advanced in the certification of their procedures in the county of Camagüey sink the Company of Recovery of Matters Cousins and that of Hydraulic Projects. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)