viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Marathon of collection of matters cousins in Camagüey

Camagüey, Sep 17. A marathon of collection of matters cousins, will carry out this Sunday, the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the county of Camagüey, to greet the 50 years of its creation.

Miriam García Leyva, coordinator of the CDR in the territory, informed the AIN that this activity constitutes a priority for the people of Camagüey, aware of its economic importance.

In this occasion we will recycle paper and cardboard mainly, matters cousins of enormous economic and environmental advantages, if one keeps in mind that to obtain a ton of cellulose, main fiber to make paper talar is required near 17 mature trees, pointed out García .

Concerning the date, next day 28, integral of the biggest organization in masses of Cuba, develop a day that included this Thursday massive donations of blood in several areas of health of the city head, and last weekend the seed of trees.

Also the children of Pioneer Organization José Martí, sink to the parties with the traditional guard pioneer that make every year in each community.

Works of cleaning and embellishment in the neighborhoods are part of the preparations, while Esmeralda's town, provincial headquarters for the party of the CDR, decks out its streets and parks.

Outstanding people of the county of Camagüey will receive today in the Square of the General bigger Revolution Ignacio Agramonte, the medals For the Defense of the Homeland and the Unit of the Neighborhood, and the Distinction September 28.

Central Siboney gets ready to begin harvest in December

Camagüey, Sep 17- The sugar power station Siboney, among the most effective in Cuba in the last harvests, prepares the conditions to begin the next milled by the middle of December and to open the campaign in the county of Camagüey.

In the last season, the industry averaged 72 percent of the norm of matter prosecution prevails, 20 percentage points on the stocking of the territory, it stood out in the elaboration with quality of the raw dedicated to the national consumption, and surpassed the figure planned in some two thousand metric tons.

Yolexis Guerra, directora de esa empresa azucarera, ubicada en el municipio de Sibanicú, dijo a la AIN que la planta tiene previsto empezar la zafra el 15 de diciembre, pero podría adelantarse.

The favorable behavior of the rains in the last weeks and the attentions given to the plantations predicts an increase of the dear one of cane to mill, she explained.

The final figure for the planning of the campaign, so much in mattert prevails to process as of sugar to manufacture, it will leave the evaluation to know the real readiness of the gramineous one in the fields and that will finish 30 in this month.

The room of control of the “Siboney” she informed that the repair program is to 52 percent.

The physical advance coincides with the financial expense, that which means that the resources are used in correspondence with the tasks when are executed, specifiedYolexis .

Juan Enrique Salazar, boss of the room, qualified of normal the tasks in the repairs of the industry and he mentioned as the main ones those that are developed in one of the tachos, the assembly of an economical in a boiler and in the filtration areas and condensed.

The official said that in accordance with the advance of the works, the genius could carry out general tests at the beginning of November.

In Camagüey other two power stations possibly intervene in the next harvest. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Died in Camagüey the musician Emiliano Toledo Velazco

Camagüey, Sep 17 -The Cuban musician Emiliano Toledo Velazco, interpreter of instruments like the oboe, the clarinet and the saxophone, died to the 84 years of age, in this city.

Several groupings welcomed his work, among them, the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey, under the teacher's baton Jorge Luis Betancourt.

Toledo Velazco his professional career began in the year 1943 and intruded, also, in the composition with more than 200 pieces in his repertoire, mainly goods of the Cuban popular music, according to the digital place of the local newspaper Adelante.

He dedicated part from his life to the socialization of his knowledge by means of the teaching and orchestra's direction, reason why was invited to integrate during years the jury of the Musical Creator's National Festivals, although he also competed and deserved prizes.

Among other recognitions he received the Distinction Mirror of Patience, the most important granted by the sectoral of Culture in the county.

The distinguished musician directed the first quintet of local wind, the orchestra of the Festival of Boleros of Gold and, until his jubilation, that of Modern Music.

He was also member of the branch of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, in Camagüey.

In USA weapons are sold, it doesn't care to who

For: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

In the last months have been happened one after other the news on operative of the Mexican authorities against the bands of drug dealers.

- The weapons and the good sense

The most recent give bill of the detention the well-known leader's August 30 as ¨ the barbie ¨ and only some days ago, of the nicknamed ¨ the grande¨

But What situation does it surround these victories of the law? As antecedents, slaughters of civil, wars among gangs or among the applicants to the domain of the posters of the drug.

As colophon, bloody combats of the forces of the order against very armed and equipped criminals, not with guns, revolvers or hunt shotguns, but with automatic rifles of assault.

Any human being with something of decency and in their healthy trial, it is questioned how is possible that the murderers linked the gentlemen of the drug acquire such means.

The question has a simple answer at the same time that terrible, and not publish it the police means of Mexico, neither organs of communication of leftist tendency, neither the enemies of the USA, but the influential daily ¨ The Washington Post ¨.

This Monday, the newspaper qualified in an editorial as scandalous and unacceptable the fact that that country is the supplier of weapons to the posters of the drug traffic, and considers that political will doesn't exist in the government of Obama to collaborate with the neighbor's state authorities in the eradication of the climate of violence that has charged hundred of lives, innocent many of them.

And pleads the " Washington Post ¨"because prohibit again the sale of combat weapons, legislation to which has been given of side in the last years.

Because although you don't believe it, in the country of the freedoms and of the democracy cannot only buy no only a hunt rifle to kill a deer or a pheasant the weekend, or to frighten the wolves in an isolated cattle country property.

Something comprehensible for many, but with same easiness one can acquire a powerful M-16 with all their loaders and the ammunition that chooses, included those bullets that perforate the armored vests of the policemen.

Can a murderer peacefully to reap the life of a family that looks at the TV in the night, or to assault a gas station or a bank, with equipment that him recently less than invincible to resist to the forces of the law.

But a boy also can to take of the father's closet an assault rifle, and to fill with blood the walls of a gentle North American school.

Until when?