martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Continue improving nets electric of Camagüey

By:LuciloTejera Díaz

The electric workers in this county carried out in the last four years more than 46 thousand actions of improvement of the nets, in order to optimize the service.

In the 2006 Cuba undertook that work before the decrease of the effectiveness in the transmission and distribution and the high level of losses.

Denis Martínez, technical director of the Electric Basic Organization in the territory, informed that the executed tasks contemplate, among other, the caliber change of having spread, the installation of new posts and the construction of nets. change assaults.

The improvement is expressed in the elimination of about a thousand areas of low voltage and are still some 100 to carry out him the benefit

Also, a superior figure to the 30 thousand 100 housings began to be favored with new electric services. Apart from the investments, maintenance actions were made to the lines.

All these works increased the reliability of the supply from the energy to the clients, the official pointed out.

Of the 2006 at the 2008 the work was intense, and in the current one it diminished for the financial limitations of the country for the adverse impact of the world economic crisis, that which reduced the possibilities of acquisition abroad of resources.

Camagüey to complete its plan of cane seed

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The county persists in completing the annual program of cane seed, in order to elevate the production of sugar in the harvest of the 2011, in spite of the existent backwardness.

When it finished the humid station, the territory accumulates little more than 14 thousand hectares planted since January, surface that means near 90 percent of the program until December, which surpasses the 15 thousand 800, hectares, pointed out the Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) Camagüey.

In what it lacks of the 2009 the plantation will advance with smaller yield, because it will only be carried out in areas with irrigable.

Of the nine companies dedicated to the cultivation of the gramineous , two surpassed its respective plans, and other five have possibilities to complete, I didn't seize both remaining.

During the 2008 the county planted little more than 15 thousand hectares, and for the current one was not considered an important growth assisting to the world economic situation and the financial limitations of the country, mainly for consumption of petroleum in the preparation of the earth.

Lázaro González, specialist in irrigation, said that the favored lands to year beginnings with this attention have double yield of those that received the seeds in unirrigated land surfaces, without irrigable and clerks of the rain to survive and to be developed, reason why the objective of the investment is satisfied.

On the other hand, Ramón Campanioni, of the direction of cane of the GEA Camagüey, highlighted the good vegetative state of the new seed, although the average of plants for area, called population in the agricultural terminology, it oscillates from the 70 to 75 percent, an insufficient level for the effectiveness of the task.

In the fields where residual humidity persists is carried out the reseed, in order to increase the population at least on 85 percent.

From last year the reedbeds apply the technology of the fertilization in the bottom of the furrow before locating in them the seeds, that which offers him nutritious from the first moment.

Also waters Fitomás, a bioestimulaTor of the patent growth and Cuban production.

Continues in Camagüey process of bill rendition from the delegate to their electing

More than four thousand meetings have been carried out in Camagüey during the current process of bill rendition from the delegate to their voters, what locates to the county to 97 percent of the execution of that democratic action.

In the encounter that sustained this Sunday the maximum direction of the Popular Power in the territory with presidents of the Popular Council, was emphasized in the necessity of to file organizational difficulties in some districts and to stimulate the attendance and the neighbors' participation.

In a same way was necessary that the process of bill rendition of the delegate to their voters the best scenary becomes to dialogue with the population about important topics as the present epidemic context and the energy saving.

Isabel González Cárdenas, secretary of the Council of the Provincial Administration highlighted the necessity that the entities implied in some position are agile in offering the answer that is demanded.

In the encounter, this Sunday, of the presidents of Popular Council with the Government's maximum authorities in Camagüey, was also informed that the county gets ready to celebrate the year end and the coming of the anniversary 51 of the Victory of the Revolution. (Alex López and Yamylé Fernández)

Peasants of the municipality of Florida contribute to the production of rice

The reduction of imports is vital for the economy of the country, and in its materialization the special programs are developed that leads the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Florida, municipality of Camagüey, in coordination with the complex agroindustrial rice field of Vertientes.

As part of this agreements, integral of different rural cooperatives of Florida assume the production of important volumes of rice that this year should overcome the 160 thousand quintals, with the projection of duplicating that total in successive stages, feasible result of reaching thanks to the attention that give the harvesters to the cultivation.

The Ministry of the Agriculture, through the agroindustrial complex, guarantees to the rice fields a technological package that includes the seed, the petroleum for the seed and the gathering, as well as the molinade capacity required in the facilities, and prices of purchase attractiveness.

With relationship to the rural sector of Florida can be affirmed that already in these moments it is one of those that contributes in positive way to that the country reduces the imports of this food, what stimulates the productions that are obtained in the rice fields of the south of the municipality.