miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Cuba invests to take advantage of the straw like fuel

Cuba undertook the use of the straw like fuel for the sugar boilers of power stations, in order to diminish the consumption of fuel oil.

The Ministry of the Sugar cared machines that pick up, heap and pack the residual, in this case of the cane, in the fields after the crop or in the reception centers and benefit of the gramineous , in tests in five counties.

Orlando Gutiérrez, of the area of mechanization of the agroindustrial company Argentina, of the county of Camagüey, said that the exams have given good results in the conformation of pacas of 250 kilograms.

The mechanical Ángel Ramírez who received preparation for the use, arrangement and maintenance of the new apparatuses, informed that with enough available straw the compacted can make a bundle every minute and half.

As complement to this investment settle mills to crush the renewable fuel in the geniuses that benefit of the work of the packers.

Adam Galbán, director from the central Argentina, which produces raw sugar and refine, manifested that in harvest time the straw mixes with the residual trash of the one milled of the cane to supply to the ovens.

Specified that when is only in the one whitened of the candy, the time is shared with the consumption of fuel oil.

In Camagüey the industry Ignacio Agramonte, equally refinator, also mounted a station of trituration of the straw of the cane.

With a humidity of 30 percent, that renewable fuel removes more heat than the trash when leaves the mills, and a material ton of this last one is comparable to the caloric energy toasted by 190 liters of fuel oil. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Generalizes in Camagüey investigations related with the educational process

Those proven results of the county in all the teachings this Tuesday were exposed in the Provincial workshop of Generalization in the educational sector, event that was developed in Computer science's Polytechnician "Maximum Gómez Báez", of the capital of Camagüey.

The contest, preceded by similar events in the municipalities during the months of April and May, valued for specialties 90 investigations related with the learning of the maternal language, the History, and the Exact Sciences.

Studies were also presented on the formation of values, the Environmental Education and the preventive-corrective work.

The realization of the Provincial workshop of Generalization in the educational sector sinks to the actions of preparation of the next course in the county of Camagüey, calendar that constitutes a challenge for teachers and students in the zeal of perfecting the educational educational process. (Aramis González Cruz)

Technician of Camagüey assures effective operation of radiotelevisives transmissions

Camagüey. At about of 20 related investigative works fundamentally with the energy saving and of components, were presented in the XVI Fórum of Science and Technique of the Division Radio Cuba in Camagüey.

Among the presented investigations was outstanding that of the Engineer Yainier Sardiñas Hernández who developed his work related with the assembly of emergent roads for the radio stations that transmit in Modulated Frequency (FM).

Equally was rewarded with the same category, the titled work “Modification in the System of Electric Supply of the Center of Television and FM of Jayamá”, of the authors Amado David and Osmel Ruiz.

Yanelda Ruiz Yero, directress of the filial of Camagüey, evaluated as positive the development of this base event, for the sake of guaranteeing the quality in the radiotelevisives transmissions, and also stood out that the workers of Radio Cuba, in Camagüey, they put their knowledge in favor of the economic development of the bigger of the Antilles. (Mariela Peña Segui)

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Dedicate to Camagüey expo of visual arts

Camagüey - The exhibition " Stamp of the district" presents works with those which 15 authors, of the visual arts, testify facets of the past and present of their Camagüey.

Opened up in the gallery of the Republic street , of this city, the exhibition includes in its title one of the words with those which Nicolás Guillén who was born in the town, edited the first two lines of Elegy of Camagüey: "Oh Camagüey, oh soft district of shepherds and hats! "

Paintings, technical mixed and urban photograph , edges and social. In the underline the watercolors "One of my streets" and "earth Street", the deceased Jorge Santos bequeathed two of the squares with which conquered the appellative of Painter of the city, for his vehemence to approach the old local architecture.

Attached as Santos to the canons of the academicism, Lorenzo Linares participates with "Peasant of Camagüey", "The entrance" and "turbulent Landscape", three of the stamps of its vocation for the treatment of the rural topic.

Gabriel Gutiérrez exposes "Landscape of the Camagüey, allegorical to the cultural miscegenation, and Eduardo Rivera makes it with "The Great Antilla", about a vetust property ornamented by the exuberant vegetation before four real palms.

Ariel Rabassa has in the sample to "Station", allusive to the terminal rail power station of the county, and Welcome Letford exhibits formerly "Our village", a view area focalized in the neo-Gothic church of the Youth's Park José Martí.

Isnel Planas, Annette Pichs, Henry Mazorra and Ángel Olazábal also figures among the authors reflected in the exhibition, foreseen until half-filled of July.

This afternoon "bury" to San Pedro in Camagüey

Camagüey. Today in the afternoon will be the official closing of the San Juan's traditional parties 2010, with the one denominated “bury of San Pedro”, a tragicomic show with which the people of Camagüey says goodbye to the party that anyway continues until the night, when in each area the drink finishes and turn off the musical horns.

June 29 constitute one of the most important dates in the parties, during the journey those “weepers”, accompanied by men, many with bottles of rum in hand, carry out cries faked by San Pedro's death that is represented with a puppet made with old clothes, stuff of dry grass and cloths, which can be taken in a casket or mounted in a wheelbarrow, to finish burnt.

This way, in the Square of the Freedom will be the traditional one " bury”, after the itinerary of a gigantic conga with the one that the people of Camagüey says goodbye to its summer revel.

This representation that also, is carried out in other towns of Cuba, for the people of Camagüey is indissoluble part of the folkloric local San Juan.
Effective from the XVIII century, the San Juan of Camagüey had its origin in the crossroad of celebrations coming from Europe and fairs of livestock sale in the then Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

That century is considered that of the full development of the village, today Camagüey whose older sector of its last establishment possesses the status of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. (Jorge Luis Peix Agüero)

lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Unfortunate week for the Cattlemen team

In spite of falling in their three week commitments, the Cattlemen team maintained the tip of the Square of Baseball in Camagüey with balance of seven victories and five defeats, while the discreet team Rice fields recovered land in the chart and harasses to the sublíder Farmers.

Among the parties of the fourth week of competition Farmers gave the first blow to Cattlemen for slate of 4-1 and Rice fields followed the example with two overwhelming 6-1 and 11-2 during Thursday and Friday in spite of acting in this last challenge the right Fidel Romero.

The grout of the days was to bill of the left-handed of Guáimaro Maikel Abreu who acts with Farmers, that which collapses in the basement to the novena of Fishermen.

Calls the attention the drop jonroner production, with hardly Nelson's bambinazo Fort on last Friday and a liderato that has three men with three sticks of complete turn tied in the pigeonhole.

The chart of positions exhibits Cattlemen with 7 and 5, Farmers 5 and 4, Rice 5 and 5 and Fishermen with 3 and 6. The games in the stadium Cándido González continued during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

Cuba: The special education arrives to all the needful

Thanks to the love, patience and the professors' dedication, these children improve their quality of life.

Until a small town of the east of Cuba the special education, fruit of the insomnia of the revolutionary state arrives in preparing for the life and the full incorporation to the society to girls and children with mental delay, I slow in the psychic development or behavior dysfunctions.

It is the town of Martí, in the municipality Guáimaro, distant to some 80 kilometers of Camagüey, where the special school works Horacio Cobiellas, with a registration conformed by 146 children, coming in its majority of rural areas and homes with difficulties in its operation.

There the pupils studies from the first grades until culminating the secondary education, but for on all the things receive a lot of love, result of the self-denying and beautiful work of a cloister that its main mission in lavishing the bigger than the affections to the minor.

How different is the panorama of the special education in United States, where the students with discapacities suffer physical punishments, practice of the one that neither their classroom partners escape, as denounced organizations of human rights that claim the prohibition of those repressive acts.

In accordance with the press agency EFE, a document published by those organizations affirms that the employment of disciplinary methods of physical character can increase the problem of the smallest and therefore to harm its education.

But it is alarming that adds the fact to so inhuman to be proceeded that in 20 of the states of the North American Union, mainly in the south of the nation, the corporal punishments to the students in the classrooms are considered legal.

The country that seeks to dictate behavior norms to the world should overturn look toward inside before prosecuting to other and in the particular thing to determine to harm the image of Cuba whose clean executorship has been recognized by the international community to the being elect vice-president of the Council of Human rights of United Nations (Oscar González Vázquez)

People of Camagüey highlighted in sugar sphere of Cuba

Four persons of Camagüey integrates the payroll of highlighted directive in the Cuban sugar sphere who, next to the desert recognition, areas of economic, cultural and social interest of this county traveled during two days.

Almost a thirty of the 40 men and excellent women in their acting as leaders of the sugar sphere in Cuba, received their respective recognitions of hands of Julio Cesar García first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), in the county and Luis Ynchausti, president of the Government at that level.

Among them Daniel Delgado Chirolde, boss of production of the central “Siboney”, Manuel Frizzy Gentleman, director of the Company of Sugar Assemblies, Guillermo Peña Hernández, director of Shops “Lenin” and Male Julio Guerrero, director of the Group of Sugar Constructions.

Although the Ministry of the Sugar (MINAZ) in Cuba, is even very distant of covering expectations and necessities producers, there are always excel men and women in their acting.

The tributed represents the good chore in the cane productions and sugar, mechanical, of transport, of having derived and the agricultural , like fundamental part in the pitch diversificator of that Ministry.

During solemn ceremony in the living room Nicolás Guillén, in the base of the monument to “El Mayor” in the city of Camagüey, Orlando García, minister of the union, remarked in the challenges that have for before the Cuban sugar bowls, mainly in the necessary rescue of the cane readiness. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Curatorial project will restate citadine environment in Camagüey

“Utopian city” is the name of the Curatorial Project to which summons the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts of Camagüey, with the objective of restating certain spaces of the capital of Camagüey, incorporating the architectural different aspirations formerly to the complex panorama of the visual arts of the Villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, and of mobilizing a thought in favor of the necessity of transforming the environment.

The proposals will be exposed in the context of the XVI Provincial Room of Plastic arts “Fidelio Ponce de León”. The organizers of the event seek that the different architects, designers and artists of the plastic , in work teams or in an independent way, formulate the image that want of the city.

Florentino Rivero, President of the Association of Plastic arts of the National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC), informed that are looked for “ solve ideals to certain spaces, selected by the creator or creators' team, inside the historical area of the city.”

“Ideal solutions are wanted, not bounded to a possible realization and that show the way, a point “poetic”, of conceiving the city”, explained Rivero who added that the term of admission of the works conquers July 31of this year .

The proposals will be analyzed by an admission jury that will select the works to compete, those that will be exposed in the same place where the intervención is proposed. The repertoire of works intends, this way exposed in the whole historical circuit of the city, will be part of the works to compete in the “Fidelio Ponce de León.”

The projects will be presented in digital format, extension jpg or bmp, with resolution of 300 ppp, fitting for a size of impression of 700 x 1000 mm. The organizers will run with the impression of the same ones in the signal size.

The works will surrender in the Provincial Center of Plastic arts of Camagüey, located in Republic street No. 289,between Finlay and San Esteban. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Of the blessed mud of the Camagüey,filters to purify the health

Cepero shows the quality of the produced filters.

A simple and ecological filter of mud and sawdust is about to be generalized in the county of Camagüey, after being proven by means of laboratory tests its effectiveness in the bacteriological treatment of the water.

Dear Cepero, specialist of the project in the Integrated Center of technologies of the Water ( MENTIONS), assures that the application of the “strainer” natural, will be able to extend to those mountainous and outlying areas of the cities of the country where the consumption sources still lack of expensive potable plant .

The physical-chemical analyses of the addition “landlord”, reveal the total elimination of causing bacterias ofdiarreic and infectocontagios illnesses, and the improvement of the transparency of the water, although persist in them the minerals that contain.

The filter, manufactured in the noted institution of Camagüey, consists of a clay recipient and sifted sawdust, of eight liters of capacity mounted on a plastic evacuator drum of until 2,5 liters of water purified per hour.

“Here in the center we assume the design, construction and installation of all the machines tools for the “factory” of filters: the hammer mill, the removing to unite the mud and the fine sawdust, the press, the molds, the oven… and we are under conditions of producing some 250 monthly vessels”, affirmed Cepero.

The production of the recipient cleanser is not expensive, because the clay of used quality is plentiful in Camagüey - City of the Earthenjar - and the sawdust, the other matter prevails used, recovers i carpentries, as long as the process of the one baked peasant doesn't need the consumption of petroleum neither electricity. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

In process of restructuring producer Company Citric Sola in Camagüey

As part of the reorganization of the Company of Citric Sola, at the moment one works in the recovery of its areas, parallelly with a rising of plantations with possibilities of continuing its productive development, which will be categorized according to yields.

Next to those works, the development of the several cultivations, front in the one is developed that actions should be speeded up, nevertheless to be strongly affected by the drought during a good part of the year, although at the present time one works in completing the seed of areas low watering.

Formerly the most important citricultor pole for the export and of varied cultivations for the popular feeding, mainly of the city of Camagüey, in the red lands of the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, is carried out the one inserted of viands, vegetables and grains in the new Properties of Fruit-bearing.

Such to proceed achieves bigger use of the area under watering and of the nutrients that are used in certain cultivations that remain with effectiveness in the land after its crop.

The same as in the other demarcations of the territory of Camagüey, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas the delivery of lands advances in gratuitous usufruct, strategy that cooperates to the agricultural productive balance in anyone of its variants. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Travel Camagüey moncadists fighters and expeditionary of the Granma

Camagüey. Fighters of the Moncada and of the Granma complete a program of visits and treats in this county of Camagüey, like part of the commemoration for the anniversary 57 of the liberal clarinada of July 26, 1953.

The floridano Calixto Morales, - expeditionary of the 82 -, and the moncadist Ernesto González and Pedro Gutiérrez, economic, social and cultural places of interest travel from the day of this Tuesday, of the territory of Camagüey.

The development of the suburban agriculture, productive modality of which is pioneer Camagüey, is in the center of the visitors' attention who know also of the humanitarian and noble work of the Center of Equinoteraphy of the town, for the rehabilitation of children with physical damages and síquics, mainly.

It doesn't escape to the visit of the revolutionary combatants an approach to the almost half millennial Historical Center of the city of Camagüey whose fundacional part shows the condition of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The visit of the moncadist and the expeditionary of the Granma, are part of the homage from the town to the participants in the Cuban liberal gestes who annually in this date all the counties of the country travel, and in Camagüey, this Wednesday, will be recognized by their contribution to those more than 50 years of Revolution. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Anticipate wide participation Infantile San Juan of Camagüey

The Infantile San Juan of Camagüey-to be made next Sunday 27 -, omens to be one of those more nurtured as for contents and passivity, in the participation of school.

Conceived as one of the proposals of the carnivales parties of the capital -to be made between the 24 and the 29 of the present June -, will take part four coaches, eight congas and three processions, besides clowns and other attractions.

The journey already traditional, will begin at eight in the morning from beginnings of the Avenue of the Freedom and will extend until the vicinity of the Square of the same name, where the jury will be located.

Students of the Basic Primary and Secondary teachings, besides cultural projects as "Harlequin", of the Office of the Historian of the City (OHCC) and of the Houses of Culture, will enrich with their evolutions the San Juan that will have the wide support of the gastronomic services.

As it is habitual, the beautiful Country Casino will also be scenary for this postal villager that pays one of the oldest and prospective components in the old village of Puerto Príncipe, current capital of Camagüey. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Camagüey in its new San Juan's preamble

The congas already announces, with their street rehearsals, the San Juan's proximity (carnival) that with its more than two centuries of existence will return to this city from next Thursday.

The project of the new edition of one of the most picturesque carnivalesque appointments in the Island includes 61 artistic groupings and soloists, five congas walks, processions, coaches, disguises and other attractions, according to data offered to the press by the organizing commission.

Those parades will be the 25, 26 and 28 for central roads, and in the allotments Lenin, Previsora and Julio Antonio Mella the 27, day in the one which, also, children and adolescents will play the journey in the Avenue of the Freedom.

The inaugural day will insert “sanjuaneras” traditions, as the preparation and ajiaco consumption in the blocks, during activities favored by the Committees of Defense of the Revolution.

The program will have its official closing the 29 with another of the emblems of the parties, the one denominated Funeral of San Pedro, in the Square of the Freedom, after the itinerary of a gigantic conga with which the people of Camagüey says goodbye to its summer revel.

Effective from the XVIII century, the San Juan of Camagüey had its origin in the crossroad of celebrations coming from Europe and fairs of livestock sale in the then Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

That century is considered that of the full development of the village, today Camagüey whose older sector of its last establishment possesses the status of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Eolic energy, a favorable option

In the face of the increment of the prices of the fossil fuels and the possibilities of exhaustion in a near future, is imposed to use the use of renewable and alternative energy, as the eolic.

According to studious of the topic the one referred segment will be that of quicker growth of the energy industry in the coming 10 years.

Consulted statistics predict that for final of 2017 the planet will have 718 thousand megawatts (mw) of installed capacity, due to the increase of the areas dedicated to that end, mainly in the United States and China.

The technical means to take advantage of the wind use it near 80 countries, satisfy 1,5 percent of the world energy demand and offer direct employment to half million of people, it indicates the World Eolic Association (WWEA, for its initials in English).

The document also reveals that the eolic one is a substantial factor in the economic development, with perspective of avoiding the emission of 10 thousand million tons of dioxide of carbon, and to impede the worst consequences in the climatic change.

To the closing of the 2009, the eolic capacity installed in the planet arrived to 140 thousand 951 MW.

In Cuba, the program of the Energy Revolution conceives the use and studies of the areas with possibilities of using the winds to generate electricity.

The proximity of two oceans in the area of the Caribbean and the presence of solar radiation between 12 and 14 hours a day provides to the bigger than The Antilles favorable conditions for the employment of the eolic energy, asserted the AIN Carlos Arturo Flores, executive secretary of the Latin American Organization of Energy (OLADE)

Its employment will be opportune to reach the government commitments of reducing the emissions of gases that cause the effect hothouse and the global heating, delimited.

Flores manifested admiration for the results of the employment of the eolic energy in the Island, project that is example for many countries of the region.

The saving of thousands of tons of equivalent combustible petroleum, thanks to the operation of the three existent eolic parks in the nation, confirms the importance of the employment of the renewable energy. (William Fernández)

viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

People of Camagüey ratifies to Lugo Fonte disposition of producing more foods

The responsibility and the commitment of producers and directive of the agriculture and of the rural sector in this county of making produce each earth piece, it was ratified Orlando Lugo Fonte, National President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), in recent work encounter.

Although until May the territory fulfills the program of seed of several cultivations, dissatisfactions exist with the figures of achieved viands - below that foreseen -, and with that contributed by the peasants - the biggest taxpayers - who only arrive to 64 percent of their commitments.

Cuba designs a strategy, similar to the one applied with the milk, so that the producers take their crops directly to towns and near communities, without stopping to guarantee their commitments with the social consumption; with the result that the people of Camagüey has to accelerate the step to guarantee the demanded foods in the Cuban table.

Another very debated aspect was the related with the production of beans, line in the one that the country anticipate a strong investment in seed to guarantee a technological package to a group of peasants who will be in charge of of multiplying the production, what will allow that the country stops to care a hundred thousand tons of those grains. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Vilma, always Vilma

It was a sad day for all the Cubans, and because the women of the world not to say, personalities and means of press of diverse countries diffused the death of Vilma Espín, the unbeaten president of the Federation of Cuban Women.

With the fineness and simplicity that herself emanated, with the detail and the love that she knew how to put in each moment of her fruitful life, the Cuban women remind Vilma Espín Guillois, the indefatigable combatant, heroine of the secrecy and excellent combatant of the Rebellious Army, when being completed today three years of her physical disappearance .

There won't lack in the memory the days in that the girl that wanted to be ballet dancer was or rolled in her native Santiago's carnivals; of the excellent student of chemical engineering, of the intrepid Alina, Mónica, Dévorah or Mariela follower of Frank País to the front of the Movement July 26 , of Fidel and Raúl in the Sierra Maestra.

The greatness of her work, a work that was born and grew modeled by her ideas, carved in the formation of a woman that knows and is entitled the of not being discriminated against, of a childhood and a sure adolescence.

In the song mambisa, in the evocation to the couple's love that creó and procreated children, grandsons, values and virtues; in the heart that today is surprised and gets wider, in the tear that unrestrainable sprouts for the cheeks beyond the death, beyond the pain, it was inscripted, in the eternity, in the history of the Homeland.

The unbeaten President of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC),since its foundation, of the National Commission of Prevention and Social Attention, and the Commission of the Childhood, the Youth and the Equality of the Woman's rights, of the deputy to the National Assembly of the Popular Power, tribunes from which defended the rights and the infants' duties, the youths and the women, how to educate them to preserve the values and more valuable principles of the Cuban Revolution, based on treating people like true human beings, with unit and full independence. It is this way Vilma and will always be remembered.(Diosdada Sagarra Díaz )

jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Peninsule of Hicacos would have special attention

A special attention deserves Varadero, and in particular the peninsula of Hicacos, a territory of singular significance for the economic development of the country, because in it the main touristic pole is located outside of the capital.

Under the title Peninsula of Hicacos would have special attention, Granma newspaper publishes an information in which adds that this constitutes, also, an important point in the works of extraction of petroleum.

In this case intends to institute a representative of the Council of Secretaries with direct responsibility on the peninsula of Hicacos to control the execution of the politicians settled down by the Government of the Republic with such purposes.

Keeping in mind the required rationality, valid for all that today attacks the country, the analyses point to that is not justified the existence of the municipality of Varadero, adds the newspaper.

Therefore, - precise - the proposal advises to incorporate this territory to the current municipality of Cárdenas, such and like was before the Politic Administrative Division approved in 1976. The existent Popular Council in the demarcation of the peninsula of Hicacos would maintain its functions.

The territory where are located the international airport Juan Gualberto Gómez and the establishments bordering whose total area is of 35 square kilometers and contains a thousand of inhabitants approximately, would pass to the municipality head of Matanzas.

The exam of the proposed modifications left clear that the residents won't have affectation some in connection with the documentation steps—says identity card, registration of vehicles, etc—, neither when having the basic services (education, public health, social security..) that have received until today, expressed the note.

On such arguments the exchange was centered from the assistants to the full ones extraordinary provincial and municipal of the Party in Matanzas and Varadero, presided over the first one for José Ramón Machado Ventura, member of the Political Desk and First Vice-president of the Council of State and of Secretaries. In both meetings was present, also, Omar Ruíz Martin, first secretary of the Party in the county.

The information toasted by Graciel Rodríguez, president of the Institute of Physical Planning, remembered that during several years a Commission designated by the Council of State, to proposal of the Political Desk, studied the convenience of modifications to the current Politic Administrative Division.

So much in the city of Matanzas like in Varadero took place extraordinary sessions of the provincial and municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, which analyzed the importance of the outlined transformations. To those encounters attended Jaime Crombet, vice-president of the Cuban Parliament, and Yoel Pérez Arencibia, president of the Government in the county.

The members of the committees of the Party and the delegates to the assemblies revealed their will of supporting these decisions.

Cuba accelerates cultivation of beans to reduce imports

Cuba develops with velocity a program to increase the seed of beans, in search of reducing the imports of the grain that annually are about the 60 thousand tons.

The project traffics at this time for the selection of those producing of cooperative of proprietors or usufructuary of earth, informed to the AIN Félix Manso, of the Ministry of the Agriculture.

Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), pointed out in this city that the immediate objective is to assure the plantation of 20 thousand hectares in September and 80 thousand in the period October 2010 to January of the coming year, the best stage for the cultivation in the country.

The program anticipate the sale to the farmers of a technological package that costs Cuba 16 million dollars, and compose pesticide and fertilizers.

To the current price of 868 dollars the ton in the international market, Cuba would be saved more than 52 million dollars.

The purpose is to assure that plantation area annually with this project, expressed Manso.

In 2008, the country gathered 97 thousand tons and the following year it increased in some some 13 thousand, informs the National Office of Statistical.

This cultivation showed in the last times a fall from the 133 thousand tons in 2004.

Monthly the State sells to subsidized prices each Cuban determined quantity of this grain.
( Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Advances in Camagüey seed of spring of sugar cane

Since January to the date in this county of Camagüey have been planted of cane five thousand 132 hectares, what evidences advance in the task and sure possibility of execution of the program in the first semester of the year.

That foreseen for the first six months of the year is to water the gramineous seed of the sweet in little more than six thousand 850 hectares, objective that receives a determinant impulse to complete June 30 in these moments.

With that purpose are carried out daily mobilizations of all the structures of the Ministry of Sugar (MINAZ), those that are leaning with the incorporation of men and women of different sectors of the life in each of the municipalities of the county.

The biggest efforts concentrate at the moment on the sugar Companies “Cándido González”, of Santa Cruz del Sur and “ Battles of the Guásimas”, in Vrtientes, urged, as the other ones, of a prompt recovery of their supplying areas.

On the other hand, and nevertheless to have completed their respective commitments of cane seed in the spring season, in the Companies “Brazil”, in Esmeralda and “Siboney” of Sibanicú, continues with the plantation that cooperates to the provincial plan of 13 thousand 479 hectares.

That to proceed allows to shorten road in the zeal of having the enough matter prevails, cane, to attack bigger harvests in production and in correspondence with the potentialities industrial sugar of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

In Camagüey, San Juan's party always returns

Present and past will meet since June 24 in the streets of Camagüey again, when begins the most emblematic popular festivity of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

In the beginning were not more than seasonal monteros parties and “poblanos” that, always aided in the opportune sacred prodigality of the Catholic calendar, began to celebrate in streets and litle squares after the purchases and livestock sales recently put on weight by the waters of May.

The rum and liquor “arrechos”, the beef and the roasted meats, the games of chance, the parties and the careers of horses played by the most audacious, left making more and more daily—and necessary—even for the most rancid families in the aristocracy of Puerto Principe that from beginnings of the XVIII century, began to wait with particular interest the last week of June, more concretely the days that mediated among the 24 and the 25, parties of San Juan and San Pedro, respectively.

For then, to the religious commemorations—imprescindibles in a deeply marked city for the religiosity of the time—it is added the most diverse elements purely, representative of the cultural and ethnic sincretism of the Cuban nation.

Was born this way the San Juan of Camagüey, the most popular emblematic festivity of the formerly village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe and today i mentions forced in the personal calendar of villagers and not few strange.

During its six days of parties would go finding its space the walks in decked out coaches, the decoration of whole streets with diverse reasons, the fairs and parties, those covered with a sheet...

Two celebrations would mark, however, in a very special way the festivity of Camagüey. Both, of raigal African essence, would become the San Juan's moments summits soon: the parades of the congas and processions, and San Pedro's funeral.

The first wil be—like today—tinged for the rivalry among the humblest neighborhoods in the village, faced during those days in the music's sands and dance whose colophon arrived with the walks for the main village streets, become in scenarios for the healthiest confrontation and participative of the whole party.

To San Pedro, on the other hand, would play the most cheerful funeral in the history, when each 29 streets and squares were flooded of principeños “compungidos” for their death, symbol also of the end of the celebrations, awaited from that moment—and until the next year —for the villagers, yearners already of the next party.

For that reason, neither the wars and more terrible vicissitudes suffered by this “shepherds' district and hats” could banish to the San Juan of the memory and the life of its people. Certain it is that in ocasions—during periods more or less long—left of taking place, but always, invariably, returned as the good friends or the true traditions. Invariably returned, and returns, with an unshakable certainty, June 24 rain and there is San Juan. (Amaury Valdivia)

En Camagüey, la fiesta de San Juan siempre vuelve

Presente y pasado volverán a encontrarse desde el 24 de junio en las calles camagüeyanas, cuando comience la festividad popular más emblemática de la otrora villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

En el comienzo no fueron más que estacionales fiestas de monteros y “poblanos” que, amparados en la siempre oportuna prodigalidad sacra del calendario católico, comenzaron a festejar en calles y plazuelas luego de las compras y ventas de ganado recién engordado por las aguas de mayo.

El ron y aguardiente bien “arrechos”, el tasajo y las carnes asadas, los juegos de azar, las fiestas y las carreras de caballos protagonizadas por los más audaces, se fueron haciendo cada vez más habituales—y necesarias—incluso para los más rancias familias de la aristocracia principeña, que desde comienzos del siglo XVIII, empezaron a esperar con particular interés la última semana de junio, más concretamente los días que mediaban entre el 24 y el 25, fiestas de San Juan y San Pedro, respectivamente.

Por entonces, a las conmemoraciones puramente religiosas—imprescindibles en una ciudad profundamente marcada por la religiosidad de la época—se sumaron los más diversos elementos, representativos del sincretismo cultural y étnico de la nación cubana.

Nació así el San Juan camagüeyano, la festividad popular más emblemática de la otrora villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe y hoy cita obligada en el calendario personal de lugareños y no pocos foráneos.

Durante sus seis días de festejos irían encontrando su espacio los paseos en carrozas engalanadas, la decoración de calles enteras con motivos diversos, las ferias y fiestas, los ensabanados...

Dos celebraciones marcarían, sin embargo, de manera muy especial la festividad principeña. Ambas, de raigal esencia africana, se convertirían pronto en los momentos cumbres del San Juan: los desfiles de las congas y comparsas, y el entierro de San Pedro.

La primera sería—como hoy—matizada por la rivalidad entre los barrios más humildes de la villa, enfrentados durante esas jornadas en las arenas de la música y baile, cuyo colofón llegaba con los paseos por las principales calles de villa, devenidas en escenarios para la confrontación más sana y participativa de toda la fiesta.

A San Pedro, por su parte, le tocaría protagonizar el entierro más alegre de la historia, cuando cada 29 calles y plazas se inundaran de principeños “compungidos” por su muerte, símbolo también del final de las celebraciones, aguardadas desde ese momento—y hasta el año siguiente—por los lugareños, añorantes ya de la próxima fiesta.

Por eso, ni las guerras y vicisitudes más terribles sufridas por esta “comarca de pastores y sombreros” pudieron desterrar al San Juan de la memoria y la vida de sus gentes. Cierto es que en ocasiones—durante períodos más o menos prolongados—dejó de celebrarse, pero siempre, invariablemente, retornó como los buenos amigos o las tradiciones verdaderas. Invariablemente volvió, y vuelve, con una certeza inconmovible, el 24 de junio llueve y hay San Juan. (Amaury Valdivia)

Vacationers will enjoy the champing in Camagüey

About 12 thousand vacationers will enjoy in the months of July and August, of the options of the Popular Champing in the seven units of this type of the county of Camagüey.

The summery season will have better comfort and lodging service in The Carnations, of the municipality head, subjected to a rehabilitation process, and in The Barbecue, located in Sibanicú, where the construction of a pool ends.

Mayelín Martin Pérez, vicedirector of Exploitation and Development of the Provincial Company of Champing, informed that the training of each of the workers is primordial to achieve an excellence service that favors the client's satisfaction.

Battle of Saratoga, in the municipality of Jimaguayú - and desolated by the step of the hurricane Ike in the year 2008 -, is reinstated with its repaired facilities and a new pool.

Monte Oscuro, Punta de Ganado, The Palms and Los Cangilones, also sink to the summer plan, the last one with visit service, not of lodging.

Among the proposals of these recreation centers walks, calculation rooms and video are included, infantile parks, walks to horse, and rent of games and nautical means.

They are, also, the offers of cafeterias and restaurants in national currency, and of stores with products marketed in convertible pesos.
Most of the 169 existent cabins in Camagüey are equipped with fans, and have television, except those where the audiovisual sign doesn't arrive. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero/Taken from National Granma).

Strong investments in Camagüey will favor readiness and quality of the bovine milk

The invigoration of the chain of value of the milk in Camagüey, starting from an opportune investment with international support, will propitiate to implant a model sustainable pilot of integration to closed cycle, from the milk until the commercialization.

This incorporates a strategy to the local conditions of climatic variability in the municipalities of Esmeralda and Jimaguayú, multimillionaires in the production of liters of milk, where near 30 percent of what is gathered suffers affectations for big transporting distances and deficit of cold.

The investment will propitiate, also, the benefit to Basic Units of Cooperative Production, (groupings productive workers) made responsible with the supply milkman; the construction of a minindustry in Esmeralda that also favors the feminine incorporation to the employment, and technological improvements to teams of transport.

Such proposals agree with the strategy of delivery of lands in gratuitous usufruct that at the moment is developed, and where more than 54 percent of the areas awarded in Camagüey are dedicated to the cattle raising, what been worth the supremacy of this county-that of bigger territorial extension of Cuba - in the production Cuban milkmaid, with more than a hundred million liters per year.

From the ends of the decade of 60 in last century, in Camagüey was fomented by the leader's of the Revolution idea, Fidel Castro Ruz the call “ Milkmaid Cuenc” that embraces an extensive territory from the municipality provincial head until that of Guáimaro, with a view to the cattle development starting from an intelligent combination of the science with the traditional peasant wisdom.

Such to proceed has facilitated to face imponderable of the blockade to the island that ballast the zeal of guaranteeing the milk to the population, much more in moments in that a ton of the powdered product in the international market overcomes the four thousand dollars. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

martes, 15 de junio de 2010

"Own revelations" that bring near to the historical roots in Esmeralda

Esmeralda's Municipal Museum, located in the head of this territory, distant to some 90 kilometers of the provincial capital, exhibits in one of its rooms the Collective Expo “Own revelations”, result of the creative talent of several artists of the town.

The expositive sample, organized by this cultural institution, reflective the aboriginal historical roots, very ingrained in this area of the north coast of Cuba.

The authors, Andro Beltrán Guerra, Michel Ley Jiménez, Severino Morgado and Saida Vázquez, center their work in sculptures made in beautiful wood and in mud, and in representations of dead natures. They also show other elements of the plastic arts like the painting and some ornamental pieces.

The Expo Collective “Own revelations”, is one of the actions that carry out in Esmeralda, to foment the local art and the cultural traditions of this territory of Camagüey. (Néstor Reina and Mayelín Cabrera)

In Camagüey foreign scholarship holders go for Cuba

Foreign scholarship holders in centers of high studies of the county of Camagüey, played today next to students of diverse teachings, a March for the Homeland begun in the University of Medical Sciences "Carlos J. Finlay" of this city.

The youths accompanied for affiliated to the Federation of Students of the Secondary education (FEEM) Pioneer Organization José Martí (OPJM), went toward the preuniversitary "Álvaro Morell" to surrender tribute to Antonio Maceo Grajales and Ernesto “Che” Guevara in their birthdays 165 and 82, respectively.

Yurislenia Pardo Ortega, president of the Federation Student University student (FEU) in Camagüey, said that in reciprocity to the sacrifice of those heroes, to the youngest generations corresponds to take care of the Revolution.

Every day a high one should be made in the daily dynamics to study the history and to learn of the altruism and delivery, of countrymen like these, she added.

The encounter was I also propitiate to manifest the support to the conquests of the Cuban Revolution, and to demand the freedom of the five prisoners Cuban antiterrorists in the United States.

Luis Blanco, Venezuelan student of third year of Natural Sciences of the Pedagogic University José Martí, condemned the economic, commercial blockade and financier imposed by the American administrations to the Cuban town, and demanded the extradition from the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela.

"We refute the mediatic campaign against the Cuba and we claim its exclusion of the list of patrons countries of the terrorism, because this Caribbean nation is the one that more defends the right to the life", to the work and the education, added Blanco. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero/AIN).

viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Realizes Education Superior Minister significant advances of the University Ignacio Agramonte

This is a course in which one has worked a lot, with a lot of zeal and has contributed us a lot of experience; in the first place is necessary to recognize the effort and also of the rest of the workers. This University, with the insert that goes achieving in the society of Camagüey with its participation in the prioritized tasks of the county, with the consequent work that is developing, makes honor to the name that received recently, that of Ignacio Agramonte¨.

With these declarations to the press, Miguel Díaz - Canel Bermúdez, member of the Political Desk of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and minister of Superior Education (MES) ratified the positive evaluation reached by the House of High Studies of Camagüey during the last two visits of inspection of that organism to value the behavior to the two main objectives of the current school course: the ideological political work and the improvement in the quality of the education.

In the fatigued information to the cortege of the MES for the Dra. Lianet Goyas, rector of the University Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, are distinguished the roads applied to create in the new professional mentality of producers starting from the current demands of our country, fundamentally through the labor practice, the incorporation to agricultural works and in facilities of the own facility, and in programs of regional development as those of production of foods, energy, defense, rail transport, in cooperation with the corresponding organisms.

In the course of the summary of the inspection The holder of the MES meant that as a result of a survey applied the students of this teaching in the country, the University of Camagüey is second o'clock better pondered, preceded of the one of Ciego de Ávila, in the level of general satisfaction, and equally more than 80% of the registration finds practical utility for the acting from its profession to the knowledge of Marxism.

In the relationship of positive approaches also stand out that as never before, during the last ten years the center of Camagüey is in the front border in the execution and quality of its processes nouns, the grant of a prize CITMA this year, a wide participation of the pupil and the cloister in the tasks of social impact with a notorious improvement in the communication between both groups.

As part of the improvement of the economic activity to the one that the university students of Camagüey are summoned, achieve the improvement of this activity, so much in the projection toward the activities of this branch in the county, like in its administration to obtain monetary revenues through pregrade courses and posgrade, and international exchanges, pointed out Díaz Canel.

Finally Eduardo López Leyva, member of the Provincial Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba expressed the satisfaction of the political and administrative address of the territory for the experienced vanace by the University, where now, the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte example should irradiate in the execution of each task, with a marked influence politics in its young students and professors, and in the capacity of its leaders to face complex problems. (María Delys Cruz Palenzuela)

Specialists of Health debate in Camagüey on hospital entrance

Doctors, specialists and technicians of diverse branches of the health meet in the capital city of the center oriental Cuban county of Camagüey, in the First Scientific Day on hospital entrance that lapse until tomorrow Saturday in the Educational Surgical Clinical Hospital “Manuel Ascunce Domenech.”

The appointment - promoted by the Advisory Scientific Council of the assistance center - has the presence of a hundred of physicians, and has as fundamental purpose to offer a more integral attention to people that require hospital entrance, to optimize resources and to achieve bigger cohesion among the clinical specialties.

The Doctor Pedro Bejerano García, specialist in Angiology and vascular surgery, and Vice-president of the Organizing Committee, specified that like previous step to this day base events were made with the participation of experts of a high scientific level and professional.

In opinion of Bejerano García, a group of specialties in Camagüey, as neurosurgery, ophthalmology, angiology and cardiology, are considered of reference in the concerning thing to diagnostic and treatment of illnesses.

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

This 14 will also be day of light

The date will be the same one in that the chance or the destination decided to make coincide the birth of two men of all the times. The reasons, in essence the same ones that moved them to them and other many to fight... and to live.

Different will be June 14, different the juvenile faces, another will be the combat field, but without place to doubts, Maceo and Che will be next to the young of Camagüey and of other nations that will go this Monday for the justice, for Cuba.

To denounce the mediatic campaign against Cuba, organized by those that determine to destroy the Revolution from the exterior; to claim the immediate liberation of our five heroes antiterrorist prisoners in the United States, and to commemorate Antonio Maceo `s birthdays and Ernesto Che Guevara will be the reasons that will summon to hard-working youths' thousands and students of the four universities and other centers located in the provincial capital.

The march will leave around four in the afternoon of the University of the Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay and will travel the streets General Gómez and Cisneros until concluding with a political-cultural act in front of the emblematic preuniversitary Álvaro Morell.

During the day will also be organized numerous recall acts to the heroes in student and labor centers of the whole county. In hours of the morning of own Monday, a group of new militants of the UJC will receive its cards in the Square of the Revolution Ignacio Agramonte and outstanding pioneers that conclude the ninth grade will be recognized.

June 14 ,1845 Antonio Maceo was born , one of the main martyrs of the fights independentists in Cuba, while eight decades later, in 1928, he made Ernesto Che Guevara, the Heroic Guerilla fighter of the last war of national liberation happened in the Island. (Amaury Valdivia)

Radio Cadena Agramonte: 53 years in the heart of the town

With the certainty of perfecting every day more the work and to continue inserted in the heart of the town, the workers of Radio Cadena Agramonte took place, June 9, the birthday 53 of the provincial radio station.

Been founded in 1957, Cadena Agramonte main columnist of the chore of Camagüey has become, mainly starting from the revolutionary victory of January 1st,1959 and has accompanied to it town in the construction of the socialist society.

Such is the commitment of the new generations of radialists of the plant provincial villager, located in the vanguard of their similar ones of Cuba, according to the results of the National Festival of the Radio, developed to beginnings of this year.

It was revealed this way in the morning of today, in workers' tribune that had the presence, among other, of José Luis Cadenas and Isidro Ramírez, founders of the plant, as speaker and operator of control master, respectively.

With but of 70 proposals in its daily programming, during the 24 hours, the radial product of Cadena Agramonte includes a high informative percentage, a varied musical offer and a very liked dramatic offer, with the invoice of the cast of the Group “Nino Moncada”, one of the most noted of Cuba.

Highlights in the last decade the exit to the cíber space of digital www.cadenagramonte.cu,site that was among the first of the country in exposing the Image Cuba outside of the national frontiers, and that has obtained four Big Prizes in the Festivals of the union, and a First Place in the most recent event, besides other rewards nations and international. ( Pedro Paneque Ruiz )

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Camagüey, and its environmental calendar

By: Yuldys Márquez / Television Camagüey

It is necessary to understand that environmental quality is quality of life. To preserve the natural resources: the floor, the forests, the waters, the quality of the atmosphere, bears to preserve our lives. It is necessary to act in a preventive way in favor of the environment, with independence of the economic limitations that we face. The political will of the region and the chore of responsible men, of companies and institutions, had made that Camagüey achieves favorable results in the indicators of environmental quality.

Entities like Mechanical Plant and ENCOMED that manage chemical products and dangerous waste, adopted measures in their Plans of Handling, so that these practices are carried out in a sure way. The Ministry of the Alimentary Industry, in the county of Camagüey, in particular its swinish activity and in the construction or maintenance of lagoons of oxidation, has diminished its polluting load with actions directed to it and the commitment of their workers. The territory of Camagüey, also, according to the Directive one 1/2010 of the President of the Council of National Defense in the county the Studies of Danger, Vulnerabilities and Risk are developed before disasters. In this study is in final phase the paragraphs: Floods for penetrations of the sea, Floods for intense rains and strong winds, while the studies of Drought and Technological Disasters are in initial phase, according to chronogram.

In a same way favorable actions could be mentioned in Santa Lucía's tourist pole, in the provincial system of protected areas, and in the environmental education. The implementation of a work sustained before during years in the variables mentioned makes of the county of Camagüey an area where the results are felt by the care of the Environment. In greeting to the World Day of the Environment, June five, the group Cubanacán of Camagüey was headquarters of the provincial act. The hotel great club Santa Lucía, of this corporation, received to the companies for, in its properties, to recognize the work of organisms, institutions, and people.

Under the motto “To respect the Life is to assure the future”, the delegate of the group Cubanacan in Santa Lucía Teresa Rodríguez, assured that the achievements reached in this sector owe fundamentally to a work system implemented during years. The CITMA gave the condition of territorial environmental recognition to the deposit of combustible CUPET Camagüey, to the practical of the port of Santa Cruz del Sur, and to the hotels, Mayanabo, Breezes Santa Lucía and Club Amigo Caracol.

martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Grant the name of Ignacio Agramonte to University of Camagüey

The name of Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz were granted officially to the University of Camagüey, after having concluded the legal process for the identification to institutions and state entities. It is materialized this way an old yearning of inhabitants' of The Adult's earth several generations.

Primera built by the Revolution, the house of high studies of Camagüey has graduated to professionals of Cuba thousands and other nations in its 43 years of work - reasonable in its majority of nations of the call Third World -, in the most diverse branches in the knowledge.

The graduated Tamira González Jiménez, functionary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Camagüey, gave reading to the agreement adopted by the Commission of History in the territory that highlights the materialization of the objective of the community of students, professors and workers.

The document that credits the name of Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz granted to the University of Camagüey, received the doctor Lianet Golla Céspedes, rector of the center, of hands of Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Party in the county. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño)

lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Camagüey foments cultivations covered against solar radiations

The agriculture in the county uses the cultivation covered in almost 17 hectares, in order to harvest in months of high environmental temperatures some varieties of vegetables characteristic of the winter season.

Enormous meshes serve from parasol to the fields and facilitate a reduction of about the third part from the solar radiation of May to September, creating a favorable atmosphere for the development of plants as tomato, carrot, lettuce, beet, melon, cucumber and pepper.

Ricardo Morell, boss of the Department of Science and Technique in the delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture (MINAG), said to the AIN that the cover is one of the actions directed to adapt the agricultural exploitation to the effects of the climatic change.

Also, it constitutes an advance in the purpose of elevating the production of those foods in any time of the year.

The use of this technology has two variants, that of protected cultivation and that of semiprotected.

In the first one the mesh covers the whole seed area, included the lateral ones, while in the other one it is only the part of up.

Benito Vega, specialist of the MINAG, explained that one works in the recovery of little more than hectare and he mediates of the calls houses of protected cultivation, damaged by the hurricanes of 2008 when could not be disassembled.

The crops in those facilities that ascended to some 200 tons during the current year, are dedicated to the service of the tourism, in order to take advantage of part of the revenues in the maintenance of the infrastructure and in the acquisition of inputs for the plantations.

Guillermo Rivera, also of the MINAG, pointed out that the semiprotected is developed in organoponics of the movement of the urban agriculture, with more than 500 tons of products gathered in 2010.

At the moment one works to create cultivation conditions covered in other two surfaces in agricultural use.(LuciloTejera Díaz)

Premiation ceremony closes the curtains of Festival of Theater Camagüey 2010

Abel Prieto (I), Minister of Culture, gives the Prize of better Design to Cenen Calero in the closing of the XIII National Festival of Theater, in the Main Theater of Camagüey.
Picture: Rodolfo Blanco Cué

The minister of Culture Abel Prieto Jiménez, member of the Political Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), attended this Saturday to the Elegance of premiations of the XIII National Festival of Theater Camagüey 2010, where he obtained the Great Prize the collective Argus Theater, with the Final work of Departure, in the category of productions for adults.

Gallery: Festival of Theater in Camagüey

Final of having Left it also deserved rewards in the sections of masculine performance, granted to Pancho García and to Waldo Franco and in that of Design, for Manolo Garriga, Vladimir Cuenca and Alain Ortiz.

In the category of adults, also ran off with with prizes the piece Eggs, of Mefisto Theater, in the category of Text; The first time, of Theater of the Moon-that also highlighted in music, setting in scene and in feminine performance, with Yordanka Ariosa in union of Ana Robers, of the company of Camagüey Theater of the Wind, worthy besides mentions in Design and in setting in scene.

In the specialty of Theater for Children, the decisions of the jury relapsed at night in the works Federico, of the group Theater of the Stations, which monopolized similar laurels in setting in scene, Music, feminine Performance for Farah Madrigal and in masculine, for Freddy Maragoto, among other distinguished ones.

The Elegance of premiations of the National Festival of Theater Camagüey 2010 had the presence of the maximum authorities of the PCC, of the Government and of the Cultural System in the county and got rich with the performances of groupings as the Ballet of Camagüey would dance , Folkloric Ballet, Camagüey In Dedans and to Walk . (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa.)

June 7: Cuba celebrates the librarian's Day

Provincial library of Camagüey

The librarians have a protagonistic paper in the schools in the development of the docent - educational process and the integral formation of the children, adolescents and youths.

The master in education María Rosa Sánchez Ramos, national metodologer of the primary teaching in the Ministry of Education highlighted that these specialists facilitate the existent bibliography in the educational institutions, meantime, support the teacher's work fundamentally in providing the infantile literature, to teach the correct use of the dictionary from third grade, text that have for its work all the school centers of Cuba, with what the students enlarge the vocabulary, they solve the problems of the spelling and enlarge their culture.

Sánchez Ramos added that another of the slopes of the work of the librarians is to give to the teacher texts, magazines and pamphlets of interest for his classes; also, it develops the reading habit to the students through the martian works that are important for the content that contain and the beauty of its expression; it supports the content of the study plans with the extraclass reading that are indicated of agreement with the grades.

Another aspect of its work is the competitions for subject, designed in occasions by the own school and the community.

There are also of essential help in the investigation work and the students' creation, when putting in hands of these the texts that need to carry out their studies and to deepen in certain topics.

In honor to an illustrious Cuban

June 7 ,1812 were born in Havana of the most famous Cuban intellectuals: Antonio High school and Morales, journalist, historian, lawyer and bibliographer.

Consulted founds points:” one of its more outstanding works was: Point for the History of the Letters and the Public Instruction in the Island of Cuba, important contribution to the knowledge of our cultural history published in the years 1859, 1860 and 1861. In this the first bibliographies that were elaborated in the country appears: Catalog of books and pamphlets published in Cuba from the introduction of the printing and its list of periodic publications published until the year 1840, which was published with the name of ‘Periodic Publications ' (reasoned Catalog and chronological up to 1840).

Antonio Bachiller and Morales is recognized as Father of the Cuban Bibliography, and in honor to the day of his birth was instituted June 7 like “Day of the Cuban Librarian”. (Taken of digital Radio Rebelde).

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

The Cuban baby sings to his Cuba

By:Yamila Cruz Romero / Television Camagüey

The talented Cuban singer Yoandys Lores González, well-known in the music's world like Baby Lores offered a concert to the public of Camagüey like part of a national tour that he carries out for the promotion of his new disk titled "Creo", in which he makes accompany of eminent Cuban sing-authors as Omara Portuondo, Pablo Milanes and others.

He is motivated and sure that his new discography, shared with excellent idols of the Cuban music, in spite of being a cultural innovation, will arrive to the Cubans to stay, he also feels the yearning to know that he is the first youth that experiences this project.

His music has become, more than in an entertainment, in the predilection and the preference of the youngest that make that talents artists, as the baby arrive to the fame.

The rhythm of the songs and the movement of his body make him to be seen in the scenary to that boy that spoil all those that still feel as such as him.

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Foment in Camagüey variety of biofortificated rice

Fifty ruralfarmeres of Camagüey foment in the county, the variety of biofortificated rice /A Cuba 30 after a year of its presentation, with the purpose of to increase the seed production and to contribute to more number of harvesters, interested in its properties and high yields.

Jesus Limia de la Rosa, director of the Experimental Station of the grain, located in the municipality of Vertientes - in the means south of Camagüey and to some 26 kilometers of the provincial capital -, he specified that other territories and the selected peasants received the seed from having proven genetic quality.

Limia explained, also that with the achieved seeds of rice this year, the figure of incorporate producers to the development of the variety will be duplicated, for that that soon will be been able to harvest more than three thousand tons for the consumption, and to generalize the variety, effective also in lands affected by the salinity.

The nutritious value of the IACuba 30, it is in their high iron levels and zinc - favorable to combat the anemia, especially in children and pregnant -, and their development responds to the international program AGROSALUD, financed by Canada, and dedicated to potenciate lines of rice, corn, sweet potato and fríjol, with those characteristics. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez )

jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Festival of Theater of Camagüey continues successful, in spite of rains

Osvaldo Doimeadiós performance , in the work Josefina the traveler.

The precipitations of the last days have not impeded the continuity of the XIII National Festival of Theater of Camagüey, event of singular impact in Cuba for the artistic confrontation and public's back.

Until the moment it has not been stopped to represent neither a work, because the shows of street theater could be appreciated to beginnings of the edition.

This Thursday the Guiñol of Camagüey will welcome the work “Meow, Meow”, of the group Guiñol of Santiago de Cuba; Theater of the Wind, to “Final by day”, of Argus Theater; the Main Theater, to “The first time”, of Theater of the Moon; and the room The Age of Gold to “Traveling”, of the Project Sir Clown.

The Theater of the Artistic Teaching maintains in billboard the piece “The Atridas”, of Santa Clara's Theatrical Study, one of the three invited shows.

Today the theoretical day in the Academy of the Arts “Vicentina of the Tower” directs the debate toward the actor's analogy in scene and the individual in the society; besides the audiovisual homage with documentaries dedicated to the playwright Eugenio Hernández Espinosa, to the actor Mario Balmaseda and to the designer María Elena Molinet; and the presentation of the books “theatrical Colloquys”, of Manuel Villabella and “ Silence for the deads”, of Yoandra Santana, both published by the territorial editorial Ácana.

The thirteenth edition of the Festival of Theater of Camagüey will conclude June 5, with the premiation of the competition in which participate 18 previously selected and considered works the best settings in scene of Cuba. (Yanetsy León González)

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Raze cattle of Camagüey with prizes of rural organization of Cuba

Again the peasants cattle of Camagüey ran off with with the biggest quantity in prizes that, in that branch, gives the National Association of Small Farmers annually (ANAP), when conquering eight of the 16 established categories.

In the individual order, the people of Camagüey received the prize to the best primer of bulls and that of bovine Livestock, laurel that relapsed in Isidoro Roldán and Héctor Martínez, and as Producing of milk Ricardo Linares was selected , all of the municipality of Camagüey.

Also the recognition to the best equine breeder was for Eulalio Rodríguez, of “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.”

Among the communities, the Cooperative of Credits and Services “Niceto Pérez”, of Camalote, the best was selected in the production of milk; as long as, as Dairy, was the “Santa Teresa”, of the “Jesus Suárez Gayol”; and in the breeding of buffalos, the “Roberto Rodríguez”, while as municipality, another time ran off with with the national victory, that of Camagüey.

When giving to know the results of Cuba in the emulation of the cattle raising in the rural sector, the ANAP gave special prizes in the branch of smaller livestock that relapsed in Guillermo Vives as better producing of goat milk; and as municipality and county selected Camagüey.

Such results are reaffirmed since, during the dry season, maintained their productive protagonism with the delivery to the industry of more than 60 percent of the milk that is gathered in the county. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Cuban volunteers donors of blood will be stimulated

Those near 300 thousand volunteers donors of blood in Cuba will be recognized morally in their residence places by their humanitarian contribution volunteer.

Ileana Urrusuno Carvajal, of the National Secretariat of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, informed that the homage will be carried out like part of the day that every year develops that organization and which will begin next Sunday for the municipality of Boyeros, in the capital.

"Of what is -she said - it is that the cederist that has had that vital expression to save lives, and that in Cuba it is promoted from the year 1962, she sits down the gratefulness of their family and neighbors", refers Rebellious Youth.

The leader announced that seven next will be carried out morning special in the student and labor communities, in the one that the Union of Communist Youths and the Power station of Workers of Cuba the altruism of those men and women will highlight.

The closing of the day will take place in the county of Holguín, territory that registered more than 23 thousand 600 donations between October of the 2009 and last April, with that which overdrying by six percent its plan for that stage.

martes, 1 de junio de 2010

En Camagüey: expo of plastic arts dedicated to the Theater

With an invitation to appreciate the linking of the visual arts and the theater opened its doors the exhibition The 60" in the Provincial Center of Plastic arts, of the city of Camagüey.

Sketches and scale models of sceneries of the years 60, as well as the siblings' marionettes Camejo of that decade conforms the sample that integrates the colateral activities of the XIII National Festival of Theater of Camagüey, said the AIN.

The designer Jesus Ruiz commented that the works constitute a great patrimonial value because they allow to see the print that he left the scenic arts in those years.

"The 60" constitutes an opportunity to go into in painters' pieces as René Portocarrero and Antonia Eiriz, or of architects and designers that give us drawings of big works of the Cuban and universal theater as "María Antonia" and "House of Dolls."

To Eduardo Rosebushes, director of the Provincial Center of Plastic arts, the expositive combined facilitates the appreciation of the bonds among different manifestations of the arts, what constitutes an advance so that the theater sees its space in the visual arts and the visual arts in the theater.

The public will be able to appreciate the pieces until the next June five, day in that will conclude the National Festival of Theater of Camagüey 2010. (Susana Vázquez Vidal)

Distinguish to personalities of the Cuban theater in Camagüey

A recognition day had highlighted in the scenic environment, took place this Monday, in the context of the XIII National Festival of Theater, with headquarters in Camagüey, up to June five.

In solemn ceremony made in the Living room of Protocol of the Square of the Revolution "Ignacio Agramonte", the Distinction was given to "Eloísa Agüero de Osorio" - that confers the Provincial Council of the discipline - to the actress Argentina Herrán, of the villager Guiñol.

That same institution made effective the desert homage to eight personalities with the Badge "La Avellaneda" that received, among others: René of the Cruz (son); Raúl Moreira, Osvaldo Cano, Leonor García, Mario Junquera and Freddys Núñez Estenoz and Armando Suárez del Villar.

Suárez del Villar and Carlos Pérez Peña - both National Prizes of Theater -, also deserved the Distinction "Mirror of Patience", maxim of the Cultural System in the territory of Camagüey.

This Monday the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina of the Tower" was headquarters of an exchange of theoretical court, related with the universe of the charts; and in the night the settings will continue in scene, in different spaces of the town head.(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Camagüey 2010: A city made for the Theater

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey.
Theater festival Camagüey Foto: Reynaldo Barrera / Television Camagüey

The National Festival of Theater of Camagüey is a point of essential encounter to measure the newest in the Cuban charts. The city is revealed as the best square for the best work. The tenth third edition marks a high in the cuban scenic movement.

This time 18 assemblies of different tendencies compete with a wide thematic fan, chosen by a commission of specialists that the country traveled.

The jury has before yes settings for children like “Federico at night, of the matancero Theater of the stations, “Meow, meow” of the Guiñol of Santiago de Cuba, “A sea for tatillo” of Theater Pálpito, “Rice with corn” in charge of The cuenteros and “Another time the cockroach for the group espirituan Project for first floor.

The street theater is represented by works as the Cuban Onlooker's pamplinera and Medea of Mud, of Theater D Two.

Among the proposals for young public is “Bad crop” of Theater of the Wind and for adults “Eggs” of Mefisto Theater, “Final of Departure” of Argus Theater, “The bitter tears” of Petra Von Kant and “Josefina the traveler” of Theater The public. They unite to these settings “The Cuisse doesn't exist” of Estro Montecallado, “The station” of Your Theater and “Traveling” of Sir Clown.

Outside of the riverbanks of the competition they are The beehive with their exceptional assembly “AND however he/she moves”. I Reward Villanueva of the critic. “What did it pass the singer of ballads?” for small Theater of the Havana and “The Atridas” of Santa Clara's Theatrical Study.

This year besides the traditional spaces, the public will have several squares at your disposal, among them those of the Carmen and Juana of the Castle.

Amen of the central jury are the organized ones for institutions of the county to give recognitions.

They are also carried out presentations of books, delivery of badges and a series of audiovisual that include emissions of the program Open Scene as well as the teletheaters “Oh my love!” and “Scandal in the Trapa” directed by Tomás Piart, next to documentaries carried out by Morante Seasons on outstanding figures of the theatrical culture and the Premier of the documentary with Pancho's protagonism García.

Camagüey not only returns to the competitions of plays but to the communication of the diverse publics and the valuation of the real state of the Cuban scene.

To take advantage of each space will be good to recapture roads.

Each child is a diamond

By: Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

"For the children we work, because they are the hope of the world", Martí said in an occasion. They certainly constitute the quarry of which the humanity is nurtured for their future development. ! How high responsibility it is to lavish them an appropriate physical and emotional growth! To run, to jump, to laugh, to learn... it is day-to-dayness for the Cuban children.

Without pressures, without fears, with freedom and clear soul our small ones can be satisfied in a social system that protects them and exists in great measure to guarantee them a fair life.

The infantile circle, the gratuitous education from the primary level to the superior; the different cultural projects that form to the small ones in the art, the sport schools and so many other benefits, make of the Cuban childhood the image of that that today in the orb many small they yearn.

Contrasting with the poverty, the mendicity, the exploitation and the prostitution of which are object thousands of children in the planet; in Cuba, "those that know how to want", as well as Martí called they constitute diamonds...

! Happy Day of the Childhood for all the children of the world! Without caring region or place to be children is a privilege, it is the opportunity to create the future, of doing with the heart, of being frank, of carrying out dreams.