jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Expo Alive Art stands out the mother's Nature details

Camagüey. It is already shown in the Gallery - Shop Larios, the exhibition personal Alive Art, of the creative of the Camagüey Fidel Penín Oliva who - with an ecological focus -, recreates the nature and its biodiversity.

Composed by 21 pictures of medium and great format, the expo reflective images of the biosphere captured by the artist's lens who stands out moments of the natural life that commonly the human being passes for high.

Exquisite sensibility and love for the nature stand out in these pictures whose curatorial work was in charge of Alfredo Fuentes.

Exposed up to August 6, Alive Art will also be tinged by different activities and promotional actions, among those that highlight chats on the biodiversity and the specificities of the photonature work, and the realization of several concerts.

Penín Olive, of self taught formation, has in its to have near 40 presentations, and it is part of the Club “Bioencuadre”, specialized in photonature. His works have been exposed in Spain, United States,Argentina, Southafric, Canada, Portugal and Jamaica. (Mariela Rock Seguí)

Will dedicate cultural space to the bolero in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Branch of Music of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in the county of Camagüey, will restart the next one July 10, the rock of boleros "The glory is you", with the soloist's performance Simón Roberto and his companies.

This way the people of Camagüey give continuity to the defense of the bolero, led by the teachers "Papito" García Grasa, Pablo Varona, Ela Calvo, Miguel de Gonzalo and Servando Vázquez, among others.

The design of the program carried out the own Simón Roberto, next to the teacher "Papito" García, and will be a true gift for the people of Camagüey that will surely thank the opportunity to enjoy of the immortal music of José Antonio Méndez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Rosendo Rosell, Red Ñïco, María Teresa Vera and Martha Valdés, among others.

The bolero, arisen in the ends of the XIX century in the traditional trova of Santiago de Cuba, is music and text. Holding as "You, my delirium", "Cuban Night", "With you in the distance", and "How it was", among other, indispensable pieces have become in the Cuban music's history. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Contributes innovation in thermoelectric of Camagüey considerable energy saving

The thermoelectric 10 October of this city of the north , applies an innovation that favors the saving so far of more than four thousand 600 megawatts-hour (mw-h), equivalent to the consumption of two months of the whole county.

A variation in the form of the maintenance and setting in operation of the burners of the ovens of the generating units five six of that power station, was projected and executed with success by a team of technicians of that power station, also favoring a saving of seven thousand 311 tons of fuel.

Such results are equal to more than a million pesos in freely convertible currency, but as said Nelson García Alberro, main author of the initiative, this result also rebounds in the environment when propitiating a smaller emission of gases to the atmosphere, taken place during the combustion, because diminishes the free oxygen in the process.

The work undertaken by the group that integrate also, Fernando Prieto, Alain de León and Eddy Pérez Castro, contributes to the decrease of the overpressure of the oven, of the electric input - that is the electricity required to pull up the machines -, and favors the increase of the efficiency in the generator of vapor.

This work is proposed by the National Association of Innovative and makers (ANIR) for the Prize to the Innovation of better Economic and Social Impact. (Jorge Luis Moreira)