martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Camagüey continues revitalization of the rail sector

Camagüey. The gradual elimination of impediments in the rail lines, corresponding to Camagüey, to convert them in more expedite, figure among the actions that are attacked in the county like part of the revitalization of the sector.

René Fernández Ortega, delegate of the Union of Railroads of Cuba in the territory, explained that of the eight tracts that had signalings of central on-line caution to year beginnings, it is only the half and the objective is to eradicate them all.

Regarding the brunches, the directive explained that that of Santa Cruz of the South presents a difficult state, nevertheless the bridges were repaired and the adjournment speed should be increased in that road and in the brunch of Nuevitas.

That chore will be impelled much more inside little when the quarry of Dry Stick, in Guáimaro, assume the delivery of the necessary stone for the repairs of the whole country.

To the maintenance of the rail tracts of Camagüey sink forces of the Juvenile Army of the Work (EJT) that work in different points. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Software designed in Camagüey with economic information in real time

Camagüey, - The potentialities of the human capital formed by the Revolution assure that Camagüey has a software, designed here and which offers economic information in real time.

The project was assumed by the engineer in aeroportuaries communications of the station “Ignacio Agramonte”, of Camagüey, Fidel Hernández Lozano who acts as president of the Desk of Innovative and Racionalizators of the center.

That that initially was conceived with the desire that the data for the union emulation were fair and rigorous surpassed that objective, inclined to improve the economic controls, the human and financial resources.

Valid that the directive have the indispensable tool for the taking of decisions as if the information was offered by specialists in economy, the interviewee assured.

The appearance of the computer procedure happens in moments in that Cuba makes efforts to improve the economic and internal controls.

This work was Outstanding in the last forum of base of the Movement of Innovative and Racionalizators of the air terminal and has many possibilities of ratifying that category in the national event of the Cuban Company of Airport and Aeroportuaries Services (ECASA), programmed at October 21 to 24 in Santa Lucía's spa.

Hernández Lozano, inmerse at the moment in the preparations for the predefense of his thesis that will invest in a non distant future as Doctor in Computer science and Automation, pointed out that these are the first steps to advance toward the Electronic Company that integrates all the programs.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

The sugar harvest will begin in Camagüey at the beginning of December

Camagüey, (AIN) The harvest 2010-2011 will begin next December five in the county when tosses to walk its mills the central Argentina, in the municipality of Florida.

The Sugar Managerial Group Camagüey confirmed that the other geniuses that will intervene in the mill will be the factories Siboney (Sibanicú) that will start up equally in December, and Battles of The Guásimas (Vertientes), at the beginning of January of the coming year.

In the call "small harvest", which will lapse up to December 31, Camagüey should contribute the fifth part of the raw one that Cuba should take place in that time, added.

The "Argentina" advanced the beginning of the operations in order to undertake the elaboration immediately of refine to contribute to cover the family basket, Adam Alfredo Galbán said, director of the entity, buried of some complex industrial repairs.

On the whole the three industries present around 65 advance percent in the preparations for the campaign.

The " Battles of The Guásimas" has a tense work in the remodeling of a boiler, main investment of the Ministry of the Sugar in the county.

That improvement will allow to reestablish the generation of vapor partly in the industry and with to increase the stability in the one milled of the cane and in the process of production of the raw one.

Camagüey has eight geniuses, but the considerable cane deficit in its plantations forces to concentrate the mill on three power stations, that which redounds in the trasiego of the matter prevails harvested from big distances, apart from limitations in the production of sugar. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz)