viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Foment in Camagüey variety of biofortificated rice

Fifty ruralfarmeres of Camagüey foment in the county, the variety of biofortificated rice /A Cuba 30 after a year of its presentation, with the purpose of to increase the seed production and to contribute to more number of harvesters, interested in its properties and high yields.

Jesus Limia de la Rosa, director of the Experimental Station of the grain, located in the municipality of Vertientes - in the means south of Camagüey and to some 26 kilometers of the provincial capital -, he specified that other territories and the selected peasants received the seed from having proven genetic quality.

Limia explained, also that with the achieved seeds of rice this year, the figure of incorporate producers to the development of the variety will be duplicated, for that that soon will be been able to harvest more than three thousand tons for the consumption, and to generalize the variety, effective also in lands affected by the salinity.

The nutritious value of the IACuba 30, it is in their high iron levels and zinc - favorable to combat the anemia, especially in children and pregnant -, and their development responds to the international program AGROSALUD, financed by Canada, and dedicated to potenciate lines of rice, corn, sweet potato and fríjol, with those characteristics. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez )