martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Restore headquarters of the Superior Institute of Art in Camagüey

Camagüey - The project of repair of the educational headquarters of the Branch of the Superior Institute of Art in Camagüey, one of the three of its type in Cuba, was the main reason for the encounter between the professors of this center and Rolando González Patricio, rector of the facility.

With the attendance of distinguished personalities of the culture and the government of the territory, the appointment lapsed in the room of concerts José Luis Betancourt, of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey.

Yaxely González Carmenates, general planner of the works for the building of the branch, highlighted the importance of the rehabilitation of the formerly the mothers' ursulinas convent, located in the area of the historical center of the city declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The project plan the implementation of necessary enclosures for the artistic teaching as theater, library, wood and specialized classrooms for music.

Encouraged by the repair of this building and for the artistic potentialities of the territory, the educational ones proposed the rector of the Institute the future creation of day regular courses in Camagüey, service so far only toasted by the ISA in Havana. And for a nearer tomorrow requested the inclusion of other specialties like folkloric ballet.

The representation of important cultural institutions and political organs allowed the professors to value the achievements and difficulties of the course 2009-2010, until today that of bigger graduation of this center, besides facilitating him the layout of strategies for the development of the branch in the current educational period.

Rolando González exhorted to transform the institution into an imam for the talents of the centeroriental region of Cuba and highlighted the work of the educational ones and artists implied in the center.

Also, he insisted in the necessity of forming professionals according to the necessities of the territory. "I believe that we can count with which in a relatively brief term we have a deluxe branch, not only for the property, but for the own internal development of the branch", the rector commented and it congratulated all for the demonstrated institutional maturation.

In this course the branch of the ISA in Camagüey turns twenty-two years of having been founded. It began with music's disciplines, in the guitar specialty and danzary art in the ballet profile.

Today, sum nine musical instruments more to its teaching (piano, flute, saxophone, etc.), includes folkloric dance and the career of art of the audiovisual media, with five specialties, among them, address, production and sound.

Its current registration is of 112 students and the cloister 80 professors conform it (Rogelio Serrano Pérez).

Pablo Milanes will act in Camagüey and other oriental counties

Camagüey - The emblematic singer-author Pablo Milanes will carry out a national tour that will embrace the oriental, included counties Camagüey in his first stage, from November six to 16.

After 22 years without journeys of this type, Milanes will offer a series of concerts in open squares, so that all have the possibility to listen to him, specified in press conference Natacha García, directress of Communication of the Music's Cuban Institute (ICM).

Of this way, the author of songs like Yolanda and Something more than to dream, will be the day six in Guantánamo, the eight in Santiago de Cuba, the 10 in his native Bayamo, the 12 in Holguín, the 14 in The Tunas, and the 16 in Camagüey.

The rest of the national territory will enjoy his presentations in the first trimester of 2011, due to international commitments of the singer- author.

García highlighted that the idea of the tour is the result of the own Pablo's zeal, the ICM, the Ministry of Culture and the office in charge of the artist's work , PM Records.

The most significant in the event is that the Cuban town will be been able to always rediscover with its Pablo, that that marked the life of an entire generation and has not enjoyed more than for two decades live, pointed out García .

Pablo Milanes is considered, next to Silvio Rodríguez and Noel Nicola, one of the maximum exponents of the New Cuban Trova.

In 1967, he participated in the Encounter of the Song Protests, taken place by House of the America, and later on he integrated the Group of Sound Experimentation of the Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry.

During the years 70 began to win national and international popularity, he carried out numerous tours for America and Europe and music wrote for theater and cinema.

After more than four decades of work, Pablo Milanese possesses near 40 disks and he has participated in numerous collective works, and in May of 2008 he presented his most recent discographic production.

This is titled beyond everything, with the accompaniment of a deluxe piano, in the hands of Cucho valdés.(Alain Valdés Sierra)

Contemporary Ballet Endedans will be presented in Cienfuegos

Camagüey - The Theater Terry, of Cienfuegos, among November five and seven, will open its doors to the Contemporary Ballet Endedans of Camagüey, which will participate in the Season of the Dance that is organized annually also in the denominated Perla of the South.

The spectators will be able to enjoy emblematic works like "The Carmen", the most recent success in that company of Camagüey that directs Tania Vergara. The work is inspired by the classic of the literature, the music and the world dance.

Will also offer " Forgive me the fright of looking for you", "A paper, a mole, the time, and later...?, of the dancer and choreographer Denis Martínez.

It will also be projected, the documentary "The other Carmen", of the maker Rolando Admiral, material that picks up the vision of the interpreters on their characters and that was used for the first time September 22 in the National Museum of Fine arts.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Innovators of Nuevitas guarantee vitality of important industries

Camagüey, nov 2. - More than three thousand works dedicated to solve the problems caused by the economic blockade of the United States against Cuba, have applied in so far in year the members of the Association of Innovators and Racionalizators (ANIR) of the municipality of Nuevitas, located not much more than 80 kilometers to the north of the capital of Camagüey.

Higinio Pérez Cárdenas, President of the organization in that territory, highlighted that the works of those more than 1 200 associates guarantee that any center of the denominated Industrial City also stops to work, although many already possess technologies obsolete.

The leader of the ANIR added that with these works benefit the Factory of Cement 26 de Julio, the Thermoelectric October Ten, the Cocktail of Fertilizers, among other, which also improve its productivity and efficiency in general sense thanks to them.

In this to make stand out Pablo Perdomo and Alexis Hernández, outstanding innovative accustomed to dedicate talent and extra time to solve the lacks and difficulties generated by the blockade of the successive administrations of the United States against Cuba. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

New viality and conduction school

Camagüey - The inauguration of the Provincial School of Viality and Conduction, an old yearning of the Company of Transport and of the Address of Traffic and its Specialized Section of Engineering and Signaling, took place the weekend in areas of the base of taxis, located in Highway Central West corner to Martí, in this city.

In fact, the Law No. 109 or Code of Vial Security , in its Chapter II, Article 249, establishes that these facilities are responsible for the preparation from the applicants to drivers of self-driven vehicles, the training and the professional chauffeurs' recalification, as well as to promote the education in the road of the population's different sectors.

The School of Viality and Conduction that shows the name of the martyr Francisco de la Cruz López, have in its material base of study three classrooms endowed with modern audiovisual and on-line means, three cars for the practical classes and a specialized insole, among those that figures the administrative personnel, instructors and professors of the theoretical subjects.

This center of studies, without place to doubt, will contribute next to the educational actions, of signaling and popularization that carries out the Provincial Unit of Traffic in this territory, to diminish the accidents of the traffic, lash that whips the modern humanity and that in Cuba constitutes the first cause of violent death.(Orlando Durán Hernández)

Determined forest of Camagüey in increasing the forests of the county

Near 500 thousand hectares conform the forest patrimony of the county of Camagüey, that of bigger territorial extension of Cuba, of them some 300 thousand are only covered with natural, and very few forests are the areas with young plantations in the current year, to what is added that are still near 100 uninhabited of trees.

If in what is of 2010 was possible to increase the forest covering of the territory, Camagüey will only report something more than 22 percent of its areas covered with forests, what demands of an increase in the plantations, because nowadays this territory is that of lower covering boscose in the bigger than the Antilles.

Who are made responsible with this task, are not crossed of arms, so it is so the territory has been able to incorporate 77 percent of that that seed, allowing to grow in more than 750 hectares.

The drop boscose covering is for the most part causing of the forest fires, and in this sense the affected municipalities have been Camagüey and Esmeralda, which share great extension of San Felipe's plateau, punished severely in the last years by those catastrophes.

At the moment and by means of the delivery of lands in usufruct, conditions are believed for, in feasible places for it, to create some 20 properties, and of this the worker and their family will have their houses in the own area dedicated to the forest or near plantations to them.

So far, in the county had taken place more than four thousand 200 postures, fundamentally of trees , and are executed with effectiveness tasks like the reinstatement of flaws, maintenances, and seed of alive, fruit-bearing posts, plant melliferous and band that have a decisive work hidrorregulator around the reservoirs.(Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez )