martes, 13 de abril de 2010

To love the peace without neglecting the defense

The Cubans are people lovers of the peace, however, the hostility of the government of United States toward this Caribbean nation forces them in these fifty years to get ready for the defense, today under the strategic conception of the Guerra of the whole town.

The images of the expedition are in the mind of many Cubans of approximately 1 500 mercenaries trained by the CIA of United States and distributed in five ships that April 17 arrived from 1961 to Beach Girón as well as the overwhelming answer of the town that hardly defeated the usurpers of the native floor in 72 hours.

Other North American intents to try to destroy the country, as agents' infiltrations, sabotages, intents of attacks to the main leaders of the Revolution and acts of biological war induced to maintain a strong surveillance to avoid to be surprised by a desirous enemy of to destabilize the tranquility of the towns and to sink them in bathrooms of blood with the test more obvious in Honduras.

At the same time of the strict observance around the possible actions to look for to attack us, the country doesn't rest in the preparation of countrymen's thousands that have upgraded its knowledge in the Operation Caguairán and in other forms of military teaching in Sundays of the Defense with the conjugation of the efforts of the Militias of Territorial Troops, the Brigades of Production and Defense and the special formations.

In Cuba, from 1980, the labor power station stimulates through its unions the movement: “My contribution for the Homeland” in the one that each worker donates one day of having in the year towards that economic help to contribute to finance expenses of the defense.

According to an information contributed by the secretary of organization of the CTC in the county of Camagüey, more than 69 730 workers contributed-with closing last March a million 179 thousand 267pesos,calculates that spreads to increase in the course of the successive days until the next one April 16, instituted nationally as the Militiaman's Day.

The Historical Leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, has said more than once an armed aggression of the empire to Cuba will be expensive in lives for them, so much or more times that the losses suffered in Vietnam.

Let us add, also that the North American society is not willing to grant its rulers the credit of dozens of thousands of lives for imperial adventures.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

From the neighborhoods of camagüey energetic condemnation to anticuban lie

The Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the territory of Camagüey show their absolute attachment to the social project that build, and are ratified every day more as the organization of a town that fights and defends the ideas in that believes.

Under that principle the people of Camagüey, condemns the European Parliament's dirty slanders that follows the government's from United States dictations, to attack against the Cuban Revolution.

In acts that happens to all the long and wide of the geography of Camagüey, the neighbors integrated CDR, manifest their total back to the position of our country in the face of the anticuban fallacy .

The residents were pronounced this way in the area 132, in the allotment “The Guernica”, of the capital city who condemned the dirty mediatics lies against the Cuban Revolution, and they showed their decision equally of continuing contributing with the tasks to that today summons them the nation, and the back to the Cuban electoral process. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Rural committed of Camagüey with the substitution of imports

With the security that will continue increasing their protagonism in the offer of agricultural products for the feeding of the town and in their contribution to the substitution of imports, the rural of Camagüey will take place this weekend the full provincial, previous to their X Congress.

Those more than 20 thousand members of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the territory of Camagüey arrive to this meeting with remarkable results in the viands production and other cultivations and in the branches cattleman, swinish and apícola, although conscious that is still insufficient to satisfy the population's necessities.

In the Assembly of this weekend, will be present the five direct delegates that Camagüey will take to the X Congress of the ANAP, selected in collective of grateful contributions, and will also be chosen the rest of the delegation, of among about 60 proposed from the base like candidates to the great appointment.

The rural of Camagüey arrive to their full provincial with the satisfaction that they complete their productive commitments, with the contribution of more than seven million liters of milk, of the 11millones gathered until last March and near two thousand tons of rice for the consumption, among other lines. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)