miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Camilo forever among us.

By: María del Carmen Fuentes\ Television Camagüey.

The pictures of the October21, 1959, speak of the decision of a man, of a town. Camilo Cienfuegos arrived at the airport of Camagüey to complete the mission commended by Fidel: to liquidate the betrayal of Hubert Matos. In company of faithful official and soldiers go to the Regiment Agramonte, where stops the traitor. Few hours later Fidel enters in earth of Agramonte where are added on foot by the streets of the city about thirty thousand of people of Camagüey. This way, the leader of the Revolution, the Mr. of the Vanguard and the town they liquidate the seditious actions definitively.

Half century later, the history palpitates again in the Camagüey. just there, in the Airport "Ignacio Agramonte", their workers remember with high patriotic sense that event.

Forever and of generation in generation keep with zeal the pride to be forever part of the town history…Camilo accent images like these in the place where they daily dignify eternal delivery to the homeland…

Because like them, the town of Camagüey has demonstrated during every year the truthfulness of what October 21, 1959 sentence Fidel:
"Men can have treacherous but non towns"
For that reason finally he told to this town Camagüey:

" We`ll transform this military city into a school! So we`ll transform this military city into a school where attend hundred of children, because our barracks are in the town, our Revolution defends the town! And when it is necessary to combat against a foreign enemy, the whole town will be clever to defend it!. And when that moment arrives, when it is necessary to combat against an enemy that comes of it was, then we will come with the arms full with rifles to be given them to the town!

people of Camagüey: on behalf of the Revolutionary Government, on behalf of the homeland, on behalf of all Cuba, our gratitude for today's magnificent expression, and for the extraordinary page of civism that have just written!

Work in Camagüey to maintain results in suburban agriculture

A group of actions applies in Camagüey in the suburban agriculture, guided to organize the advance and cash development of this movement, of which the territory of Camagüey is example and guides for the rest of the country, with very effective results to six months of its application.

Such proposals define, for really to achieve viands productions, vegetables, grains and fruit-bearing in the surroundings of the city, about 10 kilometers to the round, to bring near their commercialization to ships and markets and to give utility to thousands of chivalries of lazy and infested lands of marabout.

Among the questions to keep in mind for those who incorporate to the movement of the suburban agriculture, stand out that in each cooperative and their collective areas a grove is fomented with some 30 species of fruit-bearing, and that some of them are also assisted in the properties of the peasants.

Work that also include the development of theworm culture and the compot elaboration and its use as organic fertilizers, to produce flowers for the supply to each territory and to have an unit to produce pickles, dry condiments and pulps of fruits in preserve. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Sure work to dial persons of Camagüey

By:María Socarrás H.

Inside the employment priorities in Cuba the dial persons is among the first ones and in the county of Camagüey this politics is completed like in the rest of the country in spite of the damages of the world economic crisis and of the blockade of the United States against the Caribbean island.

With the result that a total of 283 blind men and weak visual belonging to the National Association of Blind (ANCI) of this region, are working in the special shops for dial persons, in ordinary centers, in their own homes or self-employed.

The Association maintains narrow coordination bonds, together with the Direction of Work and Social security that give quick answer to the applications of the population's sector inside those that the deaf ones and the limited physical motors are included in their respective organizations

One of the roads of labor occupation is the shops whose fundamental objective is to prepare them for its location in ordinary centers according to its profile.

In the county 5 of those shops located in the municipalities of Camagüey work, where the biggest quantity in dial persons resides, in Florida, Nuevitas, Sibanicú and Minas.

The Cuban State offers special attention to these people when guaranteeing them I don't only use, but I study and the incorporation to the culture and the sport, In this last one has been example when obtaining laurels in the Olympiads Paralímpics of the last years.

To fifty years:Remember people of Camagüey first march of the town combatant

By:Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

The students headed the march

Thousands people of Camagüey reissue in the morning of this Wednesday October 21 the manifestation that fifty years ago frustrated a dangerous intentone seditious contrarrevolutionary, and constituted the first march of the town combatant happened after the victory of the Revolution.

The pilgrimage that left around seven in the morning from the old headquarters of the National Institute of Agrarian Reformation (INRA), in central street San Pablo, will also add to people of Camagüey thousands congregated in other points of the four urban districts.

It is planed that those columns important streets and avenues of this capitalcenter west travel, until arriving to the school city Ignacio Agramonte, old military headquarters of the territory, where will take place a cultural political act presided over by the main political and government authorities of the county.

Today's activities commemorates the events of October 221,1959, dates in which a dangerous seditious intent was defeated thanks to the certain one to work of the address of the Revolution and the manifestation of more than 30 thousand local inhabitants that led by the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro and the beloved Major Camilo Cienfuegos, took the then main military strength of the territory.


By :José Gilberto Valdés\Televisión Camagüey


I have a recurrent historical reference. In fifty years, personalities of the Cuban Revolution have qualified, eulogized and mentioned to the people of Camagüey in multiple ways. However, each October 21, that note stands out in the memories published in the newspaper Adelante in the year 1959 that in the practice was the epilogue of a group of events carried out by the town, next to Fidel and Camilo, to put an end to the betrayal contrarrevolutionary of Hubert Matos.

The note of gratefulness to the town of Camagüey is signed by the commandant Camilo Cienfuegos, one of the main heroes of the fight to get rid of the claws of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista.

For conduit of the newspaper Adelante are us those that say thank you, thank you town of Camagüey your presence in the camp Agramonte to help to solve a betrayal to the Homeland, men will not have traitors but towns and less Camagüey.

There lapsed the first months of the triumphant Revolution, when the Commandant for second time this present in the city of Camagüey, capital of the county of the same name. The first one was in the celebration, like free town, of the First of May, International Day of the Workers. In the second occasion, went to this legendary village with commends it of the seditious intentone and divisionist that blocked the good march of the revolutionary laws plotting.

Witness of that dawn of October confirm that the Commandant Camilo, with the audacity and courage that characterized it, stopped the traitor personally and assumed the control in Camagüey.