lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Novel team of Imagenology in Camagüey

By:Olga Lilia Vilató

In the service of Imagenology of the university hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech put into operation a new team: the fluoroscope, of high technology and acquired at a cost of 60 000 dollars, while the civil installation ascended to 16 000 pesos in national currency.

The doctor José Ramón Guerra, boss of that department, gave to know to the press that by means of the fluoroscope lung biopsies, kidney, abdomen, bone are carried out; radiological studies of the digestive tract; and urologic investigations investigations.

Camagüey rejuvenates to almost half millennium of having been founded

By: Rosa María Moros Fernández

There hardly subtract some days so that one of the first seven villages been founded by the Spaniards in Cuba: Santa maría del Puerto del Príncipe, arrive to its anniversary 496.

Beyond the exact chronological fact, the truly transcendent thing in its almost five existence centuries, it is the contribution bequeathed by each generation to the Cuban nationality, in history terms and culture.

The next February 2 will also mark the first anniversary of the official proclamation for the UNESCO, as Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, of the oldest segment in the City.

The recognition has stimulated the continuation of a well structured renovation program that, still amid limitations and difficulties, it advances insofar as possible.

Highlight in this zeal the specialists of the Historian's Office who rescue the most autochthonous in the town, preserving a patrimonial group that transcends as only in more than a sense.

And it is that the evolution, development and consolidation of a very particular cultural process in the Camagüey, are alive in the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants and in the enrichment of its environment.

The historical memory with which we cohabit implies a challenge then for those who reside in this portion of the Cuban geography.

To assume it means inward the values of the place that we inhabit, and with the one that daily have that interact, respecting its essences.

Each local resident's coherent behavior with the space that frames goes a lot beyond the commemorative dates, and essential component of that culture citadine that is still insufficient becomes.

To preserve the values of a city that almost 496 years ago denominated Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, it is to surrender to the generations to come a legacy that, beyond the small limit of Camagüey, it belongs to the world.