jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

New scenary for charanguers orchestras

By:Omar Vázquez

Characterized in our tradition by their soft and melodious cadence that helped to our music's internationalization, the orchestras charanguers will have a new scenary in the Cafe Cantante Delirio Habanero (National Theater), every Thursday starting from 5:00 o'clock p.m. with the legendary America like hostess.

This new project begins eves of being commemorated the anniversary 95 of the birth of the orchestra's founder America, Ninón Mondéjar (Calimete, Matanzas, September 25 1914) who contributed as composer I don't walk more and other famous chachachás.

As they explained Jorge Alí, artistic director of the project and Juan Becerra, producing of the grouping, in press contact summoned by the Music's Cuban Institute, the America, at the moment directed by Oscar Ponce, grateful instrumentalist and singer, will have every invited week to an acquaintance orchestrates.

New voices will come closer to the telephone in Camagüey

With the setting in march in next months of small central phone in the municipalities of Camagüey, Santa Cruz del Sur and Jimaguayú, the most extensive in the Cuban counties will put in services 3 920 new lines for the digitized communication.

The denominated integral cabinets of Chinese technology possess capacity from 240 up to 1 000 lines, suitable to work in rural areas or outlying allotments of the cities with low or any covering of telephones.

The engineer Jesus BLdrón, territorial director of ETECSA in Camagüey, explained that the coming October should be clever the local to mount the novel technology in the month of November, which will rise with the competition of the own neighbors that will benefit in the communities headquarters.

In the provincial capital three digital power stations of 896 lines will be mounted each a, in the quarters of Charity of Méndez, Versailles and The Esperanza. Another plant of similar capacity will settle in the main head of the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, where the hurricane Paloma caused severe damages in the housings and economic entities and the fifth cabinet of 336 lines, will enlarge the services of the community milkmaid Rescate de Sanguily, in Jimaguayú.

Baladrón was plentiful that these small ones central phone they are mounted quick and have an energy insurance for batteries; however, assured that nevertheless the stability of current electric generation in the country, in the event of long blackouts will have emergent groups to guarantee the communications in any contingency situation.

City of Havana and Santiago de Cuba are the first cities of the Island that have integral cabinets, although in Garrido allotment, of the city of Camagüey, functions a phone digital power station of more capacity works with same Asian technology.
( By:Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Prepared Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey to celebrate anniversary

The anniversary 18 of the constitution of the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey, will be greeted with a special day that will begin next 12 of the present month, to extend up until October 20, Day of the National Culture.

The restoration to which the villager Teatro Principal undergoes impedes the realization of the programmings that is to say in the date that marks the birth of the group, next day 12, with the result that move for the date understood between the 27 and 29 in this same month, in the coliseum of Padre Valencia street .

Three premieres, the attendance of groupings and invited personalities of other regions of the country and other actions will tinge the celebrate that will be completed later on, with the realization of the Event “Olorum”, in its fourth edition of the 17 at October 20. In this occasion dedicated to the rumba, with 12 invited groups, among them the National Folkloric Group.

This creative nucleus of Camaüey ,directed by the teacher Reynaldo Echemendía returned recently of Spain, where directed the assembly for the theater of the work Fuenteovejuna, used for the first time July 25, and that represented public success and critic for the originality of it scenic conception.

Other projects signan the future work of the Folkloric Ballet, with presentations in the Iberian peninsula at the end of the present year and principles of the 2010, it stops this way to surpass the more than 50 international tours for different parts of the world. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

In Camagüey will sesion national colloquy of architecture

Havana, Sep 3.The First National Colloquy of Architecture, favored by the Branch of Plastic arts of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), will sesion from 9 to 12 coming in Camagüey.

In it digital edition,Radio Rebelde informs that the encounter will begin with Mario Coyula's conference, National Prize of Architecture, to promote the exchange around the process of learned, creative and artistic conception of the urbanism and the architecture.

Other topics are included about the current situation of the architecture in Cuba, and the paper of the UNEAC and of other institutions of the country in the transformation of the architectural reality of the Island.

The specialists will also value, matters related with the artistic and cultural formation of the Cuban architects, and the plan of study of that career in the centers of superior education.

The purpose of this exchange is to motivate the creative and artistic work, singular and collective that favors the domain of the advances scientific-technicians to conceive the construction like the means and not the end of the materialization of the projects.