miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Homage to the Ballet of Camagüey in its birthday 42

A inugural Gallic in the Main Theater of the provincial capital, left open this Tuesday the cycle of special functions contained in the homage that - from the first past of December greets the the 42 year-old arrival for the Ballet of Camagüey.

Paraded in the Coliseum of the street Padre Valencia, students of the different levels of teaching of the specialty, among them those of the Center of Promotion of the Ballet and the Dance, attributed to the company.

Up to 13 in the current month, the cycle of presentations that enters its attractiveness will extend has the premiere in the county of the version of the second act of The lake of the swans, of the choreographer José Antonio Chávez, of long trajectory in the group.

Today Wednesday, the Ballet of Camera of Holguín, on Thursday, will act the groupings villagers Endedans and Maraguán and on Saturday the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey, in all the cases in programs groups with the collective host.

It constitutes a proposed suggestible, the announcement for the function of Sunday, of the choreography Giselle, also in version of Chávez that will have the musical support of the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Innovative capacity solves difficulties in reception of television signs

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

The innovative capacity of specialists, engineers and technicians of the Division of Radio Cuba solved difficulties in the reception of the signs of the channel 49 in the city of Camagüey and propitiated, at the same time, to elevate the quality of the trasmisions ostensibly, recepcionated in the homes of this great city.

Locally it was attacked the construction of connectors that allow to be coupled to denominated lines of transition and whose lowers--to be in short circuit-- impeded the step of the signs toward the telerreceptors with the demanded efficiency for the televiewers.

José Fabián Ramos Tamarit and José Norberto Yordi Navarro agenciated towards recovered material to elaborate both technical elements that economize to the country 74 Eurus for each one of them, of being acquired in the international market.

Previously both workers, integral of the brigade of tower-guards of Radio Cuba, found--in an antenna in disuse in Esmeralda--distributors in good state, with plates of couples similar to the connectors of the transition lines, taken advantage by the innovators with that economic and revolutionary end.

Apart from the saving that means for the country in freely convertible currency, the innovation assures a knowledge and to establish a to proceed technician to generalize him in the whole country, one of the established priorities nationally for the Movement of the Forum of Science and Technique for its XVI edition.

An added value constitutes it, also that it economizes time, because it is not necessary to hope technicians of the National Company move from the Cuban capital until this city at a near distance to the 600 kilometers.

To the advanced Integrated System of medical Urgencies of Camagüey

Since its setting in march the Integrated System of medical Urgencies (SIUM) of Camagüey, it is located among the five first of the country with better results.

As part of the referred program, in the year about to be concluded have materialized more than 40 thousand transfers of people with sufferings don't burden, remitted to institutions of Public Health of other counties and of the Cuban capital.

The county has bases of ambulances in all the municipalities, to those that are integrated the hospital therapies and the intensive areas, with a bigger number of teams in the provincial, given head the complexity and the demand of those services.

Another of the personnel's contributions that works in the system of Medical Urgencies , it is the attention in their homes to patients affected by heart and breathing unemployments, and other needy affections of urgent treatments.

The Integrated System of Medical Urgencies (SIUM) in Camagüey, has specialists of high qualification and at the moment concentrates on the improvement from the borrowed medical services to the population. (Alex López Almaguer)