viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Infantile May First assures in Camagüey continuity of the hard-working

Around 2 000 students of the capital of Camagüey will participate next Saturday in the Infantile May First, action that play every year the new generations like homage to the International Day of the Workers.

In the Cultural Recreational Complex Casino, of the city of Camagüey, the political act will be made and then will take place cultural and recreational activities in different areas of the biggest urban natural park in the country, which will run in charge of artists and sport technicians of the territory.

On the other hand, the Power station of Workers of Cuba (CTC) in this demarcation, will also celebrate a collective birthday to the children whose date of birth is May First.

In the municipality of Camagüey, parallelly to the concentration for the international date, acts will be developed in San Blas' communities, Altagracia and San José de los Jíbaros. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Humanitarian proletarian expression for children affected by oncological illnesses in Camagüey

Workers of the Hotelery and the Tourism frequently contribute to the programs of the health.

Representatives of the Provincial Union of Hotelery and Tourism made delivery from a contribution to children affected by neoplasics dysfunctions that require of treatments of advanced in the room of Oncology of the Hospital Pediatric of Camagüey.

From the hands of the workers of the hotels of Camagüey Club Santa Lucía, Great Hotel and Island of Cuba, the small hospitalized received books, toys and garments from dressing, inicitive that is part of the actions that take place at times in this county of the First of May.

The relatives of the small ones expressed their gratefulness for that humanitarian expression, at the time that the dedication of the doctors and the nurses of the Pediatric recognized towards the children affected by oncological illnesses.

The benefit of the oncological services for the children in the territory Camagüey, is sensibly affected by the American blockade, limitations that are overcome thanks to the self-denial and the personnel's delivery that there works. (Alex López Almaguer)

Remind anniversary 50 of the Cuban Voluntary Teachers

[Members of the Contingent of Camagüey that went to Fidel's call to teach in the rural areas, there were gathered in the Museum Native House of The Mayor Ignacio Agramonte.]

Members of the Contingent of Camagüey that went to Fidel's call to teach in the rural areas , there were gathered in the Museum Native House of The Mayor Ignacio Agramonte.
People of Camagüey ex-members of the contingents of Voluntary Teachers commemorated today their presence in that task that Fidel summoned in 1960 inserted in the first educational revolution in Cuba.

Gathered when being completed to the anniversary 50 of the call, they evoked anecdotes and satisfactions about their incorporation to a national juvenile mission, one of whose objectives went to impart classes to residents of rural areas, among them, the Sierra Maestra.

The encounter included the presentation of the unpublished book The History of the Voluntary Teachers, in the one which Armando Guerrero Hidalgo gathers his testimonies and of other colleagues in connection with that geste attacked mainly in isolated areas and of difficult access.

Students of facilities of professors' formation, of institutes of second teaching and of trade schools were among those added to the contingents that received in the Sierra Maestra a preparation of pedagogic content and physical training.

The literacy brigades Conrado Benítez, formed for more than 100 thousand young, took the name of one of the incorporate to the movement of the Voluntary Teachers, and who January 5, 1961 were murdered by contrarrevolutionaries bandits in the Escambray. (Adolfo Silva Silva )