lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Centenary of the first filmations in Camagüey

A century is achieved in the actual month of the first filmations in the province of Camagüey of two shorts made by Enrique Díaz Quesada, considered the father of the cuban cinematography.

Titled “panoramic Camagüey” and “The parties in the city of Camagüey”, were materializad with hours of difference, and in both the director did also the fuctions of camarographer and productor.

The investigator and proffesor Armando Pérez Padrón, specialist of Provincial Center of the Movie, expressed to AIN that the originals, of which there is not copy, desappeared in Habana in 1922 in a destructor fireof the work of the movie man , except the film “The parkof Palatino”.

He addthat the movie man arrived to Camagüey convocated por la propietary enterprise of the local trainsto finish the filmations work around that mean of transport, but the el road didn`t made to cause of the posterior negative of the entity to execute the deal.

The first of the films aborded scens of the urban citadine arounds, and the other one of the editions of the fair that was cwlwbrated with its central area in the Square of the Charity.

Enrique Díaz Quesada (1883-1923) was, in the history of the cuban movie, the pioneer maker of the fiction silents films, of the most far antecesor of the information spaces with images, and of 17 of the 40 fiction films of the del period 1907-22, according to the digital version digital of the magazine Somos Jóvenes.
Enrique Diaz Quesada.

Firm convenies for the quality of the education in Camagüey

By:María Delys Cruz Palenzuela

The good development of the cuban teaching learning process far from the link student- school,is supported for the incidence dof other elements that complement, its good way as its quality.

Begining with this conceptio of our padagogic model, organizations of massand state institutions as the Comites of Defense of the Revolution (CDR), Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Asociation of Fighters of the Revolution (ACRC), Health, the National Institute of Sports , Culture, Interior Marketing, … to citethe ones of major link stablish work treatments with Education in each territory.

In the province were signed documents of colaboratio for the MsC Reymí López González, director of Education, and representants of the organisms previous mentionated and others until to fullfil 29 with specific tasks according to the action radio.

Examples of them can be enumerated in aspects like the permanent presence of licenciated in intern centers, the suplí of the scolar snakfor the students of the Basic secundary , the recuperation audiovisual means by Copextel, jeans the direct action of the CDR and the FMC,as in the communities, to face manifestations of antisocial behaviours like to stimulate the good examples; the ACRC develops an important roll in the patriotic formation, and Sportas and Culture directly with the students in activities of docent regimen.

Is precisaly in this unit, in this cohesionated laborin which are firm one of the main conquists of the Revolution, as the martian percept versa that : “ the education has to go where the life goes... The education has to give the means to solve the problems that the life has to present.…”

Avicultura of Camagüey with 65 millions of eggs in the year.

Even with limitations in some of its instalations, the Avicole Enterprise of the province in Camagüey produced 65 millions of eggs, what represents the 60% of the yearly program.

Was necessary to readjust that plan in July before the impossibility to conclude the growing of a place for hens for the situation that cross the national economy, inform the delegation in the territory of the Ministery of the Agriculture MINAG, to that the entity belogs.

In spite of that, daily are achieved 320 thousand of eggs, 90 thousands more than the promedy in the first semester.

In an analysis of the agropecuary work of the province, Rodolfo Rodríguez, delegadeof the MINAG, pointed out that some measures are adopted to maintain an elevated productionn, to fulfil the commitments with the familiar module of 10 normades units per person each month with the gastronomy and the social consume.

One of them consisted in to grow the number of animals per nave and to use the alternatives plates for the monetaries limitations of Cuba to import them.

For it are used of experimental way bambú corted longitudinally.

Hitted with severity for the hurricanes Ike y Paloma in 2008, the avicultura of Camagüey began with the celerity its recuperation and reorganized all the productive structure,stoped for the impact of the world crisis. By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

Will teach in Camagüey diplomade about Cuban history and culture.

The analysis of neuralgic points less talked about Histpry and Culture in Cuba contitue the main objective of the diplomade cited in this city by the Center of Studies Nicolás Guillén, of the Superior Art Institute.

Among the areas of attention are the History of Cuba, polemics in the Literature, the Plastics Arts in the years 80 and 90 of the last century, the evolution of the Psicology, the teather of the XXand the main aspects in the development of the Arquitecture and the Urbanism.
Open the inscription may opt the professionals of the humanistics subjects, anthropologists, among others, in this curse which lective period will began next month of October.

In the team of professors are prominent intellectuals of Camagüey as the Dr. in Science and Titular professor Luis Álvarez Álvarez, the Dr. Olga García Yero and the MSc. Elda cento Gómez.

This course counts with the participation of the National Union of Historians of Cuba, the Oficce of the Historian of Camagüey and the Provincial Center of Superation for the culture.

Besides the investigative results , the Center of Studies Nicolás Guillén, founded in 1992, enjoys of reputation in the academic mean for the mastery in Latinamerican Culture, certificated in national level.