viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Fidel Castro enters to Havana

By: Noel Manzares Blanco\Televisión Camagüey

When being fulfilled 51 years of the victorious entrance of Fidel Castro with the Caravan of the Freedom to Havana, I desire to mean two aspects of his marked speech of January 8 ,1959 in the Camp of Columbia - today City Freedom.

Among other elements, in that opportunity the Maximum Leader of the Revolution made a separated with the following matter:
"The first thing that we have to wonder those that we have made this Revolution is with what intentions we made it; if in some of us hid an ambition, a control desire, an ignoble purpose …]"

Also, Fidel meditated there with those gathered on if the Revolution had been made thinking that, the tyranny was hardly overthrown, will enjoy the occupational hazards of the power; if each one of them will live as a king, with an estate; if what were thinking was to remove some minister to put to others.

"That question is to be made - the Guide of the Revolution manifested -, because of our exam of conscience can depend a lot the future destination of Cuba, of us and of the town."

At the 51 year-old distance, the life demonstrates how much of certainty had the question formulated by the Commandant in Boss when culminating the journey of the Caravan of the Freedom January 8, because indeed alone evidencing true indifference, true sacrifice spirit, the purpose of giving everything in exchange for anything, could guarantee himself the exercise of the power for the town far from the dictation of "Don Money" - characteristic of the six decades in that Cuba was to the help of the Eagle Imperial, starting from 1898.

The other element that I want to be underlined links to the legacy of marti environment to the revolutionary unit. It is worth to remember that José Martí considered about the proclaimed Cuban Revolutionary Party April 10,1892: "One was born, of all parts at the same time. And would wander, of out or of inside who believes extinguishable or fragile. What a group ambitions, falls. It lasts, what a town wants. The Cuban Revolutionary Party, is the Cuban town."

Also, it is worth to remember that in the article published by the magazine Bohemia, April of 1956, 1ro the emergent Leader of the Cuban Revolution wrote: "THE MOVEMENT 26 DE JULY is the hot invitation to narrow lines, extended with the open arms, to all the revolutionaries from Cuba without mean differentiate partidaristas and any that has been the previous differences."

Then, it is understood that it lacks chance that Fidel Castro, in the referred speech in Columbia, have reflected their conviction according to the one which from the first moment of the last geste for the liberation of the bigger than the Antilles, should remain "a single revolutionary organization". there is what said textually here:
"I think that we all should be from the first moment in a single revolutionary organization: ours or the one of other, the 26, the 27 or the 50, in which was, because, if after all we were the same ones those that we fought in the Sierra Maestra that those that fought in the Escambray, or in Pinar del Río, and young men, and men with the same ideals, why did have to have half dozen of revolutionary organizations? ".

Without place to doubts, this passage illustrates about the reason in the First Socialist Country of Our America a single Directing Party of the Revolution, the Communist Party of Cuba exists.

To this height, I can assure that the partner's entrance of Fidel with the Caravan of the Freedom to Havana makes more than half century, compass became for the improvement of the Cuban Revolution in each historical-concrete moment.

The conga sounded softer in the Cándido González

By:Oreidis Pimentel Pérez

With the memory of a disastrous series premiere in the stadium Guillermón Moncada, the youth team from Camagüey gave hard fight like home club against Santiago de Cuba, but the inefficient relief pitching wasted the one gone back and the winter cold left a sour one 9-10.

After being literally flat for the teams of the oriental area, the people of Camagüey developed a discreet performance in the occident and in the beginning of 2010 the improvement is noticed in the combative character before a rival without doubts superior as Santiago deCuba.

Yesterday for the players of Santiago everything calmly went 4-1, after to take from of the box to Jaime Vidal and to connect square Rudens Sánchez before the beginner Jorge Luis Pargas.

Anything made denounce a swollen marker,like happened, with Alain Delá in the mound, but Camagüey tied in the low part of the sixth before an Enrique Pérez that didn't take out outs.

After another entrance in charge of Pargas for Camagüey and Osmani Tamayo for Santiago de Cuba, the mentor Luis Ulacia was allured with the possibility of a victory and brought Vicyohandri Odelín, its main figure, but that wrapped in its worst campaign of for life threw for the overboard all possibility.

Odelín shone terrible, to the end of allowing 6 hits and 6 careers, of them 5 clean, but more inconceivable was to allow to open the ninth after remaining in a volcano in the eighth, entrance where allowed two annotations.

A lot of difficulty to take out to Pargas and very little improvement of Odelín that passed to reliever of opener but that continues like one of the batted pitchers in the National Series and before the one that great quantity of jonrones is connected.

The other unexpected part, for the not very public one that waited under the winter cold the out 27, was that in fact with two outs in the slate Camagüey rebelled against Félix Rivera and it discounted 5 careers through a triple with bases full with Dary Bartolomé and jonrón of Alexander Ayala.

It didn't reach the spirit to change the 10-9 and another beginner, Ángel Luis Márquez lowered the curtains.

At the end was also the satisfaction of a team that fought in the last third of each game, sign of the poverty of the pitching of relief of Santiago de Cuba, and that in three challenges a victory was taken at least.

Today the scenary welcomes other ninth oriental of weapons to take, the surprising Guantánamo that passed broom Camagüey in its first act has more than enough.

Celia: Autenticism and courage

By: Yamila Cruz Romero\Televisión Camagüey

To 30 years of her death, she is remembered by the cubans this January 11 as if she was alive, and it is that her name gave to the cuban revolution the prestige and the honor that characterizes it.

With her incomparable revolutionary condition, she stood out in the fights, not only as soldier, she worked the manual art, she was lover of the nature, simple, intelligent, humble, great Fidel`s friend.

Her example has been captured for the Cuban woman, she is recognized by her moral conditions and her heroism, delicate, too much that was denominated the most autochthonous flower of the Cuban Revolution.