viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Pervive tradition of the flowers in the month of May

Butterfly - National Flower - Cuba La presence of the flowers for the Day of the Mothers one of those traditions that varied with the years in Santa Clara, but pervive according to the features of each generation becomes.

Marta Anido, investigator of the popular culture in the city, related to the AIN that several decades behind on second Saturday of May the Dance of the flowers was made, where some youths danced sones, danzones and waltzes, effective habit in some municipalities of Villa Clara.

A great verbena for the coming of so important day, added, it began in the night schedule, for when the windows of the city were already decorated with the most diverse initiatives, the mannequins were placed so that they represented the united family and they didn't lack the flowers.

I nest it remembers, also that to the park Leoncio Vidal many salespersons of carnations converged, and people bought, so much white as red, to denote if the mothers had died or they were alive.

The handiworks were very common for this date, added, the children carried out postcards and baskets with tapes, and in the morning went next to the mom to give him the surprises and got dressed with cloths similar to those that used.

The rescue of some of these traditions is fundamental, underlined, because with it the city safeguards values as the simplicity, the sincerity and the humility that sometimes get lost with the intentions of giving an expensive gift.

Roses, gladioluses, sunflowers, daisies, don't lack for the delivery of a gift in the commemoration, detail that causes that May becomes the month of the flowers doubly, for questions of the nature and for the Day of the Mothers. (María Victoria González Clavero / AIN)

Cuban intellectuality ratifies disposition from the culture to defend the Revolution

The national presidency of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), headed by Miguel Barnet, ratified in Camagüey the condemnation of the Cuban intellectuality to the mediatic campaign against the country.

The above-mentioned showed this Thursday in the appointment of that organization that welcomed the capital of Camagüey to evaluate the labor of the work commissions after the Seventh Congress, carried out in the 2008.

In the meeting also surrendered count the Provincial Committee of the UNEAC in Camagüey that accumulates a sustained work in different artistic manifestations.

RobertoVarela, vice-president of the organization, referred to the necessity of fomenting culture spaces in each territory, decentralized of the Cuban capital, opinion that raised different interventions that put to the Provincial Committee of Camagüey like example in such a purpose.

It is - the participants coincided - of consolidating results and feasible roads so that the existent talents in the counties charge bigger protagonism in the cultural development of the nation.

In the conclusions of the encounter the maximum representative of the writers and Cuban artists, Miguel Barnet, made stress in the importance of maintaining the culture like a banner to defend to the Revolution.

Camagüey was an excellent headquarters for the National Meeting of the presidency of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, exchange that provided to the membership of the organization of new contents and goals in its indispensable social function. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Recover matters cousins in Camagüey thinking of future

[The use of ferrous scrap contributes to the environmental preservation]

More than for their substitutes economic results, the Company of Recovery of Matters Cousins in Camagüey (ERMPC) stands out for their deep work in the rescue and the preservation of the environment, one of the main objectives of their work, as workers and directive affirm.

Sustained efforts in the promotion of the good use of habits and conservation of the non renewable resources, and work guided to the development of a culture of the integral recycling, especially in the communities and student centers distinguish the work of the ERMPC and have been worth multiple recognitions granted so much by the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA), like for international conservationist entities.

To the obtaining of the National Prize of Quality and the nomination to that reward at Ibero-American level sinks also the one sustained work that carries out the institution to reach and to maintain the norms of quality and efficiency ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001, this last one referred in particular to the environmental protection and already in evaluation process and certification on the part of the corresponding authorities.

“The work not only guided to the protection of the environment in the productive facilities but in the whole territory of the county constitutes a priority of first order for our company” highlights Jesus Rodríguez García, director of Supervision and Control of the ERMPC. “It is this way not for the derived economic benefits of the scrap and other waste generated by the human activity, but for the conscience of the harmful effect that could produce not to be recovered on time and with the biggest efficiency.”

“There one of the main taxes that our company can make to the country resides: to preserve a healthy environment and protected for the current and future generations.”(Amaury Valdivia)