miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Camagüey, and its environmental calendar

By: Yuldys Márquez / Television Camagüey

It is necessary to understand that environmental quality is quality of life. To preserve the natural resources: the floor, the forests, the waters, the quality of the atmosphere, bears to preserve our lives. It is necessary to act in a preventive way in favor of the environment, with independence of the economic limitations that we face. The political will of the region and the chore of responsible men, of companies and institutions, had made that Camagüey achieves favorable results in the indicators of environmental quality.

Entities like Mechanical Plant and ENCOMED that manage chemical products and dangerous waste, adopted measures in their Plans of Handling, so that these practices are carried out in a sure way. The Ministry of the Alimentary Industry, in the county of Camagüey, in particular its swinish activity and in the construction or maintenance of lagoons of oxidation, has diminished its polluting load with actions directed to it and the commitment of their workers. The territory of Camagüey, also, according to the Directive one 1/2010 of the President of the Council of National Defense in the county the Studies of Danger, Vulnerabilities and Risk are developed before disasters. In this study is in final phase the paragraphs: Floods for penetrations of the sea, Floods for intense rains and strong winds, while the studies of Drought and Technological Disasters are in initial phase, according to chronogram.

In a same way favorable actions could be mentioned in Santa Lucía's tourist pole, in the provincial system of protected areas, and in the environmental education. The implementation of a work sustained before during years in the variables mentioned makes of the county of Camagüey an area where the results are felt by the care of the Environment. In greeting to the World Day of the Environment, June five, the group Cubanacán of Camagüey was headquarters of the provincial act. The hotel great club Santa Lucía, of this corporation, received to the companies for, in its properties, to recognize the work of organisms, institutions, and people.

Under the motto “To respect the Life is to assure the future”, the delegate of the group Cubanacan in Santa Lucía Teresa Rodríguez, assured that the achievements reached in this sector owe fundamentally to a work system implemented during years. The CITMA gave the condition of territorial environmental recognition to the deposit of combustible CUPET Camagüey, to the practical of the port of Santa Cruz del Sur, and to the hotels, Mayanabo, Breezes Santa Lucía and Club Amigo Caracol.