miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Oriental part of Cuba registers unusual seismic activity

Fifteen movements have felt in so far in the year in the southeast of the country, an unusual quantity in our registrations.

Digital Redaction / Television Camagüey

Specialists of the Geodinamic Observatory of Cuba detected a "high seismic activity" in the southeast of the island, when counting 15 telluric movements in so far in the year, the last of them in the night of Monday, of magnitude 4,2 in the scale of Richter.

The telluric movement of magnitude 4.2 in the scale of Richter, was registered at eight nine in the night (local time), in the coordinates 19.92 North latitude and the 75.94 longitude West and according to preliminary reports was felt in several municipalities of the counties of Santiago deCuba, Granma and Guantánamo.

Its epicentre was located to five kilometers to the south of Green Sea, in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, to 20 kilometers deep.

The specialists of the Geodinamic Observatory of Santiago de Cuba "continue working intensely in the prosecution of the information related with the high seismic activity in so far in the year, regarding equal dates of 2009."

"The occurrence of the night of this Monday of the perceptible earthquake fifteenth of 2010, of medium intensity, emphasized the necessity to know and to get ready before these natural phenomena, taken place by the sudden liberation of the energy accumulated in an area of the interior of the Earth."

The last earthquake happened previously, of magnitude 4,4, took place February 12, fair one month after the strong earthquake that razed Haiti and that was perfectly perceptible in the Cuban oriental end.

The experts study possible relationships with the earthquake of Haiti and its numerous replics. The east of Cuba and Haiti are separated by a strait of hardly 77 kilometers. (Digital Redaction - With Information of the AIN)

Use for the first time in Camagüey movie Martí, the eye of the canary

With the national premiere of this film of the maker Fernando Pérez, this Tuesday began in the city of Camagüey the XVII National Shop of Film Critic.

With the national premiere of the film Martí, the eye of the canary (2010), of the maker Fernando Pérez, this Tuesday began in the city of Camagüey, the XVII National Shop of Film Critic, in edition dedicated to the woman's presence like creator in the Cuban cinema, to the 50 years of the Cinemateca of Cuba and the new makers.

The event will extend until the day 19 with the theoretical debates, and until final of month will be shown to the population more than a hundred audiovisual realizations, among them 15 film titles, among those that highlight Dialectical of the spectator, of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Other ways to think the Cuban cinema, of Juan Antonio García Borrero.

As invited artists participate in the exchange the director of the Cinemateca of Colombia, Sergio Becerra; the makers Marina Ochoa, Arturo Soto, Jorge Molina and Karel Duchase, the artists Eslinda Núñez, Roberto Perdomo and Dayana Legrá, and the critical Luciano Castillo, Frank Padrón, Desiderio Navarro and other outstanding specialists of the yard.

New Fernando Pérez`s largometraje exhibits and exteriorize to the Apostle between the nine and the 17 years of age, only years in that he knew closely to his Homeland and in those that learned how to love her and to understand it, to make the great work that he took him the rest of his life. The movie is not a biography: it is a spiritual itinerary. (Juventud Rebelde)