viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

Consider political vengeance confinement of The Five

The confinement of The Five Cuban antiterrorists in United States constitutes a political vengeance of the government from United States toward the Island, Evo Morales, president from Bolivia affirmed.

In declarations to Latin Press the leader said that as the northern power cannot give in to Cuba with his criminal blockade maintains imprisoned Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González.

They were condemned in 1998 to severe hardships that go from 15 years to two life imprisonments to penetrate to anticubangroups with base in the Florida, in order to alert to the Cuban authorities of their terrorist actions.

Morales expressed that the president Barack Obama has a great responsibility in the excarcelation of The Five patriots.

For it, asked Obama to correct the flagrant act of injustice in the process against the antiterrorists.

For Morales, the 11 years of unjust captivity of The Five constitutes a violation to the human being's essential rights.

It also summoned to the international community to be added to the existent movements of solidarity in diverse parts of the orb to claim the liberation of these combatants.

That will be the only way of achieving the Cuban fighters to return to their country, next to their family and their town, Morales concluded.

Nominated Cuban artists to Latin Grammys

The singer Omara Portuondo, the musician Jesus (Chucho) Valdés and the grouping The puppets from Matanzas, were nominated to the prizes Latin Grammys 2009.

The winners will be given to know next November five, CubaDebate informs.
Portuondo competes with its CD "Thank you" in the category of better contemporary tropical disk.
While Valdés, winner of five Grammys, competes in Latin jazz again with "Together forever", engraving to duet with his father Bebo Valdés.

The puppets from Matanzas, among the best exponents in the rumba in the Island, were postulated with "D stick pa rumba" in the section of folkloric album .

The Latin Grammys rewards the music more listened in United States, are granted in 41 categories and the artistic achievements and technicians recognize.

Entities of Camagüey protectors of the environment

Five entities of Camagüey will be declared free of exhausting substances of the zono, during the national act for the World Day of Protection of the Layer of Ozone, like part of the campaign to wake up makes aware in the towns of the world.

Will receive the recognition the hotelsPuerto Príncipe, Island of Cuba and Mayanabo, the Cuban Company of the Petroleum, and the Factory of Tínima Beer whose results constitute positive example of conscious action.

Aray Rodríguez, to the front of the Technical Office of Ozone, attributed to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Camagüey, informed that the actions for the protection of the Layer of Ozone go toward the sector of the refrigeration and the air conditioning, and to the agricultural sphere, space where concluded the elimination of the employment of methyl of bromide.

With the Energy Revolution one works in the sector of the domestic refrigeration, while in the commercial atmosphere reconversion programs are applied in those units that still have exhausting substances of Ozone.

The provincial act for the World Day of Protection of the Layer of Ozone will take place in the capital of Camagüey on Saturday 19 in the Square of the General bigger Revolution Ignacio Agramonte.

The theater comes out to the streets of Camagüey

Camagüey, - A streetpass from the theater Avellaneda to Maceo Square, traveling the very central arteries Cisneros and Independence, gave beginning to the activities of the event Teatrino 2009, party of the street theater that of the 17 at September 20 could center happening cultural in our old village.

Groups of Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba,Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey will act for the public's conquest in forty works, most of them, some thirty, foreseen in spaces open with the idea of bringing near even more this artistic manifestation to the common citizen.

In the beginning of this Thursday was carried out the workshop The corporal creativity, in charge of the teacher Odalys Ferrer, which constituted an open actoral experiences starting from the searches and expressive discoveries in the interpretive world of the actors.
Highlights in the program the opening of The Jurunela, new space for the scenic arts in Camagüey seated in the theater Avellaneda that from now on it will welcome works of alternative creation and it will put bigger emphasis in the interaction between the public and the actors.

Besides the inauguration of the event in the afternoon, with the piece Caputesco, for the group of Camagüey La Andariega, on Thursday will allow to attend, in fact in The Jurunela, to the premiere in the night of the work Paris, the last beacon, for the group Adarga Theater and under the direction of Luis Orlando Antúnez Zayas (Bambino) who uses in his assembly the teacher's choreography José Antonio Chávez, of the Ballet of Camagüey.

The programming of Friday plans the shop The theatrical space, imparted by the professor Ramiro Herrero, the panel Toward a reflection of the theater of relationships, and a wide fan of on of the groups La Andariega, Adarga Theater, The Prana, Calibán Theater, TO two hands, Moron Theater and the Dramatic Group of Camagüey.

To the shops of Odalys Ferrer and Ramiro Herrero on Saturday the event theoretical Street-scene will be added, a space to detonate and the presentation of the book Puts him names to my comet, of Leonardo Richard. Next, several casts will follow the taking of the city, among them Telescope of Stories and Sound Key. The day 20, in the Square Maceo, the on improvements will be recognized and Teatrino will be closed 2009.(Enrique Milanes León)

Recovered 435 of the schools damaged by the hurricanes of last year

The school of the community Sao Ciruelo, in San Blas, has 11 children of 1ro. to the 4 to. grades that have television, video and computer.

The hurricanes Ike and Paloma to their step for this county damaged 615 schools, a dozen of them collapsed totally; one year later have already recovered 435 of these facilities, both last are the rural centers Ernesto Lucas, of the Popular Council San Blas and the Lázaro Alfredo Molina, of the Popular Council Altagracia, of the municipality of Camagüey, subjected to total reconstruction.

With the reopening of these facilities it is not any classroom relocated at family homes, solution that gave the possibility to students of Camagüey thousands of continuing their classes during the past course.

In paths ceremonies where the neighbors of the mentioned schools shared with students, teachers, manufacturers and visitors, the viceminister of Education, Margarita Mc´Pherson, gave recognition letters to the families that offered their homes, as much for the continuity of the imperious task as to those who preserved the teaching means and materials of the construction during the rebuilding stage, and to the men and women that, from different status,contributed to lift the new constructions, now endowed with the necessary comforts to continue in their functions and to resist possible embates of the Nature.(María Delys Cruz Palenzuela )