lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Rights of the childhood in Cuba: a critical exercise

By:Mabel Pérez Quintana

The recent report of the North American organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the human rights in Cuba claims a reflexive look to the individual freedoms that our social system offers to its citizens. For contextualize the topic, I take advantage of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Convention on the Boy's Rights, November 20.

Without forgetting the critical eye, I contrast the main postulates of this juridical instrument-right to the freedom, right to the education, right to the health, right to the equality, among other-with my brother's reality, my cousins, my neighbors, the friends of my neighbors, and those of them: it doesn't fit doubt, the girls and children for me verified they enjoy to fullness their right to the game, to the protection of their parents, to the respect of their sexuality, to express their approaches and listened being, etc. “My children” they are very blissful and, also, very happy. However, I continue the investigation trying to arrive to those infants that “they are gone of the hands.”

In Cuba, the law guarantees the minor security: even before the 89´, when the Organization of United Nations pled for the rights of children and adolescents, it already existed The Code of the Childhood and the Youth to which have been added later ordinances to be moderated at the new times. Political public they establish the commitment of the family, the school and the community in the formation and protection of those smaller than 18 years.

José Juan Ortiz Bru, representative of the UNICEF, went categorical when referring to the situation of the country regarding this topic: Cuba has a peculiarity for many years: to have to the childhood like a political priority. Here the protective environments were created, you potenciated and try to stay to the maximum the protected values at family level, community, of country. Which is the result of that? Because that of the millions of children without school, without health, in organized bands, in prostitution nets... none is Cuban or Cuban.

Of more say that with these favorable results, the twenty anniversary of the Convention on the Boy's Rights was a total revel in the schools of the territory: collective birthday, sport and cultural festivals, interactive forums; and like closing, a concert organized by the UNICEF and the cantautor Raúl Peace, with the participation of artists of the patio and strange, members of the project Schools against Hurricanes.

But, among so many good news, imagine which my surprise would be when discovering that United States is the only country that has not ratified the accepted international treaty of human rights in the history, the one that the Cuban children take place every day. And I say the only country because Somalia, the other one that it lacked of the 192 states members of the UN, announced November 20 that it will ratify the Convention shortly on the Boy's Rights.

Now I wonder how the Latin children will walk, the Afro-Americans, the poor children, the handicapped and all the American children that don't enjoy the indispensable right to live in a state responsible for their protection. I wonder if the Human Rights Watch (HRW) will have time to look to their surroundings and to demand the freedom and the happiness of “their children.”

Fashions in the VIII Living room of Craft of Camagüey

By:Yanetsy León González

With the elegance of the good to dress suggested by the Cuban designer Evidio Perdomo in the parade of fashions “Complementary”, began this Sunday the VIII Provincial Living room of Craft, with headquarters in this city up to November 27.

The artist presented 25 pieces, among which included the works of the prizes FIART 2001 and of the Handmade Master 2006, the Cuban version of a card, considered a skilled sincretism between the Lady of Pike and the Elegguá, “The angel and the needle”, inspired by a proposal of Lesbia Vent Dumois, besides the preview of the collection that will present in the International Fair of Craft of Havana (FIART), in next December.

The painter's student Antonia Eiriz, Perdomo is recognized in national scenaries and of the world, mainly in Europe and America, for its manual work with the patch to the medieval usage and its postmodern vision in the wardrobe with utilitarian value and that it works like support of plastic works, according to the specialist José Antonio González.

The night also propitiated the inauguration of the central living room in the gallery Midas, where are exposed more than 140 works of 115 artisans artists and fans, in the size manifestations in wood, ceramic, miscellany, skin, textile, metals and papier maché.

Summoned by the filial of Camagüey of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists(ACAA) this biennial event stimulates to the art of the handiwork and in this occasion has like main topic the traditional art as expression identitary of the Caribbean.

Today and tomorrow in the morning session Evidio Perdomo will dictate its conferences in the headquarters of the ACAA, and in the night of Tuesday will return to the Square of the Workers with the gangplank of “Complementary” that with certainty trasluce its trafficked road “of the stitch to the dream.”

Let us toast for… the respect

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina\Televisión Camagüey

To say carajo! it is not something excessively serious, although it attempts against the strictest norms in the formal education, and ahead of time I apologize for the interjection that could seem inappropriate, but that yes I consider indispensable to introduce the topic.

Because What you would say if when nailing a nail in a wall the hammer it hits with concentrated force on it thumb?

Let us imagine: "Oh… it seems that this inopportune and inconsiderate hammer has been flattened a finger… "

That is a story, my friend, because to the pain scream would be happened I don't know how many swearwords.

Would it be more than justified the insult truth?

But what it cannot tolerate (and it is responsibility of all) it is the proliferation of foolishness, lacks of respect, attacks to the chastity and…like call them some idelicaly: grossness that muddle our family life and the daily coexistence in the street, the work, or in any place.

It is that you are in the room of your house, seeing TV; go a musical program by the screen and him less than the singer says is that grabs a woman, and she makes him such or more which sews that she will respond making this or the other thing, and that if doesn't leave well "there you leave, bandit that you deserve that they make you… "

Everything accompanied by dances and expressions that would make blush the owner of a medieval tavern.

Then you should change channel, or to turn off the tele, alone because a bad-mannered is believed with the right of offending their good customs, with the consent (of what another form could be) of those that record or transmit such performances.

Another example: some youths traffic down the street without shirt, in shorts and each other are pursued, swearwords are screamed and attack to the environment, without anything neither nobody impedes it to him.

The call is that each one makes be worth the reason and demand the most elementary respect that the meditation, the moderation, the chastity and the good examples prevail. We will only then protect the intimate rights of the family, as fundamental cell of the society, anything of that which is quarreled with the happiness and the overflowing vitality of the years waiters.

Of sure, at the end, we would have a good musical repertoire to bequeath to the generations to come that would be kind, correct, courteous, and in the coexistence of every day, we would achieve a balance that would make our traffic for the most pleasant life for all.

Celebrated choir of Camagüey 48 years of having been founded

Participated in International Festival of Choirs in Santiago de Cuba.

The choir of Camagüey, was one of the first vocal communities been founded in the country. During 48 years has participated in important events of the county and the country. In it function maintains a solid community work.

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey.

The voices unite in a common body, The Choir. It is a the way to make the song in the music's same essence.

The choir of Camagüey, takes 48 years of delivery to the art.

Grouping of great recognition for it high professional index. It is integrated by singers generations. It possesses a wide repertoire of works of all the styles, from the Rebirth until the contemporary music.

The community stands out its work in acts, patriotic commemorations, and cultural events inside of and outside of the county.

Directed by the teacher Emila Díaz Chávez, the community stands out for its action cultural partner.

"We have acted in schools, hospitals, in remote communities and even for workers that work in the construction"

The institution celebrated the birthday 48 with a program that culminated in the provincial Library with a concert for the publish of the territory. The show had as guest to the choir Ijujú of the association Cantabria.

The choir of Camagüey was among the participants to the the International Festival of of Music Coral in Santiago de Cuba.