martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Room of Rehabilitation of Camagüey elevates quality of rural populations' life

Camagüey. The nobleman and humanitarian work of specialists and workers of the Room of Rehabilitation of this western municipality , facilitates that that community is reference in the attention to the patient among those of its type in the county.

Been founded in the 2004, the center is also in charge of the residents of remote communities of Céspedes like Natalia, Nazareno, Magarabomba and Delicia, fact that reaffirms the Cuban maxim as regards health of to arrive until the most intricate corner and to offer its medicine to any person without some distinction .

The people of Cespedes - before being created that Room - had to move to the capital of Camagüey or the near municipality of Florida to receive Electrotherapy with Ultrasound, Current and Laser, and today receive 12 specialized benefits there.

To increase the number of patient for the sake of a better quality of life constitutes a challenge for this group of workers of the Public Health in Camagüey that also shows the condition of "Moral Community", for its consecration to the population's service, with high levels of satisfaction and quality. (Zenia Donet García)

Register in the east of Cuba new earthquake of 4,7 grades

Havana. The Net of Stations of the National Cuban Seismological Service registered in yesterday's afternoon an earthquake of 4,7 grades in the scale of Richter in the oriental town of Baconao.

The perceptible tremor was located in those coordinated 19,93 north latitude and the 75,38 longitude west to the southeast of Baconao, with a depth 10 kilometers, the journalist of Cuban television informed.

The note specified that until the moment reports of perceptibility are had in the oriental counties of Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín and Granma, as long as human damages neither materials have not been reported.

Specialists of the National Center of Seismological Investigations of Cuba work in the prosecution of additional information on these events. (Taken of Cubadebate).

Rail innovators in Camagüey plan to continue substituting imports

Camagüey. With significant contributions in the substitution of imports of parts and pieces, the Unit Basic Shop of Boxcars of the Railroads in Camagüey, will make next day July 16, its XVI Forum of Science and Technique.

In the event will be evaluated10 reports linked with the production of spare parts, the application of innovations and rationalizations and the energy saving, among other topics.

It highlights the project “Recovery of axes for wheels of passengers' cars and load teams”, initiative that saves to the economy of Cuba, about 24 thousand pesos in freely convertible currency for each team.

The Unit Basic Shop of Boxcars of the Railroads in Camagüey, shows for three serial years the condition of National Vanguard of the National Association of Innovative and Racionalizators (ANIR), and also has Quarterly a Bulletin in which spreads the whole chore of those more than 150 members of this movement in the entity of Camagüey. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)