jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Recognize in Camagüey to the Program Educates your son

The calendar of the preescolar teaching that counts in this county with more than 46 thousand zero children to six years of life, in its majority inserted in the Program Educates your son, closed with a recognition to the factors that guarantee its success in the community.

In a special way the members of the coordination groups stood out - provincial and municipal -, and the municipality of Sibanicú.

Camagüey has a covering of attention to that population that overcomes 99 percent, and works to arrive to the entirety of the infants in rural areas and hospitals.

In the final balance of the preescolar teaching was demonstrated the was worth of the "it Educates your son", arisen in the year 1992 with a community and intersector focus to guide to the family and to prepare to the small ones for its insert in the educational centers.

Cuba assists the infantile population of zero to six years for two roads: institutional, in infantile circles from the second year of life (1 year) until the sixth year (5/6 years), and in the preescolar grades that exist so much in the infantile circles as in the primary schools. (Aramis González Cruz)

Eulogize work of innovators

Of enormous qualified the engineerYanelda Ruiz Yero the work of the innovators and racionalizators in the supreme objective of guaranteeing the radio signs and television in benefit of the society.

The members of that movement center their efforts in the spheres of the operations, in charge of check the signs, and of maintenance, made responsible with the repair of the towers and trasmisors.

Of not having been materialized the modification of the system of electric supply of the center of TV and FM Jayamá, and the qualification of reservation roads for the national radio stations of modulated frequency and assembly of the device for its connection, would imply affectations of the plans of revenues of the Division Camagüey of Radio Cuba.

“The impact that more we worry about and occupies is the negative effect that would be created in the population because when getting lost hours of transmission, our user stops to receive the sign and he gets lost quality and the essence of the Company.”

The two mentioned works mean an important step in the substitution of imports when being guaranteed to execute the purposes, by means of the employment of recovered resources.

Yanelda like young directress of Radio Cuba in Camagüey eulogized the work of the creative women of the center that organized its first encounter equally and presented works to foment in the advances.

In the contest of the base forum, had taken place for few hours, received mention the reports related with the assembly of the system of radiation of the Channel 30 (Multivisón), and the informatización of the activity of recruiting of the company and the evolution, chord with the second version. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)