martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Opened expo Saturn`s Children in Gallery Alejo Carpentier of Camagüey

For the originality of the works, and the new forms of seeing, to feel and to act of their creators in a globalized world, the Exhibition of Plastic arts is characterized "Satur`s Children", open to the public in the Gallery of Universal Art "Alejo Carpentier", of the city of Camagüey.

It is a selection of the most representative works in 27 youths that possess an excellent work in the panorama of the visual arts, in those that are present topics and languages dissimilar in those that are approached "the social problems with great naturalness... "

In the words to the catalog, the graduated Rober Rivero Salazar affirms that "The Satur`s Children" is the reflection of the contemporary canons with those that interpret the inherited circumstances and incarnate from the aesthetic ones and more diverse languages.

The main objective of that project is to promote, in the national environment, the chore of the new artists; but it also constitutes an experimentation space and reflection on current topics through the satire or the sarcasm like conceptual structure.

The name of the sample mentions to one of the famous works of the Universal Art: "Saturn devouring its children", of the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Study in Camagüey birth of the Cuban State in the XIX century

Researchers of Camagüey is buried in demonstrating scientifically that the Cuban State was born in the independentists fights in the Island against Spain, reveals the last number of the magazine Paths, published by the Office of the Historian of the City.

Directed to a controversy among historians, jurists and politologers, that objective is one of the investigative lines of the Group of Historical and Constitutional Studies of the Ability of Right of the University of Camagüey, affirms the initial article of the publication, published in the provincial capital.

The doctor in Juridical Sciences and regular professor Carlos Villabella, boss of the team of specialists and author of the text, analyze the content and the impacts of the four mambisas Constitutions, of 1869, 1878, 1895 and 1897, of which three were subscribed in territory of Camagüey.

Villabella expressed that the topic of the emergence of the Cuban State causes controversial approaches, because a series of analysts attributes at 1902, when concluded the North American occupation after the ceasing of the Hispanic colonialism.

“There is not balance among the opinions to favor and in against”, the speaker added who underlined the importance and necessity of the investigations guided to validate the concept linked to the liberal wars of the XIX century scientifically continuing.

The magazine “Paths” includes in the referred number, also, articles about the churches in the built citadine patrimony and on the Orchestra of Camera of Camagüey. It also contains texts on the artist of the plastic arts Martha Jiménez and the scenic oral narrator Zaida Montells. (AIN)

Workers of Camagüey ready to parade the May First

The labor movement of Camagüey enrolls to participate in the parade that will be carried out in all Cuba for the International Day of the Workers.

An example of it is the Electric Basic Organization (OBE) in the territory of Camagüey. José Luis Varona Pellicer, general secretary of the Union Desk of the union said that to greet the date, they have intended to work with more quality and to impel the tasks for the national emulation of the 26 of Julio.

A bigger execution of the production plans and of services and to take advantage of to the maximum the available resources, are also among the traced goals.

“We want that this may First is a great movilizative day of revolutionary reafirmation of the workers' of the OBE ”, he added.

Varona Pellicer also informed that in the city of Camagüey will parade more than 700 workers accompanied by their relatives, which will attend the dressed concentration of blue and white. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Free elections in Cuba? YES

By: Luis Naranjo /Camagüey Television

The day dawned restless, not for concerns, but for the intense load of emotions in streets, fields and cities, for the enthusiasm and the revolutionary fervor, for the intense satisfaction of the town…. to VOTE.

Until my daughter Ana María 12 years old, was overflowed of happiness, because she had the immense honor again of guarding the urns in her primary school “ Triumph of the Revolution”, in the legendary county of Camagüey.

And that was the same illusion that wrapped her classroom partners, to teachers and workers from the center to all those that supported to that the elections in Cuba continue being free, democratic, in peace, harmony, in a climate of true unit.

How different to the elections before the First of January 1959. There the abstentions stood out, the purchases of tickets, the votes of deceaseds, urns guarded for militar men, manifestations, sabotages and a restless town, but for the hunger, the evicts, the detentions, abuses, taunts, humiliations and a desperation future.

This day of elections, millions of Cubans reaffirmed their fidelity to the Homeland, to the socialist course undertaken by Fidel, to the intention of not giving a span of our principles.

This day of elections, was a call to the international community that we don't fear to the mediatic enemy campaign and that the answer to our difficulties caused by the yank imperialism, are in hands of the true Cubans, of those that don't forget to their heroes and martyrs, of those that will see always Martí and the Commandant in Boss like symbols the fight undertaken by the mambises to continue, to those that voted today like a song to the YES FOR THE REVOLUTION!