martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Close of the summer in Camagüey, options for all the likes

Camagüey, 24 Aug. - The bookstores Athenaeum and “Mariana Grajales”, next to the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts and 15 sale points in the street Republic, in the capital provincial , will be to disposition of the people of Camagüey next Friday in the Festival of the Reading that will close the activities of the summer here.

It is also announced for the occasion the performance of magicians, clowns of the circus Areíto and the dance Group Sangre Gitana, and the premiation of the Little competition Camagüey 2010, on the thematic of the Peace in the world.

Homage to sport glories and-jointly - the possibility to participate in domino games and of chess, to enjoy a canine exhibition, of the Plan of the Street, and departir with integral of the sport Rock “Miguel Caldés”, are some of the options, to those that the community artistic shows are added

The Project Carsueños will show a dollies exhibition, and starting from two in the afternoon the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts will offer artists' of the Catalog of Excellency of that institution paintings, in homage to the anniversary 109 of Carlos Enríquez`s birthday .

The Party of the Reading of next Friday will count, also, with the presentation of the book Casabe and matajíbaro, of Olga García Yero, and of the magazine Cuban Cinema, next to the conference “Carlos Enríquez, the character.”

Already in hours of the afternoon, in the portal of the bookstore Athenaeum the show of the instructors of Art of the House of Culture will be presented “Joaquín de Agüero” that includes painting on the asphalt, rural dances, and the actings of the Group musical Tradition, and of declaimers and oral narrators, besides participation games. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Reward applauses Spanish performances of the Artistic Group Maraguán

Camagüey - The Artistic Group Maraguán, badge of the movement of fans in Cuba, represents to the Island in the cycle of folkloric festivals that is carried out in countries of the old continent in the summer.

In the current tour, the students of the University of Camagüey, finished their presentations this weekend in the XXII International Festival, in the region of Cieza-Murcia, in Spain.

The members of Maraguán, shared scenarios with the Folkloric Ballet "Simyonov Tucovic", of Serbia; music's Company and dance of Peru, "Rhythms and Customs"; and the Group of Choirs and Dances of Cieza, and the Rock Corner of The Torres of Gossipers, both Spanish groupings.

The Artistic Group Maraguán was responsible for, the animation in the Night of Folklores in the Walk of Cieza, with the Cuban show; and also, in the inaugural parade of the XXII Folkloric International Festival for the Walk of Cieza. Maraguán to the rhythm of its drums, crawled to those more than a thousand 500 assistants, and left good impression in the credited press.

The program also included, the participation of the people of the Camagüey in the XXIV International Festival of Folklore Villa of the Torres, also in Spain

The Artistic Group Maraguán was presented with "Cuban" and "Caribbean Iam", show that received the public's ovation that in superior number to the 2 000 spectators recognized, in having reiterated occasions, the coloring, the scenic development and the choreographic acting of the youths.

This Monday the grouping of fond artists, students of the University of Camagüey, was presented in unique function in Madrid, the Spanish capital. (Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)