miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

The vocal grouping Desandan returns from Haiti after sharing with the town desolated by the earthquake.

After more than a month of presentations, the vocal grouping Desandan returned from Haiti, of singing to a town desolated by the earthquake.

By: Aymee Amargós /Camagüey Television

The word Cuba was listened many times in Haiti. When the tragedy and the pain took possession of that country, the vocal grouping Desandann decided to share its song with the residents.
The group integrated by 12 descendants of Haitian of several generations, went them to sing in its language, in creole. To expand their art for squares and camps was another form of helping, from the culture.

In their presentations participated more than 5000 people. Although the fundamental of the community is the song, they also dance. They interpret Haitian music and of other areas of the Caribbean, of francophone speech.

The directress of the vocal grouping Desandan, Emilia Díaz Chávez, said. "The proposal of coming to Haiti receives with happiness, because here our adults were born. We want to make them more bearable this situation so lamentable.. In the presentations many cry and they hug each other. It is very strong, it lacerates our heart to see so many people that lost everything."

This woman, Cuban and also deeply Haitian, explained that the repertoire that brought is the same one that come making for almost 16 years: folkloric traditional music. "We don't make modern music, we sing very old songs, those that taught us there in our Cuba parents, our grandparents, and that however they are almost unknown here. In certain way we also help to recover part of the Haitian identity. It is very reconfortant, because the youngest learn songs of their earth, also the children that are admired and ask us if we were born here."

"Although in our presentations the fundamental thing is the song, we also dance, we illustrate the songs with the dance, we move.Our suits have to do with the frocaribean characteristics, we dress long robes and of colors. Now we are opening up more our pitch, we don't make single music of Haiti, but of other areas of the Caribbean, of francophone speech."

"Today many suffer a great pain, however the life continues. They gave a lesson of force."
The grouping of Camagüey Desandan returned of the earth of their ancestros. It demonstrated that the music is the universal language that unites to the towns.

It took the desolated Haiti the hope made song.

Company of Camagüey works to increase the production of citric

The workers of the Company Sola Citric, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, determine to achieve this year a remarkable growth of the grapefruit production and orange, period in the one that plan to gather 5 thousand 300 tons of those lines, very demanded in the international market.
Farms dedicated to the production of citric in Sierra de Cubitas.

The production of vegetable coal has become a promising exportable line.

Harnessed to those efforts they also assume works alternatives for the development of other fruit-bearing , the cattle raising, and the export of coal.

The program of gathering of the fruits in the current calendar represents a growth of some 2 000 tons, in comparison with the precedent stage, with a significant contribution of the areas that are exploited in an organic way, starting from the effective yields and its demand in the international market.

Little by little there have recovered the houses of cultivation of the Company Sola Citric, strongly damaged for the hurricane Ike.

Orestes Reyes Pérez, General director of this company of Camagüey, specified that they also recover the houses of cultivations to guarantee offers of vegetables to the tourism.

As part of the program of recovery of the entity, the community also intends to rescue the Festival of the Citric fruit, fraternal emulation that is carried out when concluding the crop, and that constitutes suitable moment to recognize to workers, productive units and outstanding cooperatives. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Symphonic Orchestrates of Camagüey will interpret works of Mozart and Beethoven

With works of Beethoven, Mozart and Edgardo Martin, the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey, will be present thisThursday , at 8:30 in the night, in the Theater of the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina de la Torre."

The grouping will be governed by the invited directress Yarineidis Llinse (City of Havana) who will make with this presentation her graduation exercise. She will be, also, with the soprano's presence Roodny C. Pérez (Holguín).

The program of the appointment includes: "Symphony No. 8", of Beethoven; Select of Aryan of "Così fan tutte", No. 14 and 25, of Mozart; and "Sonera" 2 and 3, of Edgardo Martin.(Taken fromhttp://www.pprincipe.cult.cu/noticias)

Highlights sugar contribution of Camagüey to the National Electroenergetic System

The Managerial Sugar Group (GEA) in this Cuban county, assumes three big commitments as for generation, consumption and electric power delivery to the National System.

Melba García González, enclosed directress of the GEA in Camagüey informed that starting from the potentialities of the installed capacity, that sector overcomes its plan of autosupply energy for the current stage of the harvest.

In that result they have stood out the companies Batallade las Guásimas” in the municipality of Vertientes and “Siboney”, in Sibanicú, those which overfullfil the autosupply plan for the period.

García González also commented that the Managerial Sugar Group of Camagüey has been able to diminish its consumption levels, for what contribute equally with that decisive economic line.

During its production campaign of sugar, the geniuses of Camagüey in operations also overcome its commitments for the electricity generation, starting from the biomass, fact that not has great environmental impact for the emission of dioxide of carbon to the atmosphere. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Second stage of antipolio vaccination in Cuba

More than half million of children in Cuba will be protected of the poliomyelitis, during the second stage of the 49 National Campaign of Vaccination against that illness that next Friday will begin.

In this period a second dose of the vaccine will be administered (two drops for oral via), to a total of 362 thousand 525 smaller than three years (from 30 days of born until the two years, 11 months and 29 days) that were immunized in last March, informs today Granma newspaper.

Also, in this occasion will be reactivated with a dose 143 thousand 080 nine year-old children (from the nine years until 11 months and 29 days).

This vaccine should not be administered to the small children that present high fever, vomits or diarrheas, and is contraindicated in those that have some inmunodeficiency, and in the allergic ones to anyone of its components.

The average water contains chlorine that inactive the vaccine, reason why should not be ingested in the previous neither later 30 minutes to the immunization that will be carried out in the vacunatories of the policlinics with the support of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution and other organizations of masses.

Since almost half century, when the first of these campaigns began, have been applied in the Island more than 78 millions of dose of the vaccine, what guarantees the population's protection smaller than 62 years.