martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Yipsi Moreno: The queen's return

It goes fourth in the ranking of the IAAF

Camagüey, - The presence in Rieti of the Polish Ana Wlodarczyk and the Russian Lisenko made suspect that the possibilities of a gold of Yipsi Moreno was difficult, because in spite of her last victory in Lille the Italian meeting would be more difficult.

At the end surprised the girl of Camagüey again that not alone improved her previous mark but rather concluded in silver All happiness! There were European curricula of 77 meters and she didn't believe in them.

Although we repeat , is truly admirable that an athlete leaves the main sport scenarios and return suddenly to the shot circle of the implement, a reminder that at some time previous to the olympiad Athens 2004 were the best hammerer in the world.

All the specialists were said: “It is necessary to see like Yipsi is, it is necessary to see if she is still a competition woman”; and she seemed to respond: “Hey! I am here, I returned for medals, count on me!” she is 30 years old and is not outside of presage when is presented, look that she already goes for the fourth step of the ranking of the year; it seems sometimes the same of the 2001 and of the 2003 with her characteristic index finger making circles as if recreated the routine of the shipment, until is bothered of equal forms when makes foul.

In Rieti she threw 73,78 meters, evident progression of the 70, 20 of Lille, and if was behind Tatiana Lysenko is necessary to point out that the Russian loaded the batteries and she shook the powder of France with 74,80.

Not alone is to be very well but rather your rival doesn't have a good day, that passed the Lisenko in Lille and to Yipsi in Athens 2004, when was favorite and Olga Kuzenkova`s olympic record , took her out of concentration. Then the Cuban had a lot of pressure, all requested the gold like something sure for comparatively enjoyed the silver of Beijing and she cried with the same metal in the neck in the Greek capital.

Without many references the only source is the cables of the newsy agencies: The first thing for Yipsi was to classify in the first day of the Italian appointment and she made with relative easiness (71,32), to make matters worse as first of the list to the second turn, a small victory has more than enough Lysenko and Wlodarczyk.

Already on Sunday in three launchings was hardly necessary to define everything, with a system that measured the distance average How? At the end anything new first floor the sun, another element meter of the IAAF; at last of course that is rewarded as always and behind Yipsi the Chinese Zhang Wenxiu was located (73,70) and the Polish Wlodarczyk (73.57).

This is the main achievement of Rieti, the one that Yipsi demonstrated that don't go so well the pointers in spite of Anita's world record, the competition defines her everything and the girl of Camagüey returned for laurels. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

Enlarge productive capacity of factory of Camagüey of milky products

Camagüey, 30 Aug. - The general repair of the factory The Cow, of the Company of Milky Products in this county, is one of the multiple investments that attacks that entity, with the purpose of to enlarge the productive capacity and to improve its indicators of efficiency, recognized in the country.

In the emblematic plantsof Camagüey improved all the industrial facilities and the conditions of sanitary security of its productive processes that guarantee the elaboration of cheeses, yogurt and other lines.

Milky Camagüey also assumed reconstruction works and maintenance in the plant Pasteurizator, center that assumes the biggest reception of fresh milk in the county, indicator that today stays on the 350 thousand liters, without including him the direct sales to the population that already surpass the 23 thousand liters.

In that industry the conditions are believed for the assembly of a factory of powdered Milk, recently approved to the county, what will facilitate a bigger use of the food in stages “picks”, as the current one, because the capacity of reception of the industry is still inferior to the deliveries of the cattlemen.

The workers of Camagüey has this year the commitment of gathering hundred two million liters of milk, and of them more than the half the peasants will surrender. (Raysa Mestril Gutierrez)