miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Message of the team of Adelante in its anniversary 51

The newspaper Adelante turns 51 years. It is written and and said quick…and until almost easy. But, although for some the time has seemed to fly, it has not been easy neither only one day, neither a single letter neither a single zeal.

Gigantic efforts and gigantic commitment involves to have been the first newspaper of the Revolution, to be born of her, with her, hardly twelve days after the victory, hardly when Fidel alerted us that the biggest work was still to conquer.

Gigantic efforts and gigantic commitment involves to have been born in Camagüey, to be modeled by a valiant and learned town, of shame and of history, a town whose sacrifice work and love has filled the pages of Adelante agrees with to the men and women of Adelante to go ahead toward superior horizons.

Gigantic efforts and gigantic commitment involves the example of Agramonte; in our first page, his figure, in our first thoughts,his impront; for that reason anything better than these flowers, any place better than our space that takes his name, to commit to be better journalists, better revolutionaries, better humans, men and worthy women of been calling agramontinos.

Adelante turns 51 years. After half century of march with the Revolution that that is to say with the Party and with the agramontinos, we are proud of having accompanied them in the momentous and difficult moments, in the small daily greatness, in the immense thing, in the sublime thing, but we know that still lack a lot to make.

For that we have the print of the founders, of those that then under difficult conditions continued the work, of each generation that, chord to its time, has contributed to write this history.

For them, the grateful memory of the Adelante of today, an Adelante that works to be to its people's height and of its time, a before several generations and an aspiration: to continue in the vanguard of the ideological combat and to resemble more every day its Camagüey and its people.

Electric workers of Camagüey greet their Day

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

Eves of the Electric Worker's Day, associated to this sector in the county reinforce the productive commitments to celebrate the date with results that they strengthen the economy.

Shows this way in the biggest investment in the National Electric Union in Camagüey, located in the industrial city of Nuevitas, where the new battery of electrogens groups is enlarged, worked with fuel oíl like fuel.

Little more than half hundred of men and women that work in the electric branch will receive January 14 the Medal “Ñico López”, them with 20 years and 25 them, of excellent services in the different workspaces, assured Marlia Allen, member of the Secretariat of the Chemical Union, Miner and Energy in the territory.

That recognition will become effective in the provincial OBE and in the thermoelectric “October 10” for the workers of that center and of the Company of Maintenance to Central Electric (EMCE)

The date settles down January 14 because one day like that, but of 1934, the revolutionary and anti-imperialist leader Antonio Guiteras Holmes promulgated the intervention of the not well called Cuban Company of Electricity.

“Posada Carriles" removed me to my daughter”, mother of Camagüey accuses

It is a tremendous nerve, affirmed Inés Sánchez Salazar, with the pain of her murdered daughter in the crime of Barbados, when condemning the epithet of terrorist country assigned to Cuba by the yanki Government.

Gallery: Cuba demands justice

They are some…, and completed the expression with a thick sentence, without vulgarity in the lips of a mother hit forever by loss of Inés Luaces, esgrimist and student of Estomatology, died by the sabotage to a ship of Cuban of Aviation October 6,1976.

Posada Carriles removed me to my daughter, 20 years old, and he continues free in the United States, the old woman delimited, in her dialogue with the AIN.

It is a new lie, because there the terrorism has complicity and suit, the interviewee added who will complete the 80 years in May.

I will be revolutionary until the death, she underlined in front of her Inés's picture, of little deep and dreamer, and taken look before the youth, member of the juvenile national team of fencing, contributed to the scepter obtained by the Island in a Central American appointment and of the Caribbean of that discipline.

The woman of Camagüey was among the most outstanding members in the facility.

I dream reiterately of her, and sometimes until I have the impression that she visits me, the speaker admitted who suffers of a diabetic neuropathy.

I receive attention of the family, of the friends, of the neighbors and of the State, practically I cannot walk, but from my rocking chair I have a rampart of the Revolution, concluded Inés Sánchez Salazar, with her torrent of tears inside.

Earthquake in Haiti: natural disaster that makes worse tragedy and poverty

The devastating earthquake that shook Haiti collapsed again to that impoverished nation in a tragedy even unknown today for the international community for the collapse of the systems of communications.

The broken into fragments news received in this capital are more and more alarming and refer the destruction of important part of the infrastructure of the capital of that country, the poorest in the hemisphere.

The first pictures published in the press of the Dominican Republic show part of the magnitude of the disaster, with images of numerous knocked down constructions, among them the emblematic National Palace, the government's headquarters.

Fuentes Haitian diplomats advanced that the president, René Preval, meets with life, still when they didn't offer bigger details on its situation.

The Haitipal televisore, of Puerto Príncipe, informed that also the ministries of Finances, of Work, of Communication and of Culture suffered serious damages.

The source pointed that the hospital of the residential area of Petion Villa, in the outsides of the capital, collapsed, but still lacks reports on damages to people.

United nations pointed out in an official statement that their facilities in Puerto Príncipe suffered serious damages and several of the employees are missing.

Still in the first hours of today lacks news on the death toll and wounded, but humanitarian sources suppose it is high.

In the Dominican Republic, the Seismological Institute of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo assured that the earthquake felt with force in several areas of this nation that shares the island The Spaniard with Haiti.

The director of the institution, Eugenio Polanco, affirmed that the earthquake is the strongest happened in the island after of 1946 which had an intensity of 8,1 grades in the scale of Richter.

The director of the Center of Operations of Emergency, general Juan Manuel Méndez, announced that the was adopted "Plan Lightning" that includes the mobilization of the armed forces, to help the population and to guarantee the security and the order.

According to the Geologic Institute of United States, the earthquake had an intensity of 7,0 grades in the scale of Ricther and happened to the 16:53 local time (21:53 UTC).

It epicentre was located to 15 kilometers to the Southwest of Puerto Príncipe, in the latitude 18,45 grades north, longitude 75,44 grades west, with a depth 10 kilometers, of agreement with that source.

The Institute informed of 12 later replics that varied from 5,9 to 4,5 grades in the scale of Richter.

Among so much, several countries of the region already announced the beginning of preparations for the shipment of help, among them Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina and United States.