jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

Festival of Scenic Oral Narration Counts Stories

The Theater of Small Format also well-known as: "The Intimate Theater". is scarce in scenografic elements but rich in the actor's interpretation, because is the actor the motivational axis of the fact.

It is a guerilla and near theater to the public's skin, where we also find the Scenic Oral Narration.

The Project EJO has the technical conditions, the dedication and the necessary public so that happens the event annually.

Is also offered homage to Karen Okendo, young whose physics presence is not possible already among us but of which is breathed the impulse and the force with which insisted in all its theatrical chores.

Camagüey began vaccination against the pandemic flu A (H1N1)

With the objective of to preserve the health and to attenuate the effects of the sharp breathing infections, began in this county like in all Cuba the vaccination cycle against the pandemic flu A(H1N1).

In the Policlinics and enabled areas of health began according to that foreseen the immunization that will include to more than 75 000 people of Camagüey in a first stage that will embrace to all the municipalities of the city, up to the current April 20.

As Rita María Ferrán Torres , subdirector of the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology specified, like previous step to the vaccination training actions were carried out with the infirmary personnel designated in the vacunatories, with the purpose of guaranteeing the successful development of that program.

Among the populational segments that are prioritized to be more vulnerable to the infection figure: pregnant, puerpers, the children understood among six months and nine years of age, and the workers of the agriculture, the education, the transport and the health.

Equally are immunized as part of the vaccination campaign against the influenza A (H1N1), those smaller than 18 years with cardiovascular malformations, cancerous, hepatic affections and fibroquistics, segments of having hospitalized, and patient with transplants. (Alex López Almaguer - Radio Cadena Agramonte).

Wide presence of women and young in the nomination of Camagüey

The feminine presence multiplies its worth in the 2 777 places of more popular affluence where are published in the county the pictures and the biographical syntheses from the candidates to delegates for the coming partial elections of April 25. Multimedia: Elections 2010.

In 642 electoral districts there is - at least - a nominated woman, and in 22, of the 1008 organized districts for the next elections in Camagüey, up to three candidates, for their personal and social qualities, they represent the neighbors of the dissimilar places of residences.

Another populational segment to keep in mind is the youths, proposed and chosen by hand run off with in 476 districts of the territory.

Eulogio Pimentel Vázquez, secretary of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Camagüey, said that in 262 electoral districts figure among three at six nominated, that that, besides ratifying a sharply democratic postulation process, it presupposes possible beats of second turn in the votings foreseen for coming May 2, in case none of the candidates obtains April 25, more than half of the number of the emitted valid votes. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart).

Camagüey Cooperative converts marabou in coal and exporting it to Europe

By:Yuldys Márquez Díaz / Televisión Camagüey

Camaguey Cooperetive converts marabou in coal and exports it to Europa Citrics Sola Company develops a mechanism for cleaning their fruit through the marabou cape work, but it extricates itself, makes charcoal and export it to Europe.

José Luis harshly weighs each bag of charcoal. Through his hands passed about six containers of this product so far this year.

The experience of coal production in the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) "Pedro Alejandro Padrón" reveals a way to export.

"The Marabou is a source of currency for our UBPC at the same time we have cleaned more than 4 horses ...", said Victor Naranjo, President of the Cooperative.

The Company Citrics Sola develops production alternatives like charcoal for a sustainable production process. So far this year approximately 100 hectares of fruit trees are free of marabou, which in turn is reversed in profit for the company.

Camagüey and Ciego de Avila to go to basketball final

Ricardo González, director of Camagüey in the Superior Basketball League, said parity between that team and that of Ciego de Avila prevents serious prognosis about which one will go to the final.

Gonzalez spoke with AIN after winning a whole avileño 96-71 points at the start of a program semifinal, in which the victor in three of the five games concur agreed to the final phase of the competition.

He stressed that the defense broke Camagüey, one of its main competitive skills-strong enemy attack, five times national titles, including the scepter of the previous championship.

He said that the opponents do not fully used to attack its traditional level, which was well taken by winners to prevail with a score of 25 units disproportionate advantage in the final result.

The hosts were victorious 26-18 with partial, 23-13, 22-19 and 25-21.

This Thursday night will be the second challenge in the Palacio de los Deportes Rafael Fortun, and the remaining will be carried out since Sunday in Ciego de Avila territory.

In the other group semifinalist, defeated Havana to Guantanamo Bay 86-68 in the opening of the calendar.

A leader will attend the finals in each of the two areas of this phase.
Camagüey ranked third in the previous confrontation. (Adolfo Silva Silva)