viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Rejuvenate in Camagüey works of the villager architecture

The capital restoration of the property where the Center of Cultural Anthropology of the Office of the Historian of this city will reside, appreciate dozens of people that daily travel the beautiful large house, only in the county with its architectural and ornamental contents.

Located in Cisneros street 162, in front of the old Square of Weapons of the village of Camagüey current Central Park Ignacio Agramonte - in its different styles converge, among them the art-noveau. Their borders and paintings murals, conceived by the decorating Francisco Miranda Sabol toward the year 1930, cause the admiration of the visitors.

Students of the School of Occupations of the Office, driven by the professor of painting mural Carlos Hernández Fernández, the resane of walls continues in this stage, in the room and the big room of the large house, to proceed later to the consolidation of the ornamental reasons.

For its character of open work, the interested ones-without additional cost some - can witness the professionalism and the great respect closely toward this treasure of the villager architecture , deposited by the students of the School of Occupations and for the members of the Company of Restoration and Conservation of the Office.

The Center of Anthropology will be inaugurated at an early date-although the rescue of the paintings will continue - and once open it will have four rooms dedicated to the Spanish, African, Asian and Caribbean cultures, leave integral of the Cuban nationality, among other dependences.
( Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)