martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Create symphonic infanto juvenile orchestra in Camagüey

The symphonic Orchestra infanto juvenile of Camagüey is of recent creation. The community offered its first concert for the public.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The foundation and the symphonic orchestra of children permanency and young, reinforces the academic formation and the training for the future labor life in the music.

This grouping of Camagüey debuted for the public in the theater Avellaneda where carried out its first concert. It was a homage dedicated to the 100 years of the premiere of the work “bird of fire of Stravinsky. The repertoire of the show included pieces of Mozart, Bach, Lecuona and other classics, well-known internationally.

Its directress Betzabet Consuegra, is graduate of the National School of Art in coral direction and of the the Superior Institute of Art in orchestral direction. She is also enclosed directress of the Symphonic of Camagüey.

The community maintains instrumental variety. It is integrated by students from 10 to 18 years of the schools of elementary and half level of the county.

The infanto juvenile orchestra, is an opportunity so that the children and youths bring near the public to the world of classic and universal music . Another of the edges of the project is the community work.

This grouping opens new options of cultural enjoyment for the population., besides impacting in the professional formation of the students.

Will present today anthology of songs of Juan Almeida

The anthology "With the extended hand", have more than enough musical topics composed by Juan Almeida Bosque, will be presented this afternoon in the capital Universal Room of the Revolutionary Armed forces.

The newspaper Juventud Rebelde informs that the volume contains a hundred works of this fruitfully composer - next to its scores for piano and guitar -, among these the emblematics The Lupe; Give me a swig; What happens with that woman; and Any place is my earth.

Fruit of the zeal of the House Publisher April, was published by the graphic workers of the printing Federico Engels and has the teacher's introductory words Frank Fernández and of Redento Morejón who was linked to the musical work of Almeida during long years.

The presentation, in act organized by the Union of Communist Youths, will have as colophon a concert in the one that outstanding soloists and groupings will interpret part of the repertoire included in the book.

Outstanding benefits of Mental Health Centers of Camagüey

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

The Centers of Mental Health (CSM) have contributed to reduce the necessity of revenues substantially in the psychiatric hospital Major René Vallejo,declared the doctor Jorge Balseiro, director of the center.

The specialist dialogued in this city in the closing of a Biennial of the Arts and the Mental Health, taken place in the municipalities of Camagüey and Guáimaro with incorporate patients to musical activities, would dance and of handmade works.

Balseiro highlighted that the CSM is one of the influential causes in the decrease, of more than 800 at 386, of the quantity of beds in the hospital entity, a decision without attempting against the quality and effectiveness of the medical attendance.

The also psychiatrist Yohany Chirino underlined the advantages of those units, promoters of the social reinsertion of sick, starting from the concept of the alone hospital intern in absolutely indispensable circumstances.

Chirino mentioned the characteristics of the ambulatory treatment, extensive to sick chronic, with the support of specialists and of the society--included cultural and recreational activities--that which also propitiates a smaller psicofarmacs use.

Among the effective programs in this respect figure the relatives to the alcoholism and the drugs, prevention and control of the suicidal behavior, community rehabilitation, bigger adult, and violence.

The 12 CSM are distributed in almost all the municipalities of the county, one of the pioneers in applying in Cuba the projects of social reinsertion of psychiatric patient.

In Camagüey bank workers offer to the town a service of quality

By: Mariela Peña Seguí

Since that was nationalized, October 13,1959, the Cuban Banking has gone perfecting its work, for the sake of improving the quality of the service that lends.

Annoying steps and paper work mark the one on the way to those who should carry out bank transactions. There is a good reason there so that who take charge of taking them to effect they determine to facilitate them.

It feels this way Xiomara Peláez, somebody that appreciates the twenty years that has dedicated to this work since she was hardly an adolescent, and that values as the most important thing, the appropriate attention to the client.

And it is that the work in the Bank requires vocation and love, dedication and sense of ownership, to see and to assist each client like it deserves.

It is not enough with to sit down after a peep-hole and to give those thanks to who chooses us to carry out their step; It is not enough with being presentable after that peep-hole, or to respond protocolly to the telephone.

It is necessary to feel as own the other people's necessity and to put love to the work, as Xiomara who feels that for her the Bank is part of its life and doesn't imagine that could be otherwise.

The time in that acted as auditor, allowed her to be near the clients, and to look after the services that received; for that reason she thinks that if gave her the possibility to choose her road again, she would choose the same one without any doubt.

This way, October 13, at the same time that take place their day, the bank workers remember the revolutionary law for which the State nationalized the Cuban Banking - today ago 50 years -, and they honor the memory of the Che offering to the town a service of more quality.

HAKUNA MATATA….have born in Camagüey the new Lion King.

The Casino Campestre in Camagüey, is one of the most urban parks, the more beautiful and notories of Cuba.

Among its main attractiveness is the park zoo with near three hundry species of animals.

Here have been born in captivity more than thirty lions in the last five years period besides other species like the sacred babuino.

Landy is the macaw is par excellence about a descascarador bird. The boys know that has preference for the almonds.

Very near the cage of the macaw the monkey lives claws, only of its stock that he doesn't know how to swim.To this of the park zoo of Camagüey don't seem to keep it in mind for anything in spite of their cuteness the pataos and rosy flamingos that live in the lake.

The Veterinary Doctor Raquel Susini Varona, counts us that Eric, the last finishes puppy of born lion in captivity, the past August 10 enjoy good health and soon will be the new mascot of the park. Eric will have a special cage for him.

In the zoologic of Camagüeyano 263 species of animal live and soon will receive to other copies as the zebra.

Fátima and Niño are Eric's parents, with zeal and perennial vigil take care of it of their other relatives.

HAKUNA MATATA… the boys scream to the small Eric… and such he seems that the puppy knows to what they refer…