lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Woman that builds dreams

By: Rosa Blanco Ramos/Televisión Camagüey

A hundred years of celebrations are completed in favor of the woman, that natural and indispensable forge of the human work. And it is that without them, the same life would not exist.

In Cuba more than 50 percent of the active professional force are women. But was not always this way. The revolutionary process should happen to untie it in creative vortex. For that reason March 8 in the Caribbean island the Woman's International Day is celebration.

For these days takes place an interesting process that involves to millions of people in their residence places. It is the elections to delegates of the popular power in the main government link that exists in Cuba.

It happens that the neighbors in their proposals pose their look in the women and they say that they have demonstrated to make the things better in the neighborhood.

There is fight tradition and to battle in Cuba with feminine protagonism.. Mariana Grajales, Amalia Simoni, Ana Betancourt, Celia Sánchez, Vilma Espín and so many others are names that the Cuban historiography keeps with zeal.

And the science covers illustrious women. Rosa Elena Simeón belongs to them.
And if you look at the patrimony built Cuban will find its impronta.
In the city of Camagüey the prizes were given to the work from the life to two hacedors of constructions of armed concrete and of men and women that dream to lift buildings, factories, housings…

More than 20 years dedicated to the investigations and the formation of professionals make of the Graduated Josefa Primelles Fariñas and of the Architect Zenaida de los Ángeles worthy of the prize to the work of the life granted by the Filial of Camagüey of the Union of Architects and Engineers of the Construction of Cuba.

They and the rest of the professionals of this specialists' of the construction organization subscribed a support declaration to the nation of Haiti to go to that hit country to help in the reconstruction of the built patrimony.
Haiti, Caribbean nation of historical poverty, was whipped by an earthquake of great devastating power that transformed into ruins jewels of the architecture.

The architect dreams, the woman architect or ingenier also dream better of a future. They, the Cubans, owners of their future have in their hands and in their lines dreams that to transform into new buildings, factories, schools, housings, for that reason in March 8 appropriate of all the congratulations.
Say woman and everything will have been said.