viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Will electrify irrigable in rice cooperative of Camagüey

Vertientes, Camagüey, 24 Sep -The electrification of the irrigable in two rice cooperatives of this area of the county of Camagüey, will assure the crop of the grain in some 800 hectares in two seed campaigns.

Idelino Álvarez, director of the Agroindustrial Rice Complex Route Invasora, informed that the investment will be of about 32 thousand dollars and it will benefit to the Cooperatives of Credits and Services Manuel Ascunce Domenech and Algérico Lara.

He added that the Electric Basic Organization of the territory has the projects to attack immediately the one spread of lines and the tranformers assembly.

The two entities are integrated to the movement of high producers of the food that takes ahead the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

Miguel Arturo Durán, president of the “Manuel Ascunce Domenech”, said to the AIN that the investment will facilitate to use in the watering the underground water of 10 or 12 new wells or that are already used but with a lot of uncertainty and inefficient.

Francisco Fundora, fitosanitary of the “Algérico Lara”, explained that in his cooperative will be been able to irrigate around 400 hectares and to carry out two seeds every year, in the well-known campaigns as of cold and of spring, with good agricultural yields.

Both units saw limited the plantation this year for the deficit of water from the reservoir Jimaguayú, to the south of the city of Camagüey, with very low practical readiness for the considerable decrease of the level of having filled as a consequence of insufficient precipitations from ends of 2008.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

In spite of the drought Camagüey power the cultivation of the rice

By :Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

In spite of the drought Camagüey power the cultivation of the rice While the industrialized nations in the orb unfulfilled their commitments in connection with the Objectives of the Millennium adopted by 189 nations in the year 2000, Cuba advances in that observance in spite of its condition of poor and blocked country.

These limits pick up the results and aspirations of United Nations for the peace, the development and the respect to the rights and people's integrity. The General Secretary of the UN Ban Ki-moon, in an encounter with Bruno Rodríguez, Cuban Secretary of External Relationships, qualified of impressive the achievements of the island in connection with the ODM.

At the moment, among other vital questions, power the agricultural development to guarantee a better nutrition in the Cuban population and to diminish the effects of the global crisis.

The rice is one of the cultivations that internationally has been affected by climatic changes and natural phenomena. Specifically the county of Camagüey will conclude the 2010 with some 16 800 planted hectares of that grain, calculates that it overcomes the dear plan for the period.

Nevertheless, the gathering will be below the 40 thousand foreseen tons. The drought that maintains depressed to the 53 reservoirs of the territory has affected the watering cycles severely. It is considered that each chivalry planted for its complete development needs about 1600 cubic meters of water. At the moment the reservoirs of the county are at a 46, 8% of their storage capacity.

However, in spite of that situation to the closing of the year the farmers of Camagüey hopes to contribute some 30 thousand tons of rice millered for the population's consumption. This refers a great effort, as long as it points out that with a smaller sowed surface that in the 2009, similar results will be reached.

Camagüey constitutes the third county more producer of rice in the country. Their flat geography contributes Its potentialities for the development of the cultivation, together to the fact that is the territory in Cuba that has the biggest number of Cooperative of Agricultural and Cooperative Production of Credits and Services belonging to the movement of the 100 thousand quintals of rice.