miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

One works in all the properties of suburban agriculture in Camagüey

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

In those more than a thousand 400 properties programmed to integrate the movement of the suburban agriculture that skirts the city of Camagüey one works already with the objective of supplying it of foods, informed the provincial delegation of the Ministry of the Agriculture.

Darío Batista, official of that organism, said that the purpose is to have clever 75 productive units in the rest of the year.

The project is based in the property like main cell in the production, with the essential objective of cultivating viands and fruits to satisfy the demand of the population of the city of Camagüey, of 306 thousand inhabitants, the third in residents of Cuba number, although it also develops the cattle raising.

In many of the surfaces it is worked in dismounts of marabout, because they are terrestrial lazy of state entities that were given recently in usufruct by the Cuban government's disposition.
One of the conditions to be declared list is that are free of overgrowths, defined and under conditions of applying the sustainable agriculture, base of its practice.

The program of the suburban agriculture in Camagüey, approved in April of this year, begins starting from the highway that surrounds the city and expands 10 kilometers to the round , although it also implies to two rural communities beyond that extension.

In Enrique Kaida property, involved at the same time in a national program of feeds intensive or semintensive of bovine, one works in the construction of a ship to improve and to increase the cattle exploitation.

This will allow us to fatten 50 animals at the same time instead of 30 like we make now, the peasant expressed, integrated to the Cooperative of Credits and Services Julio Antonio Mella.

The movement of the suburban agriculture, which began in Camagüey, is already structured in the surroundings of cities of all the counties of the country.

Historians of the whole country discuss around the local history

By:Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

With a debate about the local and regional history, and its importance in the context of the investigations of the call macrohistory, continued this Tuesday the sessions of the V Encounter of Regional and Local History that organizes the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC).

The linking among the historical and cultural processes was stood out by those more than sixty intellectuals gathered in the event, in which presenters of the counties of Santiago de Cuba participate, Holguín, Granma, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, City of Havana and the own headquarters.

Investigations related with the historical sources and their protection, the archaeological prospectings, the agricultural development of different areas of the Island during the colonial period, the civic associations, and the architecture and the built patrimony, were among the main thematic analyzed in the six panels carried out during the day.

Already in the afternoon, also in the headquarters of the OHCC, was carried out the presentation of the book A fascinating history, The Conspiracy Trujillista, of the doctors Andrés Zaldívar Diéguez and Pedro Etcheverry Vázquez that had a wide and detailed conference toasted by the own Zaldívar and the doctor Reinaldo Suárez Suárez, professor of the University of East.

During the activity both specialists analyzed the characteristics of the Cuban reality to the victory of the Revolution and anlyzed the events happened then in October of 1959 by the betrayal of the major Húber Matos, of the one who detailed personal characteristics and the bonds that settled down with elements belonging to the Central Agency of Intelligence of the United States (CIA).

For today Wednesday, day of closing of the encounter, several theoretical sessions are foreseen among those that the panels stand out around the social and economic problems, the religion and society, and a special intervention about the imaginary urban that will impart the máster Félix Julio Alfonso, of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.

Camagüey, mentions of the Cuban literature

By:Yanetsy León González

The Cuban literary creation will occupy the first planes of the cultural panorama of this city with the inauguration today of events of national reach, foreseen up to November 8.

Coincide in this occasion the XV Reward Emilio Ballagas, the XIV of Literature Ángel Escobar and the II Flores Party that claims the Spanish American poet's initiative Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, with his proposal of consistent Floral Games in the reading of poems and where the public only rewards.

With the presentation of the book City of poor hearts, of Legna Rodríguez will begin tonight the extensive program of actions that includes poets' reading, conferences, theoretical debates and the promotion of books and magazines published in other counties.

With special character will be carried out the homage to House of The America for the anniversary 50 of its foundation.

Among the most prospective moments stand out the delivery of the poetry prizes Emilio Ballagas and Ángel Escobar, summoned by the Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature and the Association Hermanos Saíz, respectively.

Personalities of the culture like the writers attend Roberto Manzano, Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza and Carlos Esquivel, besides Teresa Fornaris, specialist of the Center of Studies Dulce María Loynaz and Lourdes González, representative of Holguín Editions.

When referring to the impact of these events, the writer of Camagüey Alejandro González insisted in the traditional character of the convocations from final of the XX century, as well as the exchange about the interests of the creators and the current tendencies of the manifestation.

The best homage to the mother of a hero

Yesterday died Carmen Nordelo Tejera , the self-denying mother of the Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, wrongly sanctioned to two life imprisonments and 15 years of prison.

The unusual thing is that single 12 days ago the justice yanki put in freedom to Santiago Álvarez Fernández-Magriñá, to the one who were occupied weapons of war, explosive and other means dedicated to the terrorist plans against our town.

It was about busy weapons to that agent of the CIA who dedicated great part from his life to the terrorism against Cuba to the service of the government of United States.

It would be worthwhile that the advisers of Barack Obama that so much diffuses its speeches for television, requested and showed him copy of the video of the Round Table of Cubavisión where the ridiculous four year-old sanction was approached in a jail of minimum security, applied Santiago Álvarez for the busy weapons, and the worst thing was that reduced him the pain, after giving to the North American Office another bigger load of weapons that the previous.The fellow, also, always sent a group that infiltrated in Cuba, to which commended to make explode an explosive load in the Cabaret Tropicana among other actions, replete of spectators. Irrefutable documental test of that instruction exists.

To another terrorist of Cuban origin, Roberto Ferro, ally to the terrorist mafia of Posada Carriles and Santiago Álvarez, in July of 1991 occupied 300 firearms, detonators and plastic explosive. It was sanctioned to two years. In April of 2006 occupied him, in hidden compartments of his house, 1 571 weapons and hand grenades. He received a five year-old sanction.

It will never be enough what is said around the cynicism of the politics of United States that includes Cuba in the list of terrorist countries, applies the murderous Law of Cuban Adjustment with exclusive character to our nation, and blocks economically, even prohibiting the sale of medical teams and medications.

Yesterday, the Round Table of our television, at the same time that enumerated Santiago Álvarez `s crime, exhibited programs of television of Miami where a connoted agent from United States, Antonio Veciana, narrated the plans with explosive and bullets for the murder of Cuban leaders, among them Camilo and the Che that were with me in a nurtured act of hundred of people's thousands in front of the old Presidential Palacio, or my murder in a press interview in Chile when I visited the president Salvador Allende. After all, like the mercenary admits, when the action the murderers to the service of the CIA lost courage in both cases. It was alone of two of the so many plans magnicids of the government of that country.

Such misdeeds can remember with cold blood except that, like in this case, the narration coincides with the news of the death, after long illness, of a honest mother and brave as Carmen Nordelo Tejera whose son has been wrongly condemned to two life imprisonments and 15 years of isolated and cruel prison and in a jail of high security. What harder pain could exist for her that her son's unjust perpetual prison for crimes that he never made?

It is not possible to deposit on his coffin a flower without denouncing, once again, the repugnant cynicism of the empire.

To it unites another listened atrocious news that same afternoon: the official signature of the agreement by virtue of which United States imposes seven military bases in the heart of Our America, with those that not threatens alone to Venezuela, but to all the towns of the Center and the South of our hemisphere. It is not an act of Bush's government; it is Barack Obama who subscribes that agreement, violating legal, constitutional and ethical norms, when still the fruits of the fateful base military yanki of Palmerola, in Honduras, are exhibited before the world. The military blow in that Central American country was carried out low the current administration.

It never talked to more scorn to the Latin American towns of this hemisphere.

A country like Cuba knows very well that after United States imposes one of its military bases, leaves if wants it, or remains for the force like has made with Guantánamo for more than a hundred years. There it erected the hateful center of tortures whose dungeons, with numerous prisoners, our splendid Rewards Nobel there still is not been able to eliminate. The refund of Blanket in Ecuador was continued immediately by the oficialization of the seven military bases imposed to the town of Colombia. As pretext the fight was used against the trade of drugs that, as the terrible lash of the paramilitarism, it arose of the gigantic North American market of cocaine and other drugs. The bases military yankis in Latin America arose a lot before the drugs, with interventionists ends.

Cuba demonstrated during half century that is possible to fight and to resist. The President of United States makes a mistake, and his advisers make a mistake, if that sordid and pejorative road continues toward the towns of Latin America. Our feelings, without hesitation some, lean toward the town bolivarian of Venezuela, its president Hugo Chávez and its Secretary of External Relationships, denouncing the pact military infamous tax to the Colombian town whose expansionary clauses their authors have not had at least the value to publish.

Cuba will continue cooperating with the programs of health, education and the social development of the countries siblings that, in spite of obstacles, advances and setbacks, will be more and more unyieldingly free.

As Lincoln affirmed: “… one cannot deceive to the whole town the whole time.”

We won't only deposit flowers on Carmen Nordelo`s tomb. We will continue the fight without rest for Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando, Ramón and René freedom, exposing the infinite hypocrisy and the cynicism of the empire, defending the truth!

Alone we will honor this way the memory of the legion of mothers and women as her that have sacrificed the best and more valuable in their life for the Revolution and the Socialism in Cuba.

Fidel Castro Ruz
November 3 , 2009
12:35 p.m.

In Camagüey prioritize attention to pregnant and newly born

The improvement of the attention ginecobstetric, pediatric and the pursuit to the newly born ones with under weight, constitute priorities of the Infantile Maternal Program in the county of Camagüey.

At the moment one works in the reorder of the Primary Attention, in the pursuit to the pregnant that suffer of arterial hypertension or diabetes, and those that surpass the 30 years of age.

Until the closing of October in Camagüey originated more than six thousand births, as long as the breathing, oncological affections and those of genetic origin, are the main causes of the deaths happened in the last months.

Of positive the work can be qualified carried out by the neonatology services, and ginecobstetric of the Provincial Maternal Hospital; those of Surgery of the Pediatric;and of Intensive Cares, of the “Manuel Ascunce.”

Nevertheless the Infantile Maternal Program in the territory of Camagüey, requires a more effective work in the Homes that assist to the pregnant , in the orientation to the families to avoid the gestation in the adolescents and in the reduction of the abortions. (Alex López Almaguer)