lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Camagüey will close year with saving of fuel

By:Ileana Borges Díaz

More than 40 million dollars were left of erogar by the saving of some 60 thousand tons of petroleum in the production of the county of Camagüey, until the month of November.

Jesus García Collazo, president of the Government in the territory added, in an encounter with the press that that result unites to other, also positive, when concluding the year when the population should face a complex recovery for the step of two hurricanes at the end of the 2008.
Compared with the year 2008 the energy intensity lowered by 36,4 percent, and among other factors figure the saving measures adopted starting from May to diminish the electricity expenses, with the rising decrease in the use of petroleum for the generation.

The energy intensity is an indicator that is calculated starting from a relationship of the consumption of conventional fuel and the mercantile production, which measures the behavior of the economy.

For García Collazo, although the state sector was able to put on behind the private one and to lower the electricity consumption in both reservations exist, and they should continue adopting measures that make that the county doesn't surpass its assignment.

He announced that the territory overfulfilled in the 11 months its plan of mercantile production, that which won't vary a lot when closing December, estimated, and alone the branches of the sugar and the transport won't make it.

Regarding the productions of foods confirmed an encouraging recovery and exemplified in the case of the milk, next to reach 90 millions or more than liters, but that of viands that continues below the demand differed and it owes revive with the suburban agriculture in the 2010.

Cuba will develop symposium about science and nature

"The ecological crisis", and "The environmental education" will be two of the topics that will debate the International Symposium Culture, Science and Nature that will be made in this capital from the 19 to coming January 21.

Organized by the Cuban foundation The nature and the man, the appointment includes round tables centered in the life and work of the scientific Antonio Núñez Jiménez, investigator of the environmental and who presided the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, refer the digital place

For the section dedicated the Núñez browser the participation of the Cuban participant is foreseen in the expedition In canoe from the Amazons to the Caribbean, as well as of three foreigners that intervened in that adventure, Ecuadorian two of them and one coming from Puerto Rico.

It is planed a photographic exhibition on the mentioned Cuban geographer, and a fair with the participation of several institutions, among these the Society Espeleológyc of Cuba.

Factory of sorbitol of Camagüey surpasses a thousand 340 tons in the year

Por:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The only factory of sorbitol of Cuba, located in this city, surpasses a thousand 340 tons in the year, most dedicated to the elaboration of the dental past distributed in the family basket.

Angel Joseph Marshall, boss of production of the industry, said that according to the yield of the plant and the matter prevails available at this time the 2009 will finish with some a thousand 530 tons.

Besides giving the compound for its employment in the country, this year it grew the export lightly, mostly to nations of the Caribbean area and Latin American.

In accordance with the plans, in the 2010 a thousand 600 tons of sorbitol should be made.

With capacity to manufacture 10 thousand tons annually, the reason of its limited production resides in the first floor supply of glucose from the central Argentina, also in Florida, and Chiquitico Fabregat, in Villa Clara, which get it of the refined sugar, and of a line in Cienfuegos that achieves it of the cared corn.

The sorbitol has a lot of demand for the dentrífics preparation and cosmetics, of foods and as conditioner paper, textile and lines.

In order to increase the elaboration of the product, it is foreseen to undertake in 2010 the assembly of a plant of glucose and fructose of high quality.

According to Juan Carlos Díaz Rodríguez, director of the industry, the investment will allow to obtain seven thousand tons of glucose and same quantity of fructose, both competitive at international level.

With that figure of glucose the 10 thousand tons of sorbitol can be elaborated that respond to the design of the factory, of French technology and in operation from 1993.

The Cuban Institute of Investigations of those Derived of the Cane of Sugar, in City of Havana,achieved the technology for this chemical compound, of high added value and that up to now Japan only elaborates.

"Homeland or Death": record in the production of bovine milk

The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Homeland or Death”, of the municipality of Jimaguayú, became this Sunday the first of its type in the country that is able to gather two million liters of milk in the present campaign, magnificent result that its cattlemen dedicate to the Revolution in its 51 years of fertile existence.

Julio Cesar García First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey transmitted this way ,, during the Eleventh Ordinary Session of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, carried out this Sunday.

On the other hand, Ángel Morel Castle, administrator of the mentioned basic unit of cooperative production, meant that that result has as only formula the efficiency in the work and the due handling of the cattle mass.

The "Homeland or Death", shares the condition of Bimillonary with the Cooperative of Credits and Services “Niceto Pérez”, belonging to the municipality of Guáimaro. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Camagüey advances in the attention to Chronic Renal Inadequacy

A valuable contribution to the development of the health in Camagüey, materialized during the 2009, the assistance personnel of the Center of Nefrology belonging to the Provincial Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech.

The Doctor Yadira Velazco boss of those services in the county, highlighted that the attention to suffered people of renal chronicle deficiency is satisfactory, fact facilitated by the employment of new technologies and the increment of the number of beds dedicated to that suffering.

On the other hand, offers specialized pursuit to the patients diagnosed with those pathologies and those that require of the dialysis method in Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila and Moron.

At the moment in the Center of Nefrology of the capital of Camagüey, the conditions are believed stops in the coming year to carry out kidney transplant with alive donors' organs, what will allow a more immediate recovery and will propitiate more hope of people's life intervened surgically.

The service of Nefrology in Camagüey, began in the provincial Hospital in the year 1977, with dialítics methods and of renal transplant, and so far have been carried out near 500 operations of that type. (Alex López Almaguer)