jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Peninsule of Hicacos would have special attention

A special attention deserves Varadero, and in particular the peninsula of Hicacos, a territory of singular significance for the economic development of the country, because in it the main touristic pole is located outside of the capital.

Under the title Peninsula of Hicacos would have special attention, Granma newspaper publishes an information in which adds that this constitutes, also, an important point in the works of extraction of petroleum.

In this case intends to institute a representative of the Council of Secretaries with direct responsibility on the peninsula of Hicacos to control the execution of the politicians settled down by the Government of the Republic with such purposes.

Keeping in mind the required rationality, valid for all that today attacks the country, the analyses point to that is not justified the existence of the municipality of Varadero, adds the newspaper.

Therefore, - precise - the proposal advises to incorporate this territory to the current municipality of Cárdenas, such and like was before the Politic Administrative Division approved in 1976. The existent Popular Council in the demarcation of the peninsula of Hicacos would maintain its functions.

The territory where are located the international airport Juan Gualberto Gómez and the establishments bordering whose total area is of 35 square kilometers and contains a thousand of inhabitants approximately, would pass to the municipality head of Matanzas.

The exam of the proposed modifications left clear that the residents won't have affectation some in connection with the documentation steps—says identity card, registration of vehicles, etc—, neither when having the basic services (education, public health, social security..) that have received until today, expressed the note.

On such arguments the exchange was centered from the assistants to the full ones extraordinary provincial and municipal of the Party in Matanzas and Varadero, presided over the first one for José Ramón Machado Ventura, member of the Political Desk and First Vice-president of the Council of State and of Secretaries. In both meetings was present, also, Omar Ruíz Martin, first secretary of the Party in the county.

The information toasted by Graciel Rodríguez, president of the Institute of Physical Planning, remembered that during several years a Commission designated by the Council of State, to proposal of the Political Desk, studied the convenience of modifications to the current Politic Administrative Division.

So much in the city of Matanzas like in Varadero took place extraordinary sessions of the provincial and municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, which analyzed the importance of the outlined transformations. To those encounters attended Jaime Crombet, vice-president of the Cuban Parliament, and Yoel Pérez Arencibia, president of the Government in the county.

The members of the committees of the Party and the delegates to the assemblies revealed their will of supporting these decisions.

Cuba accelerates cultivation of beans to reduce imports

Cuba develops with velocity a program to increase the seed of beans, in search of reducing the imports of the grain that annually are about the 60 thousand tons.

The project traffics at this time for the selection of those producing of cooperative of proprietors or usufructuary of earth, informed to the AIN Félix Manso, of the Ministry of the Agriculture.

Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), pointed out in this city that the immediate objective is to assure the plantation of 20 thousand hectares in September and 80 thousand in the period October 2010 to January of the coming year, the best stage for the cultivation in the country.

The program anticipate the sale to the farmers of a technological package that costs Cuba 16 million dollars, and compose pesticide and fertilizers.

To the current price of 868 dollars the ton in the international market, Cuba would be saved more than 52 million dollars.

The purpose is to assure that plantation area annually with this project, expressed Manso.

In 2008, the country gathered 97 thousand tons and the following year it increased in some some 13 thousand, informs the National Office of Statistical.

This cultivation showed in the last times a fall from the 133 thousand tons in 2004.

Monthly the State sells to subsidized prices each Cuban determined quantity of this grain.
( Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Advances in Camagüey seed of spring of sugar cane

Since January to the date in this county of Camagüey have been planted of cane five thousand 132 hectares, what evidences advance in the task and sure possibility of execution of the program in the first semester of the year.

That foreseen for the first six months of the year is to water the gramineous seed of the sweet in little more than six thousand 850 hectares, objective that receives a determinant impulse to complete June 30 in these moments.

With that purpose are carried out daily mobilizations of all the structures of the Ministry of Sugar (MINAZ), those that are leaning with the incorporation of men and women of different sectors of the life in each of the municipalities of the county.

The biggest efforts concentrate at the moment on the sugar Companies “Cándido González”, of Santa Cruz del Sur and “ Battles of the Guásimas”, in Vrtientes, urged, as the other ones, of a prompt recovery of their supplying areas.

On the other hand, and nevertheless to have completed their respective commitments of cane seed in the spring season, in the Companies “Brazil”, in Esmeralda and “Siboney” of Sibanicú, continues with the plantation that cooperates to the provincial plan of 13 thousand 479 hectares.

That to proceed allows to shorten road in the zeal of having the enough matter prevails, cane, to attack bigger harvests in production and in correspondence with the potentialities industrial sugar of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)