viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Coffee City for testing the tradition

By:Yanetsy León González

With the sign of Coffee City a property of the XIX century reopened its doors in Camagüey, to continue preserving traditions of the most authentic thing of the Cuban popular culture, in a central corner of the Humanity's area proclaimed Cultural Patrimony.

Set with gigantographies taken for around a century, the installation will prepare 8 varieties of coffee at the moment, although has 103 recipes, besides the additional offer.

The rite of the brown mambí at 6:00 o'clock p.m. will be the biggest attractiveness in the house to consist on a public preparation, with the method to the usage of the rural areas. The grains brought from the oriental region of the country, are crushed in the pylon, are blended with boiled water and honey, filtered by the strainer, it is the clever infusion to take in pitcher of enameled aluminum and to test with pieces of cheese.

Coffee City is open every day from 10:00 o'clock a.m. to 10:00 o'clock p.m.

The wooden instrument that will be used in the Brown City, well-known as pylon, composed by a base of the mango tree and the hand of pepper, it was donated by the Office of the Conservative of the City of Santiago from Cuba like sample of their brotherhood with its homologous of Camagüey, the architect indicated Yadira Pérez, specialist.

The revenues of the Brown City, collected by the Comercializer Company Santa María, like part of the system of self-financings of the OHCC, will be employees in the architectural projects of the city, fundamentally in the Humanity's 54 hectares proclaimed Cultural Patrimony, the manager José Argudín assured.

The XIX century it transcended as the “century of the coffee” and historically has by excellence been the East of Cuba the region producer of that matter prevails of the popular black nectar.

About the remodeling the work boss, Julio Cesar González Quiala, shared his satisfaction for the result after 7 months of work that had the biggest accidents in the restitution on behalf of the roof, the change of the roof and the discovery of the flagstones of mud of the floor.

This instrument wooden called pylon is used in the rural areas of the East of Cuba it leaves to crush the grains of coffee

Located in one of the lateral of the Park Agramonte, last Square bigger than the current city and next to the old City council, the property belonged to personalities with social hierarchy in Puerto Príncipe and in the XX century it was leased with lodging function with the name of Hotel England that welcomed commercial establishments, of coffee, tavern, tobaccos, and other trinkets.

Inaugurates Fernando Alonso, theater for the artistic teaching in Camagüey.

A new theater for the artistic teaching was inaugurated in Camagüey. To the opening attended the National Prize of dance Fernando Alonso, Julio Cesar García First secretary of the Party in the county, and Jesus García Collazo president of the Popular Power.

By: Aymee Amargós \Televisión Camagüey

The theater in Camagüey a space has been won that distinguishes it. Now a new room Vicentina de la Torre opens up in the Academy of the arts, dedicated fundamentally to the artistic teaching and presentations for the population. The institution has a capacity for more than 200 people.

The provincial director of the sectoral of culture in Camagüey, Salvador Tejón specifies place it will be used for rehearsals and presentations of the educational, though it will also welcome important events of the territory like the national festival of theater, the Olorum or the film critic's national workshop, among other."

The promoter of the idea of building the theatrical installation was the teacher Fernando Alonso. The national Prize of dance was honored bin the opening.

"A theater without functions doesn't live, for that reason it is necessary that they use it, he added when intervening in the inaugural ceremony."

"I am very happy, I also feel from Camagüey and I remember with a lot of satisfaction my 18 years to the front of the Ballet of Camagüey."

"I complete in December 95 years, however I maintain energy to continue teaching."

On the other hand, the investor of the work Elides Zamada Guerra argues.

"The cost of the work overcomes the million of pesos. In the construction participated several companies of the territory, although the main merit was for the Complex Agroindustrial Argentinean of Florida next to the support of COPEXTEL who assumed the installation of the technical equipment."

With excellent constructive, environmental conditions and of systems of audio and shine, the work is it considers the best of its type in the county.

Grateful artists of Camagüey pieces and of students of the academy of the arts Vicentina de la Torre, adorns the place. It is a new cultural space that will enrich the spirituality.

In Camagüey, San José Ranch: a sure refuge

By: Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez

To pass over the cover of the Ranch San José, in the municipality of Sibanicú, yumbils of all the colors and herdsmen of good grass, welcome next to real turkeys, iguanas, doves, quails, and until the antelope Carola that reaffirm the arrival to a sure refuge.

Immediately Eduardo Garaboa Álvarez`s hand, Lalito for all, extends and explains to him that have arrived to a place dedicated to the protection of the flora and the fauna, where reproduces the genetic bottom of horses and multiplies the asnar, to obtain mules.

When arriving to the blocks, Lalito teaches proud as each montero assists its patio of mares, each one of a different color, pride of the Ranch, the same as its sires Patibarcins, Creole Quarter Horse and Arabic, those in charge of a good reproduction to obtain animals of pure race.

The Ranch San José specializes in the breeding of the race Patibarcin, intelligent, energetic and special horse for the work of the cattle raising, of those that count with more than 50 animals, among them 20 mares for the reproduction, but also have other racial equine,among them more than 200 mestize mares, dedicated to breeding.

As politics to maintain the genetic bottom, in this type of ranches, keep the females and the males send them to other dependences.

As for the livestock asnar, Lalito explains that the demands of the Plan Turquino in the mountains of the country is high, for it, in the Ranch San José assumed the obtaining of mules, starting from the crossing of the mare and the donkey, to be animal resistant for the work in those places. Today they count with more than 500 donkeys, and are considered the unit of bigger quantity of these copies.

During our visit, 50 mares were pregnant and continue the reproduction to fulfill the order that were made Lalito and their near 200 workers live proud of their ranch, where also have bovine livestock, ram, rabbits and already prepared conditions to recapture the breeding of birds, the one that a lot were affected when the hurricane Ike.

And because their mission is the one of improving the breeding of horses genetically, all, print its biggest efforts in the attention to those animals, it not stops in a future very distant, when it is spoken of the Race Patibarcin, it is known that its best copies left the Ranch San José, in the municipality of Sibanicú, because that it is sure refuge for the Flora protection and the Cuban Fauna.

In Camagüey will implement new modality of transport

With the objective of to preserve the technical state and to speed up the service of the metrobuses and the bus biarticulates, starting from November 1st. the service will settle down of Expressed in the routes 19, 112 and 124 of the capital of Camagüey.

The new modality enlarges the distance among the stops to a kilometer and up to thousand 500metros and will only be applied to the teams denominated by the population like “Camels” and the biarticulated buses, the other state means of transport will stay with its habitual route.

This initiative that pursues the purpose of protecting the cars that are used more efficiently and that have less breaks, it will only be to the metrobuses and the biarticulated of 19 o'clock that goes from the Model allotment to the Lenin; the 112, of the own Model until kilo SEVEN and the 124, also of the Pattern to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Rubén Brito Guevara, boss of the Department of Urban Transport of the capital of Camagüey, highlighted that to application of the service of Express will contribute to the efficiency in the use of those big teams and to the increase of the number of trips newspapers. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

Camagüey continues with good step

By: Luisa Fernanda / Television Camagüey

The weekend the people of Camagüey continued their good step in the Tournament of Ascent of the Cuban basketball for men and the special for ladies, in their confrontations before the selections of Villa Clara.

In the day of Friday the women fell with slate of 89 for 87 and 59 cardboards were imposed by 54 in the saturday afternoon .

As long as the tigers demonstrated their fierceness on the court and they treated even of defeats to their rivals with scorekeepers of 104 for 84 and 93 for 73.

The women involved in this combat that was not made with these characteristics during several years, as for number of teams in it fights, will thoroughly have to be used and to have the most experienced to be located finally in a significant place in the chart of positions.

On the other hand the men already have the experience of previous campaigns and the incentive of the won brass the previous edition in the Superior League.

In next days they return to their habitual court of the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún and there, their many followers, will be able to live the emotions of this sport show closely.

University students to the sport courts

By: Luisa Fernanda / Televisión Camagüey

The IX National Universiade, will give beginning in Camagüey the next October 26 and its closing date will be on November 1st.

To this party of the university sport will converge more than 300 participants involved in four sports: baseball, football, judo and karate.

This week of competitions will serve from colophon to the preparation and the previous events carried out in each center.

The teams are integrated, in almost their entirety, for students athletes of the Universities of the Cuban sport and in a smaller number for those that course studies in the Institutes of Medical Sciences and other specialties.

One has worked with a lot of perseverance to condition the headquarters of competitions, in the fundamental thing, the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún that will reopen their recovered doors of the affectations caused by the meteorological phenomenon of last year, the hurricane IKE.

This famous installation of the people of Camagüey will be scenary for the judo and the karate as long as the baseball is foreseen is played in the lands of the School Sport Initiation (EIDE)Cerro Pelado and some municipalities bordering, although it is not discarded that in the stadium “Cándido González”, made the crash for the medal of gold.

The futsal, with grateful quality among the practitioners of the discharges houses of studies, will be in the court of the ability of Medical Sciences.

The event of which will be able to enjoy starting from November 1st. the people of Camagüey, will allow to take a look to the preparation heading for the Games Central American University students in Republic of the Dominican Republic in June 2010.

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Combatant march of a heroic town

By:Yuldys Márquez Díaz \Televisión Camagüey

The town of Camagüey played a historical march, remembering the trajectory that made the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos when, October 21, 1959, miscarried the seditious intent of the manzaniller Hubert Matos. In a patriotic act in the today school city Ignacio Agramonte the young people of Camagüey confirmed the continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

The town of Camagüey remembered the trajectory that made the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos for the streets of Camagüey until the school city Ignacio Agramonte.
For the streets of the city of Camagüey went young, pioneers, combatants, federated and workers.
The today school city Ignacio Agramonte the new generations of people of Camagüey play a patriotic act.

Camagüey combatant goes for the anniversary 50 of the popular victory before the betrayal of Hubert Matos.

"Men will have traitors; but towns not, and less that of Camagüey." Fidel trusted Camilo Cienfuegos the mission of to capture the seditious officials and to stop the maneuver.

The youths confirmed the historical continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

This Revolution, like in the days of the war, has single two roads: To conquer or to Die, expressed the Mr. of the Vanguard one day like today to the people of Camagüey, after being frustrated the intent desestabilizer of Hubert Matos.

Stands out academy of the arts Vicentina de la Torre in the artistic teaching

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

The academy of the arts of Camagüey honors Vicentina de la Torre. Pedagogist that gave her name and her life to the school. Founder of the center, was consecrated to the work of the academy. Her exemplary work like teacher of several subjects and the acting of multiple functions,have left the memory in all those that had the privilege of being her students.

The center of half level is artists' formator. During years it has nurtured from professionals to important cultural institutions of the county and the country.

The school is characterized by the quality of the cloister. When concluding the studies, a high percent of the students continues in the superior institute of art.

Its current registration almost integrates 200 students in the ballet specialties, plastic arts and dramatic arts.

In having reiterated opportunities the center has obtained medals of gold, silver and brass in the International festivals of academies.

Starting from now, it has a room theater for rehearsals and presentations. New space dedicated to the promotion of the art.

The academy of the arts has contributed valuable figures to the national culture.

The new generations find a place there to get ready in the teaching and in the artistic disciplines stops then to participate in an active way in the cultural processes.

One of the most important taxes in the community is to have brought near the art to the Camagüey of all the ages, fundamentally to the children of the primary schools through exhibitions, competitions, functions and didactic concerts.

The installation of colonial style welcomes in its wide corridors works of noted artists ofCamagüey that are inserted between the arcades and vitrals to adorn the enclosure.
The Academy of the Art takes the legacy ahead of who was the main figure of the artistic teaching in Camagüey - Vicentina de la Torre -

Celebrate festival of folkoric dance Olorum

The fourth edition of the festival of dance folkoric Olorum took place in Camagüey. To the encounter attended as companies ten groupings of different counties of the country.
By: Aymee Amargós \Televisión Camagüey

The festival of folkloric dance Olorum dedicated its fourth edition to the rumba.

Groups of Camagüey attended the parties, next to those of several counties of the country. Among other, participated as companies Free dance, the folkloric of East, Afrocuba, the folkloric of ciego de Ávila and the combined national folkloric.By manolo Micler, its director this festival is a remeeting opportunity and confrontation.

The prize Olorum for the work of the life was given Zenaida Armenteros. Recognition to her professional work in the art musician danzary". I thank to the scenic arts, and to the town of Camagüey for so many homages."

Each grouping combined in the scenary folklorics and popular Cuban rhythms.

Olorum is a term of the language Yoruba that means Sun.

With the energy of the star king the festival Space that has been won a place in the danzary environment .

The director of the folkloric ballet of Camagüey, the teacher Reinaldo Echemendía, organizer of the encounter considers that it has been won in experience. "It is worthwhile to maintain this party of the dance. Only of it type that stimulates the music and the folklorics dance."

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Camilo forever among us.

By: María del Carmen Fuentes\ Television Camagüey.

The pictures of the October21, 1959, speak of the decision of a man, of a town. Camilo Cienfuegos arrived at the airport of Camagüey to complete the mission commended by Fidel: to liquidate the betrayal of Hubert Matos. In company of faithful official and soldiers go to the Regiment Agramonte, where stops the traitor. Few hours later Fidel enters in earth of Agramonte where are added on foot by the streets of the city about thirty thousand of people of Camagüey. This way, the leader of the Revolution, the Mr. of the Vanguard and the town they liquidate the seditious actions definitively.

Half century later, the history palpitates again in the Camagüey. just there, in the Airport "Ignacio Agramonte", their workers remember with high patriotic sense that event.

Forever and of generation in generation keep with zeal the pride to be forever part of the town history…Camilo accent images like these in the place where they daily dignify eternal delivery to the homeland…

Because like them, the town of Camagüey has demonstrated during every year the truthfulness of what October 21, 1959 sentence Fidel:
"Men can have treacherous but non towns"
For that reason finally he told to this town Camagüey:

" We`ll transform this military city into a school! So we`ll transform this military city into a school where attend hundred of children, because our barracks are in the town, our Revolution defends the town! And when it is necessary to combat against a foreign enemy, the whole town will be clever to defend it!. And when that moment arrives, when it is necessary to combat against an enemy that comes of it was, then we will come with the arms full with rifles to be given them to the town!

people of Camagüey: on behalf of the Revolutionary Government, on behalf of the homeland, on behalf of all Cuba, our gratitude for today's magnificent expression, and for the extraordinary page of civism that have just written!

Work in Camagüey to maintain results in suburban agriculture

A group of actions applies in Camagüey in the suburban agriculture, guided to organize the advance and cash development of this movement, of which the territory of Camagüey is example and guides for the rest of the country, with very effective results to six months of its application.

Such proposals define, for really to achieve viands productions, vegetables, grains and fruit-bearing in the surroundings of the city, about 10 kilometers to the round, to bring near their commercialization to ships and markets and to give utility to thousands of chivalries of lazy and infested lands of marabout.

Among the questions to keep in mind for those who incorporate to the movement of the suburban agriculture, stand out that in each cooperative and their collective areas a grove is fomented with some 30 species of fruit-bearing, and that some of them are also assisted in the properties of the peasants.

Work that also include the development of theworm culture and the compot elaboration and its use as organic fertilizers, to produce flowers for the supply to each territory and to have an unit to produce pickles, dry condiments and pulps of fruits in preserve. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Sure work to dial persons of Camagüey

By:María Socarrás H.

Inside the employment priorities in Cuba the dial persons is among the first ones and in the county of Camagüey this politics is completed like in the rest of the country in spite of the damages of the world economic crisis and of the blockade of the United States against the Caribbean island.

With the result that a total of 283 blind men and weak visual belonging to the National Association of Blind (ANCI) of this region, are working in the special shops for dial persons, in ordinary centers, in their own homes or self-employed.

The Association maintains narrow coordination bonds, together with the Direction of Work and Social security that give quick answer to the applications of the population's sector inside those that the deaf ones and the limited physical motors are included in their respective organizations

One of the roads of labor occupation is the shops whose fundamental objective is to prepare them for its location in ordinary centers according to its profile.

In the county 5 of those shops located in the municipalities of Camagüey work, where the biggest quantity in dial persons resides, in Florida, Nuevitas, Sibanicú and Minas.

The Cuban State offers special attention to these people when guaranteeing them I don't only use, but I study and the incorporation to the culture and the sport, In this last one has been example when obtaining laurels in the Olympiads Paralímpics of the last years.

To fifty years:Remember people of Camagüey first march of the town combatant

By:Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

The students headed the march

Thousands people of Camagüey reissue in the morning of this Wednesday October 21 the manifestation that fifty years ago frustrated a dangerous intentone seditious contrarrevolutionary, and constituted the first march of the town combatant happened after the victory of the Revolution.

The pilgrimage that left around seven in the morning from the old headquarters of the National Institute of Agrarian Reformation (INRA), in central street San Pablo, will also add to people of Camagüey thousands congregated in other points of the four urban districts.

It is planed that those columns important streets and avenues of this capitalcenter west travel, until arriving to the school city Ignacio Agramonte, old military headquarters of the territory, where will take place a cultural political act presided over by the main political and government authorities of the county.

Today's activities commemorates the events of October 221,1959, dates in which a dangerous seditious intent was defeated thanks to the certain one to work of the address of the Revolution and the manifestation of more than 30 thousand local inhabitants that led by the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro and the beloved Major Camilo Cienfuegos, took the then main military strength of the territory.


By :José Gilberto Valdés\Televisión Camagüey

I have a recurrent historical reference. In fifty years, personalities of the Cuban Revolution have qualified, eulogized and mentioned to the people of Camagüey in multiple ways. However, each October 21, that note stands out in the memories published in the newspaper Adelante in the year 1959 that in the practice was the epilogue of a group of events carried out by the town, next to Fidel and Camilo, to put an end to the betrayal contrarrevolutionary of Hubert Matos.

The note of gratefulness to the town of Camagüey is signed by the commandant Camilo Cienfuegos, one of the main heroes of the fight to get rid of the claws of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista.

For conduit of the newspaper Adelante are us those that say thank you, thank you town of Camagüey your presence in the camp Agramonte to help to solve a betrayal to the Homeland, men will not have traitors but towns and less Camagüey.

There lapsed the first months of the triumphant Revolution, when the Commandant for second time this present in the city of Camagüey, capital of the county of the same name. The first one was in the celebration, like free town, of the First of May, International Day of the Workers. In the second occasion, went to this legendary village with commends it of the seditious intentone and divisionist that blocked the good march of the revolutionary laws plotting.

Witness of that dawn of October confirm that the Commandant Camilo, with the audacity and courage that characterized it, stopped the traitor personally and assumed the control in Camagüey.

martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

Camagüey revives its reedbeds

An evident reanimation is appreciated in the chore of sugar of camagüeyano, with a view to coming harvests, acting that lapses parallelly with a guessed right diversification producer.

The rescue of traditional and productive areas of reedbeds goes displacing the opportunist marabout,it can appreciate in solid of big cane processors like the Sugar Company Brazil, in Esmeralda.

In that acting lead in productivity for hectares the plantations of Cooperative Agricultural and of Credits and services, although many UBPC already exhibits yields to keep in mind for the next harvest.

It also stands out the development of areas for the several cultivations and the cattle raising that it is attacked with a more complete universal prism, because it surpasses the necessity autosupply, and to become investor of the population's alimentary requirements.

In such to be proceeded it inscribes the realistic projection in the property Tayabito that under the responsibility of the MINAZ is part of the productive cord around the city of Camagüey, and that integrates the purpose of possessing in each entity 70 hectares dedicated to viands and grains.

Recently, and when going magazine to the emulation by July 26 in the sector, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Party, manifested the trust of the political Address of the county in the chore of the sugar bowls, determined to occupy the high-priority place that corresponds them in the life of the county of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

To breastfeed the Cuban National Identity

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco\ Televisión Camagüey

When celebrating this October 20 the Day of the Cuban Culture - I celebrate settled down nationally as homage to the same day that in 1868, amid the fight independentist against the Spanish colonialism, patriots from Bayamo for the first time intoned the notes of the National Hymn -, I consider opportune once again to mean the paper of the Cuban National Identity (INC - or Cultural, if it is preferred this way) to face the internal threats and the provoked for the world disorder.

(I assume for Culture to the result and continuous chore of the human work in favor of the virtue against animal instincts, all that which has been bequeathed of generations in generations from remote times assisting to each historical-concrete context whose function more and more it resides in satisfying the material and spiritual necessities of people in a means that privileges harmony with the society and the nature. Their hard nucleus should be the fight for the fraternity, the dignity, the justness and the happiness of all the towns, in counter current with the degradation of our species).

To big steps, it is necessary to remember that after the fall of the socialism of Soviet court, to planetary scale rained the bets to that Cuba would be the next victim. The "logic" it indicated that, if Moscow believed in tears, how its "satellite" installed in the bigger than the Antilles will leave of you run the same luck. But, after two decades, besides becoming earthly the miracle, the Revolution in the Cuban archipelago attended a process of improvement.

Parallelly, the international relationships were coined with the term of Neoliberal Globalization among whose main characteristic not alone the Unipolarity is vs. the Multilaterality, but also the intent of implanting a homogeneity hegemonized - enlarged revitalization of the doctrine Monroe: America for the Yankees and the world Made in it USES.

That is to say that starting from the crossroad of the XX-XXI centuries, I never in the History, face a kidnapping intent the National Identities: conceptually, the process that synthesizes and characterizes to each town (for their culture, language, idiosyncrasy, auto recognize, sense of ownership...), in accordance with the values that are in game in a given historical moment (materials and spiritual), that that simultaneously is distinguished and assimilates the global thing, the universal thing (the necessary and unavoidable transculture). Cuba is inserted in it - and from the point of identidary view, such a conceptualization is applied.

(I also assume for Values - amen of the esteem for the tangible patrimony -, to the group of ideas that, at the time that allow to cohabit in the mark of the decency, contribute to the positive transformation of the society all time that conscience of them is made and, stiller, incorporate to the fellow's performance, to tenor with the demands of each specific context. In their practical expression, they evidence the utility of the virtue - in consonance with the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí).

Convenced test from the aggression to this Identities it is in the extended yanquimanía (cult to blind to any invoice of North American origin), so much more if one keeps in mind that are of companies of that nation 50% of the movies that are elaborated and they are exhibited in the world; the same percent of the satellites that arrive to all the regions of the planet; 60% of the world nets; 70% of the videos; similar percent in Internet; and near the television 80% of the serial ones.

In this thought order, it is necessary to keep in mind that the INC, according to the Cuban sage Don Fernando Ortiz, includes two fundamental nuclei: one, the cubanity, expert as the main peculiarity of the culture of Cuba; other, the cubany, assumed as the full cubanty and responsibly, felt consciously and wanted. They are elements that serve as good company.

Much more since in the perspective it is a lot to make against the voracious Neoliberal Globalization and the aggressiveness of the yank Eagle against our Green Cayman, we should always take care of the INC like to the girl of our own eyes. In consequence, constantly we must feed such values as the dignity, the patriotism, the responsibility, the humanism, the honesty, the justice, the solidarity, the industry and the honesty - faced as a system, according to perception of the Communist Party of Cuba.

With José Martí`s cosmovision , we should feed the dignity that is to say, the respect to itself and the humanity from their idea according to which the first law of our Republic must be the cult of Cuban and Cuban to the person's full dignity; the patriotism, that is to say the loyalty to the history, the homeland and the socialist Revolution, and the full disposition of defending their principles for Cuba and for the world, with their maxim that "Homeland is humanity"; and the responsibility that is the execution of the contracted commitment before itself, the family, the community and the society, and that - in accordance with the own Martí - it means that to see a duty and not to complete it is to miss the same one.

Also, with the partner's impronta Fidel Castro must assume the humanism like the love toward the human beings, and the concern for the full development of all envelope the base of the justness, with the conviction of the necessity of "to be treated and to try to the other ones as human beings"; the honesty that implies sincerity, and to achieve harmony among the thought, the speech and the action, and overalls "not to never lie neither to violate ethical principles"; and the justice, interpreted as the respect to the social equality that is expressed in that the human beings are worthy of the same rights and opportunities, without discrimination for origin differences, age, sex, social occupation, physicaldevelop , mental, cultural, color of the skin, credo and of any other nature; and with the firm purpose of "to fight for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world."

Also, the solidarity, expert as the comprometiment in idea and action with the well-being of the other ones in the family, the school, the labor communities, the nation and toward other countries; the industry that constitutes the maximum use of the tasks in the production or the services and other social activities that are carried out, starting from the conscience that the work is the only source of wealth, a social duty and the road for the realization of the social and personal objectives; and the honesty, reflected in the rightness and integrity in all the environments of the human existence, and in the action of living off their own work and effort.

Therefore - and ultimately -, the cardinal aspect of our Identity has an axis: to be-want-defend-enrich ours, with healthy pride of ownership and assimilating the best in the universal culture. This way - in a context signed for the international disorder in which is urgent to solve the contradiction Neoliberal Globalization vs. National Identities -, we pay to that, earlier than takes, in the world the Globalization of the Fraternity reigns.

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

Work in Camagüey maintains rate of last years

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

Although most of the nations reduced their employment expectations for the economic crisis, the county of Camagüey occupied 11 thousand people in the year, a similar quantity to that of the last times.

The Direction of Work and Social security in the territory predicted that when concluding the period the incorporation of residents to different work options will be of the order of the 15 thousand.

Martha Adán who directs that sphere in Camagüey, pointed out that such an indicator has an equivalent behavior to the precedent years, in spite of the decrease of the investments for the financial limitations of the country for the global situation.

As informed the AIN, the unemployment rate is inferior to three percent.

The National Office of Statistics published in its Annual of the 2008 that in that meter the county reported 1,4 percent, against 2,0 of the 2007.

The biggest offer of squares was carried out in the agricultural activity, in correspondence with the priority that gives Cuba to the production of foods.

She also mentioned the construction, mainly with the reception of youths to prepare them in specialties directed to the rehabilitation of the residence bottom, strongly hit by the hurricanes of last year.

She added that there are more employment guarantees in these fronts and assured that those more than three thousand 300 graduate of polytechnic schools and of the University of Camagüey received their corresponding employment.

Consulted by the AIN, Luis Naples, vice-president in the territory of the National Association of Economists and Accountants, considered that the agricultural sectors and of the construction have not been all the attractive ones to increase the work force.

If one has another offer, doesn't leave to the agriculture, expressed and pointed out that there are material reasons that impact in the purpose of elevating the occupation in the agricultural sphere, the main economic activity of the county.

It also estimated that the structure of the population residence doesn't favor that necessity, because 75,8 percent lives in the cities and only the 24,2 in the rural area.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Uses works the combined folkloric of Camaguey for its 18 years of created

By: Aymeé Amargós \ Televisión Camagüey

"Ancestros", allegorical piece to the formation of the national culture from the perspective of the spiritism

In the piece bembé 10 different ways of expression of the yoruba culture are represented in the Cuban santery.

Suffiring, dance of the suffir with a strong exercise of the rhythmic.

The community possesses a rich experience in the world of the show

Concludes Festival of the Written Press in Camagüey

By:LuciloTejera Díaz

With the suggestion of the readers that the journalistic work resembles the reality, it concluded today after three days of activities the VIII Festival of the Written Press in the county of Camagüey.

Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Party in the territory, in the conclusions of the Festival called to the journalists to elevate the individual and collective preparation to make a more efficient press.

It stood out the importance of the acting of these professionals in well of the town, to which not only transmit information, but also education, values, culture, moral and makes aware.

One of the main achievements of the event was the consultation with the addressees of the chore of the means of the territory, starting from the opinion of students and workers of the schools of the Party and Military Camilo Cienfuegos and of personal of the Alimentary Company.

The general birdcall was that the press reflects the time in all its shades and arrive to the root of the wrongs that suffer to the society.

The written press in Camagüey develops the Adelante newspaper, with 50 years of circulation, and the journalists direction of the Agency of National Information (AIN), Latin Presses , Granma and Juventud Rebelde.

During the realization of the event, it was also made, a shop in the rural community of Vilató, in the mountain of Cubitas, about the list of the means starting from the positions of the Cuban recent President's speeche Raúl Castro.

A jury integrated by professionals of the newspaper now!, of the county of Holguín, granted prizes in several goods summoned to competition, in which journalists of the mentioned means and students of the career of Journalism of the University of Camagüey participated.

The festivals in all the territories of the country are hall of the national , which will take place in City of Havana in the first days of the coming December.

UN vs. vetusto Blockade

By :Noel Manzanares Blanco

Surely, the next October 29, once again, the General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) will reject the criminal Block imposed by the Imperial Eagle to the Green Cayman. Reason have more than enough for such a verdict.

It is certain that the Administration of Barack Obama announced last April measured to suppress some of the most brutal actions in Bush's régime, the son that you/they prohibited to Cuban residents in the United States (EE. UU.) the possibility to visit and of sending help without limitations to its relatives in Cuba.

Without place to doubts, these measures constitute a positive step and, at the same time, extremely limited and insufficient. For example, that announced included the authorization so that American companies carry out certain operations of telecommunications with Cuba, but without modifying other restrictions that impede its application.

As if it was little, the acts shine for its absence directed to that the yank government puts an end to the shameless and extended practice of robbing Cuban funds frozen in North American banks and other goods, to the help of venal judges's orders that violate their own laws.It is grieve a sample.

Cuba has reiterated in diverse scenaries that the President of EE. UU., in spite of the existence of laws like the Torricelli and the Helms-Burton, conserves wide executive abilities, as the licenses, by means of which could modify the application of the Blockade.

If a true will of change, the government of the North existed it could authorize the export of goods and Cuban services to the United States and vice versa, amen of allowing us to acquire in any part of the world a product that contains components or North American technology, with independence of its mark or origin.

Also, you could suspend the prohibition to crafts of third countries of robbing in American ports up to 180 days after having played a Cuban port, and to grant green light so that their citizens, by means of licenses, they can travel to Cuba - only country of the world thatthem prohíbit to visit.

Also, the Department of the Treasure could abstain of pursuing, to freeze and to confiscate the transfers of third countries in American dollars and other currencies, directed to entities and national Cuban; and parallelly to suspend the persecution to the companies and financial entities that trade and operate with Cuba.

The own Department of the Treasure has informed that almost half of the money collected by its Office of Control of Foreign Assets starting from January of 2009, it came from the sanctions applied American companies and foreigners by supposed violations of the economic Blockade against Cuba.

Unequivocally it confirms the lack of a true will of change, a cable of EFE dated in Washington the past September 15, in which it gives faith that the president of EE. UU., Barack Obama, the politics of Blockade continues to its predecessors' Cuba, with the extension of the sanctions of the Law against the Trade with the Enemy.

According to that agency of Spanish press, the White House informed in a concise official statement that Obama subscribed before four days a memo to the secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the holder of the Treasure, Tim Geithner, in which affirms that "the continuation during one year of these relating measures to Cuba suits to the national interests of United States."

It is worth to remember that the Law against the Trade with the Enemy dates of 1917, it was approved with a view to the entrance of United States in the First World War and prohíbit that the American signatures trade with countries that consider hostile. It is the same one that was used in 1963 to impose the Economic Guerra formally vs. Cuba.

Then, the certain and unquestionable fact is that the Executive present of the "jumbled and brutal North" he/she remains without assisting the overwhelming birdcall of the international community, expressed in the General Assembly of the most universal world forum for almost two decades, so that puts on end to the Blockade against Cuba. Another point happens regarding our Five Heroes.

As Iexpressed to few days of the last presidential elections in the neighboring nation of the North, "the question that jumps visible is if the projected changes - with and without quotation marks - that Barack Hussein Obama promulgates would be able to eliminate the influence of the extreme yank right and its allies from the Florida. The possible answer: if he was able to crown a politics civilized toward the Cuban nation, in that context it would charge force the denominated rail two (the dressed Wolf of Red Cap - like the Socialism collapsed in the former Soviet Union). therefore, a relative rupture of the Made is glimpsed in it USES and an absolute continuity of the intent of disassembling our revolutionary Homeland and socialist."

Anyway, I want to exclaim: Hopefully a new condemnation of the General Assembly of the UN to the longest Blockade that registers the History and that it heads USA, be recepcioned in correspondence with the universal birdcall!

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

Nicaraguans thank to Cuba discapacity studies

The discapacity studies that are carried out in Nicaragua, with the help of Cuba, are very welcomed by their residents who honor to the specialists of the Island incorporated to that task.

Latin Press (PL) reported sendos acts carried out in the municipalities of Masatepe and Nandasmo, in the department of Masaya, in those which the authorities and neighbors praised to the Cuban Medical Brigade "All with voice".

With the purpose of knowing the origin, the cause and the problems that people face with discapacity, the mission visited in a first phase to the municipalities of Catarina, Niquinohomo, San Juan of East, Nandasmo and Masatepe.

The doctor Rosa Vanegas Pérez declared to PL that "it is a very beautiful, very humanitarian experience, we had a good welcome and we have been able to observe the fraternity and the simplicity of the Nicaraguan town."

A similar experience takes in Ecuador Cuban doctors.

Experts insist in hygienic measures before virus A (H1N1)

By:Barbara Vasallo Vasallo

Specialists in hygiene and epidemiology, intensivists and clinical, in this city, insisted in the importance of reinforcing sanitary measures, to prevent and to face the virus of the Influenza A (H1N1).

When appearing in a program of the local televisore TV Yumurí, Amancio Martínez, director in functions of the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the territory, emphasized in the importance that the population is aware of the risk, and she added that as much to the pregnant ones as to the smallest children are given pursuit and guide preventive measures.

The main medication is the prevention, to assist the orientations of specialists and to multiply the measures of control of hygiene in each housing, work center and community, argued Martínez .

Emilio Abreu, vicedirector of medical attendance in the provincial direction of Public Health, explained that before any symptom one should go to the doctor, to avoid the late attendance and it ratified the readiness of human resources and materials to face the epidemic.

Idelkis Olvera, 23 years old, with 29 weeks of pregnancy, thanked the personnel of intensive therapy of the hospital Faustino Pérez, of Matanzas, to save her life, after to be contagious and to get complicated with germs opportunists, because didn't assist what considered on time “a simple cold.”

The problem is solved fundamentally with the prevention, underlined Alfredo Suárez, experienced clinical and intensivist with 30 years of work in his specialty.

Matanzas maintains permanent epidemic surveillance in the airport, port and marine, and in each of the tourist facilities of Varadero and Ciénaga de Zapata.

Qualify as encouraging Cuban production of food for pigs

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

After 18 months of application, a special project in the Movement of the Urban Agriculture offers encouraging results in the production at local level of food for feeds of pigs.

Adolfo Rodríguez, boss of the national group that directs and controls that practice of supply in cities, towns and communities,said that the experience is demonstrating the viability of assuring to the animals a high percentage of nutrients for its development.

In the practice, the unit called Finca Integral Swinish cultivates annually in some 27 hectares plants of grains and gramineous carrier of energy and protein in the diet of 267 pigs until the weight sacrifice of around 90 kilograms.

The project consists on developing one of these experimental entities in the special municipality of the Youths Island and in each one of 13 counties, except that of City of Havana.

The idea is that in a second stage of the plan the swinish companies only contribute to the producers in the properties 30 percent of the food cared that needs the conventional mass of pigs.

Raciel Bello, of the Integral Institute of Swishing Investigations and member of the group, explained that the units dedicate a part of the surface to the breeding of patio animals and the cultivation of foods of the agriculture for the family supply.

The rest, the biggest extension, is dedicated to the production of corn, cane of sugar, sorghum, sunflower and soy, each one with the preponderance that allow the floors.

Festival of the Written Press in Camagüey

By:Luis Naranjo\Televisión Camagüey

The economic topic was appropriately debated

Works of painting of Camagüey are exhibited from now on

With a round table about the capitalist world crisis, its impact in Camagüey and the paper that the journalists of this territory should carry out before that phenomenon, gave beginning the Eighth Festival of the Written Press in the region of Camagüey.

Panelists of the provincial school of the Party "Cándido González Morales" and of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba, meditated on the causes of the disastrous event, characteristic of the capitalism, their comparison with the crisis of 1929 and the importance of maintaining informed to the town in the order of the necessary saving, productivity and efficiency in each work position.

In the first day of the Festival an exhibition of plastic arts was inaugurated Adelante in the weekly publication, where a representation of artists of the yard exposed their works.

In a same way, it was carried out the opportune encounter with the readers, valid so that hard-working, professors and students of the schools to militate "Camilo Cienfuegos" and provincial of the Party and the community of the Alimentary company Camagüey, poured their opinions around all of positive and negative observe in that publication.

Journalists and readers coincided in the necessity of cultivating even more the inmediatness, investigation, opinion journalism, to approach thematic inherent to the youths and to reflect the history consequently, mainly, the provincial one.

The Eighth Festival of the Written press in Camagüey will continue with workshops about the Cuban journalism, analysis of the speech of the President Raúl Castro, pensioners' of the newspaper Adelante experiences and traveled by communities of Sierra de Cubitas, to exchange with the readers of that region, fundamentally those of Pozo de Vilató.

Eduardo Labrada, president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in the weekly publication of Camagüey pointed out that they have been carried out voluntary works, homages to the Teacher and there will be an exchange of experiences with the sister's county of Holguín professionals.

"This year we are under conditions of to occupy a place of vanguard in the Ninth National Festival and to demonstrate the seriousness and the love there with which we are working the revolutionary journalism in our publication"


By: María del Carmen Fuentes\Televisión Camagüey

I advanced across Martí street of my legendary city of Camagüey , in search of the Park Agramonte, and to some 50 meters of the traverse Cisneros, a pleasing surprise me inmpresed me. It was as if my steps will be able to have continuity inside the property of the XIX century where starting from next day 20 the Coffee City will work.

It is that it impacted me historically the biggest exposed picture in the county of Camagüey. With about 36 square meters, the image was captured presumably in an early stage of the XX century, from Maceo street . In the bottom it has to the tower of the Soledad church.

And it is that the copy, reproduced in the workshop of Signs of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC), covers the wall of the right end of the main area of the construction, located in front of the old Square of Weapons, at the moment Park Agramonte.

Similar sensation should be living villagers and visitor when their eyes find this recordistpicture, while they traffic and discover the tangible and intangible values where it is located: the foundational place of the local sector declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

According to declarations made to the Agency of National Information (AIN)por Abel González, boss of the shop of signs of the OHCC never before had reproduced in the county a picture with such dimensions. It assured that other 11 reproductions type "board" of pictures taken in the past with the citadine atmosphere will also be placed inside the large house, which will complete a permanent exhibition with an unique content of its type in the provincial capital.

So if you decide to visit our beautiful city of Camagüey arrives until the Coffee City, located in the intersections of Cisneros and Martí streets, in front of the Park Agramonte. You will be able to tasting diverse modalities of infusions of coffee and will have the opportunity to go back when palpitating then of the Villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe , thanks to the immense pictures.

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

The written press of Camagüey in Festival

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The journalists debated yesterday on the current world economic crisis.

The written press of the county of Camagüey began yesterday its eighth festival, with the purpose of to evaluate the work and to carry out consultations with the readers in order to know opinions and the population's interests. In that chore intervene Adelante in the territory the newspaper, with 50 years of circulation, and the journalists redactions of the Agency of National Information (AIN), Latin Press, Granma,Juventud Rebelde and Options, to those that students of Journalism of the University of Camagüey unite.

After the traditional homage to the National Hero José Martí, in a central park with his name and where deposited a floral offering before the Apostle's statue, the professionals of the news debated on the current world economic crisis, its antecedents and universal and national impact.

Members of the branch local National Association of Economists and Accountants exposed the topic and answered questions.

Organized by the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) and "Adelante", the festival will extend until the coming day 15 and in its duration encounters will be developed with readers in the schools to Militate Camilo Cienfuegos and of the Party Cándido González and in the Alimentary Company.

A strong plate of the event will be a shop about the derived limits of speeches of the President Cuban General of Army Raúl Castro that at the moment analyzes and the population, and the list of the press discusses in this process of popular consultation.

Also, in the headquarters of "Adelante", located in a central place of this city, the plastic exhibition opened up "City", with nine squares of artists villagers.

Part of the festival is a journalistic competition, to which were presented more than 60 materials of professionals of the Press and some 20 of student of Journalism, as informed Daicar Saladrigas, of the address of "Adelante."

Municipality of Camagüey Vertierntes to the front of the rice production in the country

With hardly five months of having strengthened, the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Manuel Ascunce Domenech has known how to be inserted in the journalistic belts of the country.

This base organization was the first of Cuba in reaching the figure of 100 thousand quintals of rice, result that locates it to the vanguard in this productive movement, where the CCS is also included Celia Sánchez, Reynaldo de León Llera and Argelico Lara, all with favorable productions in areas of the middle south of Camagüey.

“We have had to draw some difficulties with the diesel, the fertilizers and herbicides, inputs that have arrived late or in an insufficient way, but the effort of our workers has been vital”, assured Miguel García Ruiz, administrator of this organization of the cooperative and rural sector , attributed to the Rice Agroindustrial Complex “Rota Invasora.”

The evolution of this cooperative, refounded in May,2009, owes itself in great measure to the zeal of its more than two hundred members, beneficiaries with the ordinance law 259 that grants lands in usufruct. 90 percent of its nomenclature is benefitted with this productive modality.

The men and women of the Manuel Ascunce, besides being pointers in the crop of the cereal, have surrendered more than 18 thousand liters of milk to the industry and are buried in the development of the several cultivations, at the moment subtract some chivalries to harvest, fundamentally in areas of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production “The Chestnut”, “El Cenizo” and “The Lima.”

“The court stage goes decaying but we are sure of surrendering presently more than two hundred thousand quintals of rice year”,concluded Miguel García Ruiz, administrator of this CCS in the Vertientes of Camagüey, a territory that consolidates, with concrete actions, the territorial supply program of rice , shows of the alimentary sovereignty that impels our country. (Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva).

martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Create symphonic infanto juvenile orchestra in Camagüey

The symphonic Orchestra infanto juvenile of Camagüey is of recent creation. The community offered its first concert for the public.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The foundation and the symphonic orchestra of children permanency and young, reinforces the academic formation and the training for the future labor life in the music.

This grouping of Camagüey debuted for the public in the theater Avellaneda where carried out its first concert. It was a homage dedicated to the 100 years of the premiere of the work “bird of fire of Stravinsky. The repertoire of the show included pieces of Mozart, Bach, Lecuona and other classics, well-known internationally.

Its directress Betzabet Consuegra, is graduate of the National School of Art in coral direction and of the the Superior Institute of Art in orchestral direction. She is also enclosed directress of the Symphonic of Camagüey.

The community maintains instrumental variety. It is integrated by students from 10 to 18 years of the schools of elementary and half level of the county.

The infanto juvenile orchestra, is an opportunity so that the children and youths bring near the public to the world of classic and universal music . Another of the edges of the project is the community work.

This grouping opens new options of cultural enjoyment for the population., besides impacting in the professional formation of the students.

Will present today anthology of songs of Juan Almeida

The anthology "With the extended hand", have more than enough musical topics composed by Juan Almeida Bosque, will be presented this afternoon in the capital Universal Room of the Revolutionary Armed forces.

The newspaper Juventud Rebelde informs that the volume contains a hundred works of this fruitfully composer - next to its scores for piano and guitar -, among these the emblematics The Lupe; Give me a swig; What happens with that woman; and Any place is my earth.

Fruit of the zeal of the House Publisher April, was published by the graphic workers of the printing Federico Engels and has the teacher's introductory words Frank Fernández and of Redento Morejón who was linked to the musical work of Almeida during long years.

The presentation, in act organized by the Union of Communist Youths, will have as colophon a concert in the one that outstanding soloists and groupings will interpret part of the repertoire included in the book.

Outstanding benefits of Mental Health Centers of Camagüey

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

The Centers of Mental Health (CSM) have contributed to reduce the necessity of revenues substantially in the psychiatric hospital Major René Vallejo,declared the doctor Jorge Balseiro, director of the center.

The specialist dialogued in this city in the closing of a Biennial of the Arts and the Mental Health, taken place in the municipalities of Camagüey and Guáimaro with incorporate patients to musical activities, would dance and of handmade works.

Balseiro highlighted that the CSM is one of the influential causes in the decrease, of more than 800 at 386, of the quantity of beds in the hospital entity, a decision without attempting against the quality and effectiveness of the medical attendance.

The also psychiatrist Yohany Chirino underlined the advantages of those units, promoters of the social reinsertion of sick, starting from the concept of the alone hospital intern in absolutely indispensable circumstances.

Chirino mentioned the characteristics of the ambulatory treatment, extensive to sick chronic, with the support of specialists and of the society--included cultural and recreational activities--that which also propitiates a smaller psicofarmacs use.

Among the effective programs in this respect figure the relatives to the alcoholism and the drugs, prevention and control of the suicidal behavior, community rehabilitation, bigger adult, and violence.

The 12 CSM are distributed in almost all the municipalities of the county, one of the pioneers in applying in Cuba the projects of social reinsertion of psychiatric patient.

In Camagüey bank workers offer to the town a service of quality

By: Mariela Peña Seguí

Since that was nationalized, October 13,1959, the Cuban Banking has gone perfecting its work, for the sake of improving the quality of the service that lends.

Annoying steps and paper work mark the one on the way to those who should carry out bank transactions. There is a good reason there so that who take charge of taking them to effect they determine to facilitate them.

It feels this way Xiomara Peláez, somebody that appreciates the twenty years that has dedicated to this work since she was hardly an adolescent, and that values as the most important thing, the appropriate attention to the client.

And it is that the work in the Bank requires vocation and love, dedication and sense of ownership, to see and to assist each client like it deserves.

It is not enough with to sit down after a peep-hole and to give those thanks to who chooses us to carry out their step; It is not enough with being presentable after that peep-hole, or to respond protocolly to the telephone.

It is necessary to feel as own the other people's necessity and to put love to the work, as Xiomara who feels that for her the Bank is part of its life and doesn't imagine that could be otherwise.

The time in that acted as auditor, allowed her to be near the clients, and to look after the services that received; for that reason she thinks that if gave her the possibility to choose her road again, she would choose the same one without any doubt.

This way, October 13, at the same time that take place their day, the bank workers remember the revolutionary law for which the State nationalized the Cuban Banking - today ago 50 years -, and they honor the memory of the Che offering to the town a service of more quality.

HAKUNA MATATA….have born in Camagüey the new Lion King.

The Casino Campestre in Camagüey, is one of the most urban parks, the more beautiful and notories of Cuba.

Among its main attractiveness is the park zoo with near three hundry species of animals.

Here have been born in captivity more than thirty lions in the last five years period besides other species like the sacred babuino.

Landy is the macaw is par excellence about a descascarador bird. The boys know that has preference for the almonds.

Very near the cage of the macaw the monkey lives claws, only of its stock that he doesn't know how to swim.To this of the park zoo of Camagüey don't seem to keep it in mind for anything in spite of their cuteness the pataos and rosy flamingos that live in the lake.

The Veterinary Doctor Raquel Susini Varona, counts us that Eric, the last finishes puppy of born lion in captivity, the past August 10 enjoy good health and soon will be the new mascot of the park. Eric will have a special cage for him.

In the zoologic of Camagüeyano 263 species of animal live and soon will receive to other copies as the zebra.

Fátima and Niño are Eric's parents, with zeal and perennial vigil take care of it of their other relatives.

HAKUNA MATATA… the boys scream to the small Eric… and such he seems that the puppy knows to what they refer…

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Chilean and Argentineans request the immediate liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes

Argentineans gathered in the town of Santiago del Estero requested the immediate freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes prisoners in United States, while in Chile also gets ready a support activity to that fair cause.

The participants in the IX Encounter of Solidarity with Cuba, taken place in Argentina, subscribed a letter directed the president Barack Obama so that excarcele to Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González.

"The American government should know that we are attentive to the alternatives for which this enormous injustice reflects", expressed the text that also demands the delivery of visas to Gerardo Hernández and René González``s wifes, informed Latin Press.

In that appointment was suggested that the Argentinean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba is declared in state of alert and in permanent mobilization until The Five are liberated.

On the other hand, delegates of all the regions of Chile organize the XVII National Encounter of Solidarity with Cuba that will take place in the port of Valparaiso.

One of the commissions will inform about the actions carried out in the southern country and those foreseen as part of the IV International Campaign in favor of the liberation of the Cuban antiterrorists prisoners in United States.

Affects to biofabric of Camagüey American economic blockade

By: Lucilo Tejera Díaz

The plantuls production achieved by the cultivation in vitro in the biofabric of the county of Camagüey, is constantly affected by the incidence of the American economic blockade against Cuba.

*Denounce damages from the blockade to the Cuban genetic branch

* Lattice of baseness against Cuba

Miguel Gómez Calderín, director of the entity located in this city, said that several cared inputs are to acquire them in Europe or the Middle East, that which believes dysfunctions for the transportation and delays in having them in the installation.

He mentioned the special flasks of an acrylic one where the micromultiplicated plantuls are developed and that annually the center uses from 10 thousand to 13 thousand, bought by Cuba in Spain.

He also referred to reagents, hormones and mineral salts, and the meshes protectors used in the process of adaptation from the vitroplants to the natural means.

"If we had access we would find to the American market cheaper these resources for the smallest cost in the freight, and then we could acquire bigger quantities and to elevate the production", Gómez Calderín expressed.

Cuba created from 1987 to 1993 the 15 biofabrics that has disseminated by the country, which assure plantulas of banana quality, fundamentally, besides other species like fruitbearing and guava.

Unravel of a counterrevolution in Camagüey

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco \Televisión Camagüey

As continuity of my title "on the way to a counterrevolution in Camagüey", grosso way will treat the climax of the reactionary process of marras - to tone with an investigation that I carried out in this respect.

A key point in the analysis of the outcome of the plot contrarrevolutionary headed by Hubert Matos in Camagüey, in the Cuban east, is in the letter "private" of renouncement to its headquarters in the Provincial Military Square, correspondent to the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro - received October 19,1959 - and previously given to know to its unconditional ones.

Of this episode, Jorge Enrique Mendoza who previous September 21 were designated by the Revolutionary Government to act as Delegate in Camagüey of the National Institute of the Agrarian Reformation (INRA) and one of the most significant witness in the incident that is approached, remembers:

"[…] this letter stopped to be absolutely private and arrived to the officials of the Regiment first, to the provincial addresses of the Movement July 26, of the CTC [Confederation and then Central of Workers of Cuba], of the associations of students, of the rural associations, of the office, and other officials.

"But the strange thing was that every hour that people that didn't integrate any address of those mentioned, spent more and more they went finding out their content. A group of official and classes had given up in writing, with date October 20, to the Rebellious Army, in support to the traitor, in evident sedition act [some confused ones and others making him the game contrarrevolutionary].

"The whole apparatus of address of the county that in turn had been named by the traitor, he/she prepared to give up and to introduce to the Revolutionary Government the situation of a provincial leadership that gave up in cohabitation with the traitor. You even ended up demanding an explanation of why this military boss gave up and to define the ideological content of the Revolution [remembers the ghost of the communism], that is to say, until where the Revolution will arrive."

Meanwhile, the political-revolutionaries organizations in Camagüey fomented the necessary unit and collaboration among them, and also with the town. This way, the performance of the Revolutionary Movement July 26 (MR 26-7), the Popular Socialist Party (PSP - Communist) and the Revolutionary Directory March 13 (DR 13-M) was good to increase working and influences of the Revolution in the popular masses of the territory. Therefore, the scenary in the region was unfavorable to the success of the hubertmatists actions.

The climax among the revolutionary and reactionary forces in Camagüey, arrived from the October 20 to 21 ,1959:

In the night of the day 20, the act for the eleventh anniversary of the murder of Sabino Pupo, leader of the peasant Camagüey, began last the ten because the main figures of the MR 26-7 and of the Federation of Workers in Camagüey waited for the presence of Hubert Matos who didn't attend the end. Some offered hesitant speeches; with the result that the own Mendoza, when intervening, was seen in the necessity of specifying the revolutionary line, mainly regarding the Agrarian Reformation.

Around the one of the dawn, the Captain Mendoza communicated with Fidel Castro, to who imposed of the serious existent situation in the territory. The Commandant in Boss gave him precise instructions about what and how it should act. In consequence, one of the first things that it was made he/she went to go Ahead to the newspaper, where they were two developing notes of what it was scheming:

One said: "The news of renouncement of the Commandant Hubert Matos Benítez to the position that shows in this county caused shock in the citizenship. Without being confirmed the renouncement sad faces were seen, confessions of adhesion were heard the great leader […]. Their pains or happiness spill emotionally in the town that admires him and estimates as something his."

In the other note it is read: "The Provincial Federation of Secondary Students from Camagüey having knowledge for the press of the doctor's renouncement Matos Benítez […], and experts of the great work of Hubert Matos, we want to give to know to the town in general and to all the students of the county that we stay expectant in these moments and we wait the Revolutionary Government's official news, because the truth shines and alone the truth, only form of true victory of this revolutionary process."

When analyzing these notes, it is understood: on one hand that with them the falsehood is verified about the private character of the referred renouncement letter written by Hubert Matos; on the other hand that who wrote were unconditional to the boss of the Military Square in Camagüey and determined to manufacture him leadership to who didn't surpass the mark of the headquarters before the town; and in correspondence that used the lie ("the town that admires and estimates as something his" and "the great work of Hubert Matos") to try to bolster him from a supposition root popular.

It is valid to remember that in some measure had contributed to the betrayal atmosphere, the propaganda that Hubert Matos was made through a magazine that he made at the cost of seven thousand monthly pesos, where everything was song and praises "to the valiant one major, to the valiant and heroic Boss of the Regiment."

To solve this situation, completing orders of Fidel Castro, the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos arrived in Camagüey, approximately at six in the morning of the day October 21. Immediately he moves to the Military Regiment until arriving at the house of Hubert Matos that was located in the properties of the Barracks. There he makes prisoner to the seditious Commandant.

It was facilitated by the fact that, for that moment, the revolutionaries in the county had undern his control the two stations of Police and the Tactical Force of the Rebellious Army, the airport, the phone power station and the Press (you park Ahead of Radio and Television and the newspaper).

Still in hours of the morning, the Commandant arrived in Boss of the Cuban Revolution to floor of Camagüey and he moved to the headquarters of the INRA. In this place he met with Camilo who informed him on the prevailing situation.

In knowledge of the concrete scenary, Fidel guided to go toward the Barracks headquarters of the Military Square of Camagüey, and to go without weapons, on foot and with the accompaniment of the town. They were already a.m. around eleven o'clock was the expedite road so that that was played that maybe is the first antecedent of what were the March in later years (s) of the town combatant in the Revolution, at the request of the masses of camagüey in back to Fidel and Camilo.

This historical event was reflected Ahead in the following way in the newspaper, the serial day 22:

"The Revolution won a battle yesterday in this city when more than 50 000 people abandoned its homes and habitual works [and] rushed to the street to consolidate the freedom obtained after suffering the tyranny that cost the blood of more than 20 000 countrymen, to support the maximum leader of the Revolution fully [...]. The danger plotted him the town, arriving mass to demonstrate that the peasants and the worker won't give and will defend the victory inch to inch."

Among parenthesis, accent perseverance of two elements related with the event in question: one, eves of the betrayal of the former boss of the Air force, Pedro Luis Díaz-Lanz, Hubert Matos had visited him in his house - chance that the own Díaz-Lanz Havana, the October 21,1959, bombarded causing two deads and fifty wounded? -; and two, eves of the former president's betrayal Manuel Urrutia by the middle of that year, Hubert Matos had been encouraging the purposes of the old leader and vice versa.

The conclusion of such a matter, was so much of a marked significance for the development of the Revolution in general sense as the obstacles that hindered the materialization of the transformations that needed the society of Camagüey to loosen; at the time that constituted fehaciente test of the popular accompaniment in the county to the revolutionary process headed by Fidel Castro.

The own Camilo Cienfuegos, when being made the above-mentioned echo, wrote: "For conduit of the Newspaper Adelante are we who say Thank you, Thank people of Camagüey, your presence in the Camp Agramonte helped to solve a new betrayal to the Homeland, men will not have traitors but towns and less Camagüey" (Sic) - it consists in the same newspaper.

This way, the separation of the hubertmatist plot , on one hand, contributed to the elimination of the main barrier that braked to the Revolution in the region, in particular the Agrarian Reformation; and for other, paid to the cohesion of the MR 26-7, the PSP and the DR 13-M. and, for ende, to the later agreement of those organizations political-revolutionaries for the sake of the development of the Cuban Revolution.

Nevertheless, the outcome of this contrarrevolutionary action, one week later, national mourning also became: in fact to be to the front of the process of political, military and administrative restructuring in the county, the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos stayed in direct contact with the territory of Camagüeyano, and October 28, 1959, after leaving of the local airport "Ignacio Agramonte" at six in the afternoon northwest direction, the pilot's inexperience amid adverse climatological conditions caused its physical disappearance. Fruitless was the search to the "Mr. of the Vanguard", headed by the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro with the participation practically of the whole town. It was this way develaded the worst consequence in the betrayal of Hubert Matos who became had connoted member of the terrorist mafia worm-Yankee resided in Miami.